Are Louise and Mercedes still together? What is this about?

Are Louise and Mercedes still together? Finding love has its challenges. Since the premiere of FBOY Island in 2021, fans have wondered whether a $100,000 cash prize is the right motivation for couples to find their match.

The HBO Max reality series introduces three women who had to choose a partner out of 24 men. Out of the pool of suitors, half of them are self-proclaimed nice guys while the others are “fboys” who aren’t interested in love — but rather the prize at the end of the competition.

After the show’s debut, host Nikki Glaser opened up about the idea behind the series and how the group of men are chosen. “I think the real discrepancy between an fboy and a nice guy is not a guy who likes to have lots of sex versus a guy who only wants to have sex with one woman,” she noted during an interview with Men’s Health in August 2021. “The difference is a guy that likes to have a lot of sex and lies to get it, and the guy that doesn’t lie.”

Louise and Mercedes

Are Louise and Mercedes still together?

If there’s one aspect of television reality competition series get right, it’s building up strong tension in a season finale. For FBOY Island, the main tension comes from who the three women–in Season 2, that was Mia, Louise, and Tamaris–will choose to potentially both start a relationship and split $100,000 with. The women are able to lose everything, though, if they choose a man who came onto the show for the wrong reasons.

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Louise Barnard, a 25-year-old model from Michigan, had a tough choice at the end of the season. From the very start of Season 2, she found herself attracted to Mercedes, a smooth-talker who loudly proclaimed to the other men in the house that he was an FBoy and only on the show for the money. But as time went on, Louise also became enamored with Benedict, a quieter, more down-to-earth (but funny in his own right) Nice Guy.

In the Season 2 finale, Louise went on one final 24-hour date with both men. Although she enjoyed her time, she had her reservations about the two. For Mercedes, it was how none of the other men seemed to like him (and if that had anything to do with his true intentions on the show). For Benedict, Louise didn’t feel the same sexual energy she felt toward Mercedes.

Ultimately, Louise took a risk and chose Mercedes, who changed his tune and decided to split the money with her and pursue a relationship outside of the show. Now that the cameras have stopped rolling, fans are wondering: are Mercedes and Louise still together?

Are Louise and Mercedes from ‘FBOY Island’ Season 2 Still Together?

According to a recent interview with Variety, Louise says she and Mercedes are taking a break.

It turns out those confessionals he did over the course of the show didn’t sit well with Louise, who watched the show as it aired on HBO Max. “He was like this Cheshire Cat,” she says. “I found out that he had this temper and everything. But I didn’t see any of that. Watching it back, I’m like, ‘Oh my gosh, I look like an idiot.’ I really look like I’m just falling for all these tricks.”

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Louise also says their relationship is “up in the air,” but as of the time of the interview, had plans to watch the show’s finale with Mercedes. Guess we’ll have to wait and see if the two manage to work things out, or call it quits—but it’s safe to say those some of those initial sparks stayed on FBOY Island and didn’t make it into the real world.

Louise and Mercedes

FBoy Island: Are Louise & Mercedes Still Together After Season 2

After watching an exciting twist on the FBoy Island season 2 finale, fans are eager to know whether Louise Barnard and Mercedes Knox are still together. This season features female cast members Tamaris Sepulveda, Louise Barnard, and Mia Emani Jones, as they try to find a connection with one of the guys on the island, and steer clear of the “FBoys.” They are also assisted by host Nikki Glaser, who is a fan favorite on the series. She helps the women to look for their ideal matches.

The debut season of FBoy Island ended with a major dose of romance, as well as some heartache. There were some “FBoys,” including Garrett Morosky, who tried to play Sara Emig and leave her, so he did not have to split the money.

However, he ended up empty-handed. While there were two relationships that came out of season 1, they have not lasted, and fans are hoping that there will be one enduring relationship from season 2. The show’s second installment changed the game, by giving the women the option of playing the guys and dumping them, so they could keep the grand prize for themselves.

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While the show is called FBoy Island, the biggest twist of the season is that Tamaris is actually an “FGirl.” She flipped the script on the men, and chose to keep the $100K for herself. Louise and Mia both picked “FBoys” who wanted to change their ways, and both of their guys opted to split the money. In the finale, Louise was deciding between Mercedes and the fan favorite cast member, Benedict Polizzi. Louise chose to continue her relationship with Mercedes, and many fans were worried that he would go back to his old ways after the show ended.

Louise and Mercedes still follow each other on Instagram, giving fans hope that they are still together. Although the pair have not posted any pictures with each other on social media, Louise’s IG story shows that they still appear to be dating. Louise cleared things up for fans when she jokingly asked FBoy Island fans to “roast Mercedes” in a now-expired IG story. There were creative insults, as well as praise for the new couple, and FBoy Island fans were excited to see that Mercedes was actually in the car, reading the comments with her.

Louise and Mercedes got increasingly flirty as the responses came in, and were holding hands by the end of it. She also jokingly said that she “put him in the backseat because I wear the pants.” He assured fans that he was treating her right. Louise and Mercedes beat the odds on FBoy Island, and followers are excited to see more pictures of the happy couple together.

Louise and Mercedes

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