How long does it take to charge a Ford Lightning?

How long does it take to charge a Ford Lightning? YouTube channel TFLEV introduces us to its new Ford F-150 Lightning electric pickup truck. The publication is curious about how long it will take for the electric F-150 to fast-charge on a road trip. This is likely a question many prospective owners may rank near the top of their list of EV-related questions, and it’s certainly important.

While there’s plenty of good information out there related to EV charging, there’s also lots of misinformation. It’s true that electric cars can take days to charge at home on a normal 110-volt outlet, though most will charge to full overnight on a Level 2 system at home or at your destination. What’s arguably much more important is how quickly an electric vehicle like the F-150 Lightning can DC fast-charge while you’re on the road.

With that said, there are a number of factors that impact EV charging times, and no test will give you an exact indication of what to expect. However, if you do your homework, plan your road trip accordingly, and follow the right steps, you should be able to travel great lengths in most of today’s new EVs, and the F-150 Lightning pickup truck is no exception.

take to charge a Ford Lightning

How long does it take to charge a Ford Lightning?

In short? Between 41 minutes and 67 hours.

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The real answer is a bit more complicated than that. The length of time it takes your Lightning to charge will depend on which model you have and what kind of charger you use. The F-150 Lightning comes with the option of a 98.0-kWh battery—earning up to 230 miles of range—or a 131.0-kWh Extended Range battery pack boasting a 320-mile range.

Here’s how long it’ll take each battery to charge on average:

  • Standard Range (230-mile range): 36 minutes to 4.2 days
  • Extended Range (320-mile range): 44 minutes to 6.25 days

Smaller batteries don’t take as long to charge, but the charging method you use plays a huge role in your charge time. From standard household outlets to DC fast charging stations, there are quite a few different ways to juice up your F-150 Lightning—and some take way longer than others.

At-home charging speeds for a Ford F-150 Lightning

The simplest way to charge up your Lightning is by plugging into a regular three-pronged household outlet. Your F-150 Lightning comes standard with a 30-amp Mobile Power Cord, compatible with either a 120-volt or 240-volt outlet. Using your 120-volt household outlet, however, takes the longest to charge.

Plugging your Mobile Power Cord into a 120-volt outlet—also called a Level 1 charger in the EV world—will add two to three miles of range per hour. Going with two miles of range per hour, using a Level 1 charger will take your F-150 Lightning Standard Range battery about 100 hours (or about 4.2 days) to fully charge. Your Extended Range battery will require about 150 hours (or 6.25 days).

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Can’t wait that long without driving? Your Mobile Power Cord can also be used with a NEMA 14-50 240-volt outlet (aka a Level 2 charger), which is likely what your oven or dryer is plugged into. If you’ve got one of these plugs outside or in your garage, your F-150 Lightning battery will charge at a rate of about 19 or 20 miles of range per hour, getting your Standard Range battery to 100% in about 10 hours or fully charging your Extended Range battery in 15 hours.

Don’t have a 240-volt in your garage or have a garage at all? You can purchase a Ford Charge Station Pro, which adds 30 miles of range per hour, cutting your charging time down to just eight hours for the Extended Range battery. The Charge Station Pro comes with any Lightning with the Extended Range battery, but it’s still an option for other models for $1,310.

take to charge a Ford Lightning

Public charging speeds for a Ford F-150 Lightning

The Ford Charge Station Pro is the best you can do for charging at home, but public chargers give you the quickest charge. For the F-150 Lightning, you can use either a public Level 2 station or a public DC fast charging station (Level 3).

Level 2 stations will charge your Lightning around the same rate as your 240-volt outlet at home will, but using a DC fast charging station changes the game. These types of chargers utilize direct current, charging your EV with lightning speed.

While Level 1 and 2 AC chargers typically charge at a rate of 7.4 to 11 kW, fast charging stations can have a maximum output of 350 kW—but the F-150 Lightning can only accommodate 120kW to 150kw of this. For your Ford Lightning, that still means going from 15% to 80% charged in 44 minutes—or 41 minutes for the Extended Range battery.

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When you buy a new Lightning, Ford gives you two years of free access to BlueOval—the most expansive public charging network in North America with 75,000+ chargers. On top of that, you’ll also get 250 kWh worth of free charge from Electrify America, the largest DC fast charger network in the US.

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take to charge a Ford Lightning

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