Why is Honda leaving The Honda Classic? What is this Honda?

Why is Honda leaving The Honda Classic? Given the PGA Tour’s recent decision to designate 13 tournaments on the 2023 schedule as “elevated events” — meaning the purse size of each will swell to $20 million — it seemed like it was only a matter of time before tournament sponsors of mere “regular” Tour stops opted to walk.

On Friday, Golfweek reported that Honda, the longest-running title sponsor on the PGA Tour, will no longer support the once-popular Honda Classic, which is currently played at PGA National in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla. The 2023 edition of the tournament in February will be Honda’s last, ending a 42-year run.

“When Honda became title sponsor of the Honda Classic, the company was preparing to make the popular Accord in the United States for the first time,” a Honda official said in a statement to Golfweek. “At that time Honda aspired to become a household name, and has since achieved that goal. Accordingly, the role of the Honda Classic in our marketing strategy has evolved, and we have decided to conclude our sponsorship of the event. Now, as our marketing mix has evolved, Honda is focused on other tools to introduce our brand to consumers and to create the kind of customer experience that will contribute to their lifetime owner loyalty.”

 The Honda Classic

Why is Honda leaving The Honda Classic?

Honda has not made known why it would discontinue hosting the Honda Classic after the 2023 competition. There are a few potential explanations, though:

  • Changing marketing priorities: Honda may have determined that the Honda Classic is no longer the greatest fit for their marketing plan as a result of shifting marketing priorities.
  • Cost: Given the high price associated with sponsoring a PGA Tour event, Honda may have concluded that their money would be better spent elsewhere.
  • Other considerations: Honda’s choice may have also been influenced by further considerations, such as the Honda Classic’s overall performance or the current state of the economy.
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The Honda Classic has been supported by Honda for more than 40 years, which is a very lengthy time for a significant sponsorship agreement. Honda might have perhaps thought it was time for a change.

Whatever the cause, the Honda Classic has suffered a great deal as a result of Honda’s decision to withdraw. For many years, Honda has been a dependable and helpful sponsor, and its departure will leave a significant gap to fill.

According to the PGA Tour, it is dedicated to the Honda Classic and is actively seeking a new sponsor. It will be interesting to see if the competition can find a sponsor who will be as kind and helpful as Honda has been over the years.

Is the Honda Classic going away?

The Honda Classic will continue, however following the competition in 2023, a new sponsor will be sought.

After the 2023 race, Honda announced in February 2023 that it will not be renewing its sponsorship of the Honda Classic. The business had supported the competition as its title sponsor since 1982, so its departure is a significant setback for the competition.

But according to the PGA Tour, it is dedicated to the Honda Classic and is already looking for a new sponsor. The competition will still take place through 2024 and beyond.

Although the Honda Classic’s new sponsor has not yet been announced, there are several conceivable contenders. Many businesses are interested in sponsoring a tournament on the PGA Tour since it is a highly well-liked athletic event.

The Honda Classic will still take place at PGA National in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, from February 22–26, 2023. Numerous of the best golfers in the world are anticipated to compete in the tournament.

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The Honda Classic

Is Honda Classic stopping making small engines?

In the year 2023, on September 20, Honda is still producing tiny engines. Nevertheless, the business declared in October 2022 that it would stop making gas-powered lawn mowers in the US by September 2023. In other regions, the business said it would continue to sell gas-powered lawn mowers, but in the US, it would concentrate on creating and marketing electric lawn mowers.

Honda’s decision to stop manufacture gas-powered lawn mowers in the United States is a hint that the business is moving away from gas-powered engines, however it is unclear whether Honda would eventually quit building tiny engines entirely.

Honda is still a significant player in the small engine business and provides a large selection of tiny engines for various uses. Nevertheless, it is obvious that the corporation is dedicated to creating and marketing electric engines, and it’s feasible that at some point the company will completely discontinue producing small engines.

Why don’t top players play the Honda Classic?

Leading athletes don’t always compete in the Honda Classic for the following reasons:

  • A busy period on the PGA Tour calendar, the Honda Classic is normally set for late February or early March. The Genesis Invitational and the Arnold Palmer Invitational are two tournaments where many of the top players have already committed to competing.
  • The Honda Classic is held in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, a well-liked vacation spot for golf enthusiasts. However, some elite athletes might choose to play in places with milder climates, like California or Arizona.
  • The Honda Classic’s purse, which is $8.4 million, is lower than that of some other PGA Tour competitions. Some of the best players, who want to make as much money as they can, might take this into consideration.
  • Field: Compared to certain other PGA Tour tournaments, the Honda Classic traditionally boasts a lower field. This is due to the fact that many elite athletes are participating in multiple events at once. As a result, some elite athletes would favor competing in competitions with larger fields so they have a better chance of winning.
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It’s vital to remember that not all elite athletes stay away from the Honda Classic. In fact, Sungjae Im, Patrick Cantlay, and Billy Horschel, three of the top players in the world, have all participated in the competition recently. The Honda Classic does not always draw players with the same caliber of quality as some other PGA Tour competitions, it is true.

The Honda Classic faces difficulties, and the PGA Tour is striving to make the competition more alluring to elite players. The competition was given enhanced status in 2023, which entails a higher prize pool and more ranking points. Additionally, the tour is attempting to better the tournament’s schedule.

Whether the PGA Tour’s efforts to bring in more elite players to the Honda Classic will be successful remains to be seen. The tour, though, is focused on making the competition a success and is making an effort to allay the worries of the best players.

 The Honda Classic

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