How old is Mercedes From P Valley? What is this Mercedes?

How old is Mercedes From P Valley? Mercedes’ 14-year-old daughter Terricka comes to her after she realizes she’s pregnant. Mercedes and Terricka drive 1.5 hours to Jackson to the only clinic in Mississippi so Terricka can decide what to do about her pregnancy. They discover that she is 14 weeks and 4 days, nearing the gestational limit, so she has to decide quickly. Mercedes and Terricka stay in a hotel overnight due to the state’s 24 hour waiting period and discuss Mercedes’ forced and then denied parenthood with Terricka, and what this pregnancy—and ultimately an abortion—could mean for Terricka’s future.

How old is Mercedes From P Valley?

Mercedes (Brandee Evans) is having a rough start to season 2 of P-Valley.

Coming into the new season, the Pynk’s headliner had a lot on her plate. Her retirement plans were ruined when her mother stole her money, the shooting during Murda Night is still deeply affecting her, and now we learn she has a hurt shoulder.

When Autumn Night (Elarica Johnson) makes the choice to bring in new dancers, viewers find she and Mercedes are butting heads about the club. During the Pynk’s reopening, Mercedes falls off the pole and all the problems she has compound on one another. In the end, she tells Autumn to move out of her house and begins a journey to take care of herself.

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We spoke to Evans about where Mercedes’ head is at, the pole dancing scenes of season 2, how her own injury informed her work, and more.

Brandee Evans: There’s so much. The money situation with Patrice [Harriett D. Foy] stealing the money from her, then the pandemic, Mercedes not having her daughter. Even be in the club with her arm hurting, so it’s multiple things compounded. Then let’s go all the way to the point that Mercedes is religious. Y’all, [she might be] doing her thing at the Pynk, but she loves the Lord so she’s thinking, “I have killed someone. Am I going to Hell?” Remember that, because that’s going to circle back later on in the season. Mercedes believes that this is the worst thing to do, but she also felt like she had to save everyone. She loves Uncle Clifford [Nicco Annan], Autumn and the club.

Mercedes From P Valley

Brandee Evans As Mercedes Woodbine

Mercedes Woodbine was initially introduced as a veteran stripper planning to leave The Pynk and open her own dance gym, but the task quickly proves harder than she expected. The character is played by Brandee Evans, who played Michi in the BET Plus movie B-Boy Blues and Sage in the BET series The Family Businesses. She’s also had successful careers as both a professional dancer and a high-school English department chair.

Nicco Annan As Uncle Clifford

Uncle Clifford is one of the few characters to have appeared in every episode of P-Valley, as they’re the owner and proprietor of The Pynk who is forced to grapple with the business’s impending bankruptcy. They’re played in the P-Valley cast by Nicco Annan, who also appeared in one episode of This Is Us as Mr. Davis and two episodes of the classic comedy Shameless as Deacon Cook. P-Valley is the actor’s first major role.

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Shannon Thornton As Keyshawn Harris

Keyshawn is another dancer at The Pynk, though she also makes a living as a popular influencer in the industry. The character spends much of her time on the show grappling with her abusive relationship and the effects it’s having on her children. She’s played in the P-Valley cast by Shannon Thornton, who made her big break as Quinn Phillips in the crime drama Power. Since then, the actress also appeared as Mia in Dynasty and Natasha Lucas in Inventing Anna.

Mercedes From P Valley

Elarica Johnson As Hailey Cotton/Autumn Night

Hailey Cotton moves to Mississippi from Texas after losing her daughter in a tragic accident, where she vows to start a new life and leave her past behind her, though she struggles to begin her new chapter. Elarica Johnson plays this iconic P-Valley character, following on from her success as Juliette in Sky’s A Discovery of Witches. Johnson also had minor roles as a waitress in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and Doxie in Blade Runner 2049.

J. Alphonse Nicholson As Lil’ Murda

Better known as Lamarques, Lil’ Murda is an aspiring rapper who finds a home at The Pynk and ultimately forms a relationship with Uncle Clifford. Despite not working at the club, he’s an extremely important member of the ensemble and plays a huge role in the show.

The character is played in the P-Valley cast by J. Alphonse Nicholson, who also appeared as Henry Davis in Destin Daniel Cretton’s Just Mercy and Jermaine in the cast of 2023’s White Men Can’t Jump. Outside of acting, Nicholson is also a successful composer, having scored a short film called Butterfly Boxing, which he also produced and acted in.

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Harriett D. Foy As Patrice Woodbine

Not only is Patrice Woodbine the mother of P-Valley’s protagonist, but she’s also the mayor of the fictional town Chucalissa, where The Pynk is located. The character is also a devout Christian, which plays into many of her relationships and subplots. Patrice is played in the P-Valley cast by Harriett D. Foy, who works primarily on Broadway and has appeared in productions such as Mamma Mia, Amelie, and Lone Star Love. She also appeared in episodes of Orange Is the New Black and Elementary.

Loretta Devine As Ernestine Sayles

Ernestine is Uncle Clifford’s grandmother, but she’s more famous around Chucalissa for having owned The Pynk before it was taken over by her grandson and renamed. Under her ownership, it was called Ernestine’s Juke Joint. The character is played by award-winning stage and screen actress Loretta Devine. Her movie and TV roles include Shaniqua in the Best Picture-winning drama Crash, Gloria in the film Waiting to Exhale, Marla Hendricks on Boston Public, and Adele Webber on Grey’s Anatomy, for which she won an Emmy. Devine is also one of the most underrated scream queens in horror history for her role as security guard Reese Wilson in the Urban Legend movies.

Mercedes From P Valley

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