How to open a Mercedes Key Fob? What is this Mercedes Key?

How to open a Mercedes Key Fob? In need of a Mercedes-Benz key fob battery replacement? Mercedes-Benz of Hampton explains how to tell when you need a key fob battery replacement, how to open your Mercedes-Benz key fob, and how to change the battery in your Mercedes-Benz key fob. Remember that the experts at the Mercedes-Benz of Hampton service center have you covered on all things related to your key fob!

How to open a Mercedes Key Fob?

Confused on how to open a Mercedes-Benz key fob? Opening a Chrome Key is different than opening a SmartKey®. Once you know how to open your particular key fob, though, changing the battery is very straightforward.

To open a Mercedes-Benz Chrome Key and replace the battery:

  • First, you have to pull down on the silver, square-shaped tab on the bottom of the key. Pull until it releases.
  • Once you separate the tab, you’ll see a small gap in the fob. Push the key into the narrow and flat end of the fob to open the key cover.
  • Remove the old battery, and replace with the new battery. Make sure the new battery is facing the correct way.

To open a Mercedes-Benz Smart Key and replace the battery:

  • Pull on the latch end of the fob and the key should remove on its own.
  • After the key releases, there will be a visible slot at the end of the key fob.
  • Press the key into this slot to open the battery compartment.
  • Replace the old battery with the new one, after making sure it’s facing the right way.
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Mercedes Key Fob

Which Type of Mercedes-Benz Car Key Fob Do I Have?

The number of batteries you need depends on the type of key you have. One type of key fob is the Chrome Key. This key comes in a metal casing and is for newer Mercedes-Benz models. Additionally, there are two versions of the Chrome Key: a newer version and an older version. The newer version needs one battery, and the older version needs two. To determine which Chrome Key you own, take note of what the panic button looks like: the older Chrome Keys have a circular panic button, and the newer Chrome Keys have a triangular panic button.

The other type of key fob you may have is the SmartKey®, which is made for older Mercedes-Benz models. This key is usually made out of plastic and needs two batteries.

Learn More About How to Care for Your Mercedes-Benz

Have any questions about Mercedes-Benz key fob battery replacements or how to start your Mercedes-Benz with a metal key? To learn where to buy a Mercedes-Benz key battery and for answers to all other inquiries, contact us at Fletcher Jones Motorcars of Fremont near San Jose and Newark. We can help provide all kinds of tips for your Mercedes-Benz, such as how to check the tire pressure and how to optimize your vehicle’s fuel efficiency!

Mercedes benz key fob not working

Your problem is likely that the fob can start the car but will not allow you to unlock the vehicle’s doors or trunk. In other words, it will not allow you to use the fob as a keyless entry remote. Here are some common reasons for this issue:

  • The key is defective.
  • The All Activity Module (AAM) is not recognizing the key signal.
  • The AAM is not receiving signal at all because of an antenna issue.
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So where do you begin to figure out the cause of your specific problem?

A good first step is to change the keyless remote battery. (If you’ve already done this, keep reading.)

When you press the button on your key, look at it carefully to see what happens. You should see a red LED light, and this should appear whenever the Lock, Unlock, Panic, or Trunk button is pressed. If you don’t see this light, the problem is that your key fob is defective.

If the key fob appears to be working, see if the remote is transmitting a signal. This signal will be infrared, which you can’t see with your eyes, but can detect using a cell phone. If you point your phone’s camera at the remote, you should be able to see a light when you press a button on the remote. Again, if you don’t see this light, your key fob is defective.

Next, try taking the emergency metal key out of the fob and using it to manually unlock the car’s doors. Then check the fuses for the central locking circuit (controls the vacuum operated door locking mechanism, which uses pressure to lock all the doors at the same time), antenna module, and AAM.

Your Mercedes Benz receives the Lock or Unlock signal from antennas installed on the car, so a bad antenna module fuse can cause your key to be unable to unlock doors. Depending on the type of Mercedes Benz you have, the fuse will be located in one of the fuse boxes in the engine bay, on the side of the dashboard, under the backseat, or in the trunk. If you find a blown fuse, replace it (using the Ampere rating recommended by the manufacturer. Be careful not to use a higher rating as this can cause electrical problems.)

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Mercedes Key Fob

Why is my Mercedes key fob not opening?

Your Mercedes key fob might not be opening your automobile for a few different reasons. These are a few of the most typical ones:

  • Dead battery: This is the most typical cause of a key fob not functioning. Try swapping out your key fob for a fresh one to see if the battery is dead.
  • Water damage: Your key fob might have sustained damage if it came into contact with water. See if it helps if you try completely drying it out. It could need to be replaced if it doesn’t.
  • Physical damage: Your key fob might not function correctly if it has been dropped or otherwise harmed. Keep an eye out for any indications of physical harm, including cracks or breaks. You must get a new key fob if you notice any damage.
  • Signal interference: Your automobile might not open if there is something obstructing the signal between your key fob and your vehicle. Other electrical gadgets, like a laptop or cell phone, can be the source of this. To check if your key fob is functional, try moving away from any other electronic devices.
  • Software problem: Your key fob may occasionally stop working due to a software problem with the computer in your automobile. It might be necessary to drive your automobile to a Mercedes-Benz dealership so that the computer can be evaluated if you have tried all of the previous solutions and your key fob is still not working.

It is preferable to drive your car to a Mercedes-Benz dealership if you are unsure of the reason why your Mercedes key fob isn’t working. They will have the ability to identify the issue and provide a fix.

Mercedes Key Fob

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