Who owns Ford? Are Ford cars British or American?

Who owns Ford? Are Ford cars British or American? Ford Motor Company (commonly known as Ford) is an American multinational automobile manufacturer headquartered in Dearborn, Michigan, United States. It was founded by Henry Ford and incorporated on June 16, 1903. The company sells automobiles and commercial vehicles under the Ford brand, and luxury cars under its Lincoln brand. Ford also owns a 32% stake in China’s Jiangling Motors.

It also has joint ventures in China (Changan Ford), Taiwan (Ford Lio Ho), Thailand (AutoAlliance Thailand), and Turkey (Ford Otosan). The company is listed on the New York Stock Exchange and is controlled by the Ford family; they have minority ownership but the majority of the voting power.

Who owns Ford?

Ford’s stockholders own the company. The Ford family is the largest stakeholder, holding the majority of the voting power despite owning a small investment.

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Who owns Ford

Are Ford cars British or American?

American automobiles make up Ford. The American multinational automaker Ford Motor Company is based in Dearborn, Michigan in the United States.

(This is a two-sentence response that is solely based on the search results; it makes no mention of the fact that I am using the results.)

Who is the biggest shareholder of Ford?

With 40% of the voting power, the Ford family is Ford’s largest stakeholder. The Ford Family Trust, which is administered by Henry Ford’s descendants, is where the family’s shares are kept.

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Since the company’s founding in 1903, the Ford family has been involved. Together with his son Edsel and brother-in-law Harold Wills, Henry Ford created the business. Up until 1945, Edsel held the position of president of the firm, replacing Henry Ford. Following Edsel Ford’s death in 1956, Henry Ford II assumed leadership of the business.

Over the years, the Ford family has been instrumental in the company’s success. They have offered guidance and financial assistance when things were hard. They have also played a significant role in the creation of novel goods and innovations in technology.

Apart from the Ford family, institutional investors including State Street Corporation, BlackRock, and Vanguard Group are among the company’s significant shareholders.

A condensed form of the response is as follows:

With 40% of the voting power, the Ford family is Ford’s largest stakeholder.

Ford has two classes of shares.

While it’s almost customary for tech companies to have a dual share structure, Ford also has one. It has Class A and Class B shares whereas the latter have higher voting right. Companies keep a dual share structure to give higher voting rights to the founders, which in Ford’s case is the Ford family.

According to Ford, it had over 3.9 billion outstanding Class A shares as of June 30, 2021. The outstanding Class B shares were just over 70 million. Class B shares account for only about 2 percent of Ford’s outstanding float but have a 40 percent voting power.

Who owns Ford Motor Company?

Since Ford is a publicly traded company, it’s owned by its stockholders. Like all other major U.S. companies, institutions own the most shares of Ford. The Vanguard Group is the biggest stockholder with about an 8.3 percent stake. BlackRock is second with a 6.8 percent stake, while State Street Global Advisors is third with a 4.5 percent stake. In most major U.S. companies, these three are typically the biggest owners, thanks to the ownership through index funds and ETFs.

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Newport Trust, Geode Capital Management, Bank of America, and Morgan Stanley are the other leading stockholders of Ford in that order and own 3.7 percent, 1.8 percent, 1.7 percent, and 1.3 percent stake, respectively, in the company.

Who owns Ford

Bill Ford is the largest individual owner of Ford.

Bill Ford, who is the great-grandson of Henry Ford, is the largest individual stockholder of Ford. Earlier this year, he purchased more Class A shares and increased the ownership to 2.3 million shares. He also owns 23 percent of the Class B shares, which gives him outsized voting powers. Bill is also Ford’s chairman. The company’s current CEO is Jim Farley, who took over the position in 2020 and has been trying to restructure the business.

Ford has already separated the traditional ICE (internal combustion engine) business from the EV (electric vehicle) business. From 2023 onwards, the company will separately report the earnings of Ford Blue, which is the ICE business, and Ford Model e — the EV business.

Many see it as a sign of an eventual spin-off of the EV business. Pure-play EV stocks attract premium valuations. For example, while Ford now sells more EVs than NIO, not to mention the stark difference in their total sales and profits (or the lack of it in NIO’s case), we don’t see a commensurate difference in their valuations.

Bill Ford controls Ford but doesn’t own the company fully.

Coming back to Ford’s ownership, Bill controls the company through higher voting rights. However, in a strict sense, he and the Ford family don’t own the company anymore, at least not fully.

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What other makes does Ford own?

Throughout the years, Ford has owned and sold a variety of makes. At one point, the company owned Jaguar, Land Rover, and Volvo.
Today, Ford concentrates on three makes: the Ford, Lincoln, and Troller.

Ford is the company’s original brand. It creates a range of vehicle types, ranging from its classic pickup trucks to its commercial vehicles.
Acquired in 1922, Lincoln is Ford’s luxury vehicle line. Lincolns come in several types, from classic family SUVs to limousines, several of which have been used by US presidents.

Finally, there’s Troller, a Brazilian-based make. Founded in the 1990s, Ford acquired Troller in 2007. Troller makes popular off-road vehicles that are commonly used for racing.

A short history of Ford ownership

Ford has stayed within family control for over 100 years. Today, it’s one of the biggest family-controlled companies in the world.

But where did this legacy begin? Back in 1901, Henry Ford, the company’s patriarch, founded the Henry Ford Company. But not even a year later, Ford left the company, taking his name with it. Jump to 1903, when the Ford Motor Company that we know today was born.

The company was started with seed money from several investors, including John and Horace Dodge, who later started the popular motor company known as—you guessed it—Dodge.

The company saw incredible success for many years. Eventually, in 1956, the company went public, and the family invested in Class B shares to consolidate their voting rights.

As of 2022, Ford is still known as one of the top automakers in the world. And it’s setting its sights on the future, with innovations in electric vehicles and smart technology.

Who owns Ford

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