Who makes motorcraft oil filters? Types of motorcraft oil

Who makes motorcraft oil filters? There are many oil filters out there in the market, but only a few have great potential in improving the engine’s performance. One of the best options that you can find is the Motorcraft oil filters. Hence, many car enthusiasts want to know who makes Motorcraft oil filters.

The essentiality for the engine to receive clean motor oil is necessary for its functionality. Thus, oil filters are a “must-have” for all automotive equipment, as they remove dirt from the oil and improve the engine’s performance.

With the various benefits that Motorcraft oil filters provide for the car’s engine, many car owners use filters from this product line. So, it is worth knowing the manufacturer of these oil filters.

Motorcraft Oil Filters

Oil filters are critical for the engine’s ‘health’ and performance throughout the entire oil service before its replacement. Motorcraft oil filters are designed with the best quality materials and pass through extensive testing to ensure they work effectively.

Who makes motorcraft oil filters

This oil filter line features pressure-relief valves that reduce the circulation of contaminated oil to the vehicle’s engine. Again, these filters take care of the oil supply to the engine, even in extreme conditions or when the filters appear clogged.

Many car owners like the products from this filter line, as they also possess iron cases that offer a precise fit. This feature also makes the filters easy to remove. Since the iron comes painted and constructed with steel, it appears rust-resistant.

With the efficient media, the Motorcraft oil filters increase their dirt-collecting abilities and capture elements that could harm the car’s engine. It is lightweight and pretty versatile, as it seems compatible with a wide range of vehicles.

Who Makes Motorcraft Oil Filters?

Motorcraft oil filters are a product of Purolator Filters, LLC., formerly known as Motor Improvements. This firm, founded in 1923, has excellent fame in the industry for producing top-quality products. Kindly note that the company’s headquarters is in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

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The firm came into the limelight after Ernest Sweetland and his partner, George Greenhalgh, patented their first oil filtration system for automotive equipment. Furthermore, the Purolator introduced pleated paper for oil filtration in 1946, which appears as the most used technology today.

Purolator Filters is among the top manufacturers of air, fuel, transmission, air cabin, and oil filters in the United States. The company also supplies PCV lines around various parts of the world and offers top-performance filters for motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles, and watercraft.

It would interest you to know that the firm has over 2,000 filtration part numbers that work for Automotives alongside heavy and light applications. Thus, Motorcraft oil filters are among the excellent products from this manufacturer.

You should know that the company has won many awards for its high-quality services. Toyota recognizes the firm as one of the best suppliers (10 times between 1998 and 2010). So, the Motorcraft oil filters undergo full-range testing and become certified as fit for engines before appearing in the market.

Types of Motorcraft Oil Filters

Using high-quality oil filters guarantees an excellent performance, and you wouldn’t need to worry about the engine’s functionality. Are Motorcraft oil filters good? The valve construction and overall material of Motorcraft oil filters are outstanding, and it would improve the vehicle’s performance.

Who makes motorcraft oil filters

There are various types of Motorcraft oil filters, and they come at varying prices. Nevertheless, here is an insight into the most effective options that you can find in the market.

Motorcraft FL2016 Oil Filter

Car owners express their satisfaction after using this product due to various reasons. This option seems pretty efficient compared to some conventional options in the market. With its practical function in removing contaminants from motor oil, it prevents potential engine problems.

It appears suitable for the following applications: Buick, Chevrolet, GMC, and Pontiac (SO-1001 vehicle models). The oil filter is also durable and lasts for several miles. You can install this product without much stress, thanks to the easy-to-assemble parts.

Motorcraft FL500S Oil Filter

This oil filter is durable and offers adequate pressure, a quality that average oil filters lack. With such a filter in place, you can easily reach a higher speed without stress. If you are searching for a better option that withstands harsh conditions, this oil filter seems like the right choice. Not to escape notice, it works well for most Ford motors.

