How to reset Ford Door code? What is this Ford Door about?

How to reset Ford Door code? In 1980, Ford released their keypad-based keyless entry technology, which was available on vehicles such as the Ford Thunderbird and Lincoln Mark. The technology is called SecuriCode, and the keyless entry keypad is the most recent generation for this technology. All passenger vehicles now include the keyless door code. Should you forget or need to change it, here’s how to reset a door code on a Ford.

The five-button keypad is usually found on the driver’s door and unlocks with the correct five-digit code. A factory code is also included with the vehicle in the owner’s manual for new car purchases. The owner’s “wallet card,” which is generally stored in the glove compartment at your purchase and should contain this information.

How to reset Ford Door code?

You must take the following actions in order to reset your Ford door code:

  • Enter the five-digit code that was set at the factory.
  • In five seconds, press and release 1•2 on the keypad.
  • Hold down 1•2 for a duration of 2 seconds. After completing step 2, you have five seconds to do this.
  • You should now remove all personal codes; the five-digit code that came from the factory will function.

If you are unsure of your factory-set code, it can be found on a wallet-sized card that was included with the owner’s manual for your automobile. For assistance, get in touch with the Ford dealership in your area.

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The following are some more pointers for changing your Ford door code:

  • Verify that the code you are entering is correct. The code is five digits and is set at the factory.
  • Verify that you are hitting the buttons in the right ways. Each button should be fully and firmly pressed.
  • Make sure the intervals between steps are not too long. Steps 2 and 3 must be finished within five seconds of one another.
  • For assistance in resetting your Ford door code, please get in touch with your nearby Ford dealership.

 Ford Door code

What is the Purpose of the Keyless Entry Keypad?


When it comes to keyless entry, convenience is certainly one of the first things that comes to mind, but it’s about more than just having quick access or not having to fumble with keys. They work with your traditional key or electronic fob and just make things a bit easier. Maybe you can’t find your keys and just want to grab something from the glove compartment, or you don’t have them with you, you can still enter your code. You won’t be able to start it, but you at least won’t be completely locked out.


While not a sure thing, potential thieves can be stopped by the digital keypad. Sure, they can break a glass or find a method to lower it, but it’s an additional way to mitigate risks in public areas like parking garages or lots. Traditional keys can be lost, stolen, or duplicated, but a digital key password can help limit this risk.

Does the Reset Method Vary by Model?

There are a number of models in the Ford lineup that can be reset without the factory 5-digit code. These include Connect, Focus, Fiesta, Fusion, Kuga, and Puma models. For these, you won’t need your factory reset code which can be especially helpful if you’re buying used, but you will need both keys for this step.

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Step 1

Put your first key into the ignition and move it to the idle spot without starting the engine. Let it sit there for about five seconds before removing it.

Step 2

Repeat the first step using your secondary key. The factory reset code will appear on the dash for about 10 seconds, so make sure you write it down or type it on your code to reset.

Step 3

Before you’re able to reset the code, you’ll need to enter the factory reset code you found on the dash.

Step 4

Now that you’ve reset the code system start by pressing the first button that’s labeled 1-2 and then wait five seconds and then press them again to enter your new code. There should be a five-second gap between the doors locking and unlocking to indicate the process is finished and successful.

Step 5

Enter your new 5-digit code. It should go without saying to not enter something easy like all the same number or just going from top to bottom, but easy enough for you to remember.

Ford Door code

How To Reset A Door Code On A Ford after 2007

By default, owners have the option of using the factory code provided in their owner’s handbook to use on the keyless door code or by changing it to a more secure and personalized code.

On the owner’s wallet card in the glove box, look for the factory-set entry code. Contact your Ford dealer if you can’t find this card and don’t know your code.

Step 1

On the entry keypad, enter the factory-set code. For each digit of the five-digit code, press firmly in the center of the relevant key. You have five seconds to press the keys before the connection expires, and you’ll have to start over.

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Step 2

After entering the factory-set code, press and release the 1-2 key within five seconds.

Step 3

Firmly press the keys to enter your new unique five-digit code. For the code to be recognized, you must hit the keys within five seconds of each other, like before. Once your five-digit code is entered, the door should unlock to confirm it worked properly.

Step 4 (optional)

Choose one of the three driver options to assign your new personal entry code. You can assign different codes for different drivers if it’s easier to remember. For driver 1, press the 1-2 key and then the 3-4 key. For driver 2, press the 1-2 key like before, and then the 5-6 key.

What Else Does the Ford Keyless Entry System Do?

Did you know that the Ford door code does more than open your door? It also does the following:

  • Opens the Trunk: Your Ford door code unlocks and opens your trunk. Simply press the “Lock” button on your door’s keypad to lock your trunk.
  • Arms and Disarms Your Security Alarm: If your Ford has a security system, you can use the keyless entry code to arm or turn off the alarm.
  • Remembers Seat and Side Mirror Positions: The Ford door code also allows you to save your mirror and seating positions. Enter the code, and when you climb in, your seats and mirrors will automatically adapt to your preset position. If you need to change the seat or side mirror positions, just press the code numbers again to make changes.

 Ford Door code

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