Does Ford support LGBTQ? What charities does Ford support?

Does Ford support LGBTQ? This isn’t about politics, LGBTQ rights, or the right to free speech online. We’re here to discuss cars, not politics. But, this is Ford Germany and an all-embracing response in recent times comes in the form of a brand-new Ford called “Very Gay Raptor.”

It can be seen in the photos. Pretty much true to its title, covered in Philadelphia rainbow Pride flag colors. The back of the vehicle also sports a glittery gold wrap from Alphafoil. It’s bold, bright, and gay. They retained the black bumpers, accents, and wheels, painted the body in a sparkling gold metal flake, and outlined the Pride Flag in a gorgeous sweeping design.

This Ford official vehicle will participate in the Christopher Street Day Parade in Cologne, Germany, an LGBTQ European event.

Does Ford support lgbtq?

DUNTON, UK – Ford of Britain has achieved its highest score for more than 10 years in the annual Stonewall Workplace Equality Index assessment which measures LGBTQ+ inclusion.

Does Ford support LGBTQ

Stonewall is Europe’s largest charity for lesbian, gay, bi, trans, queer, questioning and ace (LGBTQ+) people. Established 18 years ago, the Workplace Equality Index (WEI) is a wide-ranging and intensive LGBTQ+ inclusion benchmarking tool that is designed to acknowledge and evaluate employers’ inclusion work, as well as allowing them to measure their progress over time.

In the latest assessment, Ford of Britain was ranked 115th overall – a significant improvement on the previous year when the company was placed 242nd. As a result, Ford picks up Stonewall’s Bronze Award.

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It comes on the back of a very proactive 2022 which saw the company successfully take its LGBT+ messaging into the wider community through increasing awareness of the Very Gay Raptor and engaging actively in social media and YouTube with #ToughTalks.

Lara Nichol, manager, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Ford of Britain, said: “Previously, we were ranked 242nd, so this is a huge jump in places, and such great news to celebrate during LGBT+ History Month.

A massive thank you to Ed Rogers, James Braddy, Jon Mundy and Ford Pride for the huge contribution they have made to this accomplishment and to everyone who supported the audit process.”

Ford Pride is Ford’s inclusive employee resource group for LGBTQIA+ employees and allies, and its mission is to foster an inclusive and supportive atmosphere within Ford for LGBT+ persons.

Ed Rogers, Ford Pride chair, is also the founder and Chair of Driving Pride Network, a cross-automotive steering group whose mission is to promote LGBTQ+ inclusivity and working to shift inclusion forward across the whole industry.

He told @Ford: “We’re very happy to receive this Bronze Award from Stonewall. By becoming more inclusive and promoting the welfare of LGBTQ+ people, we can help them achieve their full potential in the workplace.”

Employers participating in Stonewall’s WEI must demonstrate their work in eight areas of employment policy and practice. Staff from across the organization complete an anonymous survey about their experiences of diversity and inclusion at work.

Organizations receive their scores, enabling them to understand what’s going well and where they need to focus their efforts. Organizations can also see how they’ve performed in comparison with their sector and region.

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Across Europe, Ford is celebrating LGBT+ History Month this February to show support for the LGBT+ community and to help promote equality and diversity. Introduced in the UK in 2005, LGBT+ History Month plays an important role in increasing the visibility of LGBT+ people, their history, lives, and their experiences in the wider community.

In 2022, Ford intentionally took its LGBT+ message into the wider community through increasing awareness of the Very Gay Raptor and engaging actively in social media and YouTube with #ToughTalks.

“We’re very happy to receive this Bronze Award from Stonewall. By becoming more inclusive and promoting the welfare of LGBTQ+ people, we can help them achieve their full potential in the workplace.” Ed Roger said.

Ford has stated long-term commitment to LGBTQ+ allyship

Ford Motor Company has been vocal in its support of the LGBTQ+ community for years. Despite not weighing in on the Dylan Mulvaney-Bud Light controversy, Ford has made their allyship well known.

Does Ford support LGBTQ

Just last summer, Ford launched their ‘Very Gay Raptor’ (VGR) at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. This was part of their campaign to define “tough” and reaffirm their “long-term commitment to LGBTQ+ allyship,” a Ford press release from June 2022 reveals.

‘Built Ford Proud’ seeks to be an LGBTQ+ inclusive campaign

Last month, Ford relaunched their ‘Built Ford Proud’ campaign. This currently features Sydney Sweeney, Dee Bryant, and Kai Lenny, all showing how they use their vehicles. The intention of this campaign is to highlight Ford drivers who break the mold and defy stereotypes.

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Despite what some might lead you to believe, such as Rogan O’Handley, this is not a campaign specifically created in support of the LGBTQ+ community. Built Ford Proud is not necessarily to be interpreted as a subliminal message in support of LGBTQ+ rights. But it is intended to be inclusive.

During South Africa’s Pride Month in 2020, Neale Hill explained how the company is seeking to define its concept of ‘tough’ and ‘proud’. “Being ‘BuiltProud’ means we never give up and we look to what has already been achieved to keep motivating diversity and inclusion,” Hill explained.

“It is encouraging to see the wave of acceptance that has been evident in recent years, with a shift towards a more inclusive world where gender identity has become more fluid, and people are able to express themselves – and not only be accepted but are being embraced and celebrated.”


What charities does Ford support?

Together with Ford Fund, the philanthropic arm of Ford, we are building on our longstanding relationship with Team Rubicon, a veteran-led humanitarian organization that serves global communities before, during and after natural disasters and crises.

What does Ford sponsor?

Ford has given out its fair share of sponsorships over the years, including partnering with the iconic Kentucky Derby and the Conmebol Libertadores (American Liberators’ Cup).

Does Ford support Biden?

Ford proudly supports President Biden’s call for businesses to make unique contributions for the workers and families they support as the country enters the next phase of COVID-19 response.

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