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Motorcraft FL2051S Oil Filter

The FL2051S oil filter has a large surface area that removes as many contaminants as possible. If you had a clogged filter in the past, this product might seem like a suitable option. It works well for Ford (2011 – 2019) vehicles.

Is Motorcraft Oil Filter Good?

In order to answer this question, it is first necessary to understand what motor oil does and how it works. Motor oil is responsible for lubricating the engine, and it also helps to cool and clean the engine by removing debris and impurities.

Over time, motor oil can become dirty and caked with debris, which can reduce its efficiency and cause damage to the engine. A good motor oil filter will help to remove impurities from the motor oil, extending its lifespan and preserving the integrity of the engine.

The quality of an oil filter can vary depending on the brand, but Motorcraft is a trusted name when it comes to engine protection.

Who makes motorcraft oil filters

Motorcraft oil filters are designed specifically for Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury vehicles and are tested under extreme conditions to ensure they can stand up to the rigors of daily driving.

Pros of Motorcraft Oil Filters

There are many reasons why most folks like Motorcraft oil filters, from unique design to excellent media filtration. This brand of oil filters has high-efficiency characteristics that yield a good result. These filters can get out up to 100% particles from the motor oil.

The valves of this oil filter line are “designed” to offer adequate pressure, truly an exceptional feature. Hence, drivers can get more confidence to drive since there is effective filtration. The metal frame allows the oil filters to stay in place and also makes them easy to remove.

With the anti-rust feature of the metal frame, you can rest assured that there wouldn’t be any rust, and the filter would last for a long time. Furthermore, assembling filters from this product line seems pretty straightforward, and you can install them yourself without stress.

Cons of Motorcraft Oil Filters

When it comes to Motorcraft oil filters, there are a wide variety of options. However, some persons face significant challenges in finding the right one that matches the vehicle’s needs. You may find some not compatible with extreme conditions.

Nevertheless, you can check with the auto store near you to find one that would work well for your heavy-duty engine. Again, some options, like the Motorcraft FL2051S oil filter, may require some complex knowledge for its installation.

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Fixing such an oil filter may need you to get a unique wrench for that purpose. However, you can get one at a fair price and enjoy the long-lasting benefit that these filters offer and save your car engine from potential damage.


Are Motorcraft oil filters any good?

Motorcraft oil filters come constructed with the best material and are among the most durable options in the market. The total filtration of this product is more efficient compared to some conventional filters.

Thus, it works well to protect the vehicle’s engine and take you on drives for long miles. The steel metal frame of the filter makes it fit properly and allows you to remove it with ease when it’s the car’s oil change time.

What company makes Ford Oil Filters?

Motorcraft oil filter is a standard product for the Ford Motor Company, produced by Purolator Filter LLC. It works well in keeping the Ford engine safe from potential harm that may result from contaminants within the engine.

Thus, using such an aftermarket option can ensure you drive at high speed without any hassles. The effective valve of the filter completely removes the dirt and allows the proper flow of the fluid to lubricate the engine parts.

Are Motorcraft oil filters suitable for synthetic oil?

Motorcraft oil filters are compatible with any motor oil, and as such, they can perform well with synthetic oil. The effective valve and unique construction of these oil filters would remove contaminants from the synthetic oil and flow to the engine efficiently.

By now, you should know that synthetic oil lasts longer than conventional motor oil. Thus, this oil filter can last for a long time without getting clogged. So, you can run the vehicle and worry less about getting the filter unclogged before the next time you want to change the car’s oil.

Is a Wix oil filter better than Motorcraft?

Wix oil filters come with a media that appear three times thicker when compared to that of Motorcraft. On this account, they appear much more durable and protect the car’s engine for a long while.

However, you may find the seal of the Motorcraft being thicker, and as such, it fits appropriately, and its filtration media have an emergency bypass to the filter’s base. In essence, both oil filters are excellent options, and you can use any of them if you find them matching your vehicle’s needs.

Above is information about Who makes motorcraft oil filters? that we have compiled. Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of Types of motorcraft oil filters. Thank you for reading our post.

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