Where is Bud Ford going? What is Good Friday Tulsa?

Where is Bud Ford going? What is Good Friday Tulsa? Former “Bud and Broadway” co-host Bud Ford is joining ABC-TV affiliate “Newschannel 8” KTUL, appearing on-air within the next few weeks.

“Bud will be a great asset to the morning news as well as co-hosting Good Day Tulsa,” Dan Threalkeld, the station’s chief meteorologist, posted to Facebook Tuesday. Ford exited “Bud and Broadway” suddenly last month, a year after going into syndication with SuiteRadio.

Ford and “Bud and Broadway” co-host Jerry Broadway spent 2013-2016 in afternoon drive at iHeartMedia “106.1 The Twister” KTGX Tulsa, during which time Ford worked part-time at KTUL, handling morning and severe weather reports, traffic coverage and fill-in “Good Day Tulsa” hosting duties. Their syndicated show was picked up for afternoon by Griffin Communications KVOO Tulsa (98.5) in December.

Where is Bud Ford going?

KTUL, Sinclair Broadcast Group’s television station in Tulsa, Oklahoma, named Joie Bettenhausen as morning meteorologist.

Bettenhausen will deliver weather forecasts on Good Morning Oklahoma on weekdays from 4:30 to 7:00 a.m.

Bettenhausen joined the station in 2022 as the station’s traffic reporter and midday meteorologist from KWWL Waterloo, Iowa. She has been filling in on the morning show since Bud Ford left to go to flight school.

“Joie is a positive, energetic, and knowledgeable meteorologist. She knows severe weather and is an excellent forecaster. She makes the mornings more fun to watch,” said Dan Threlkeld, chief meteorologist at KTUL.

Bettenhausen holds a B.S. degree in meteorology from Valparaiso University She was a weather intern at WCIA Champaign, Illinois, and WGN Chicago before becoming weekend meteorologist at KSNF Joplin, Missouri.

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“I’m very grateful for the opportunity to become the morning meteorologist at KTUL,” Bettenhausen said. “I work with the best team and I’m excited to continue working with them in a larger role. Tulsa is home and I hope to have a long career at this station.”

Bud Ford going

What happened to Bud from Bud and Broadway?

In May 2021, Bud Ford, co-host of the syndicated country radio program “Bud and Broadway,” announced his departure from the program to focus on his profession as a television meteorologist. He works as a meteorologist for Tulsa, Oklahoma’s KTUL-TV presently.

Jerry Broadway is still the show’s host, and Mitch English, Becca Walls, and T. Wall have joined him.

Who are the meteorologist on Channel 8 Tulsa?

The Channel 8 Tulsa (KTUL) meteorologists are:

  • Chief meteorologist Dan Threlkeld, meteorologist Christopher Nunley, meteorologist Colton Williams

They offer viewers in the Tulsa metropolitan area and neighboring counties weather forecasts and analyses.

Since 2007, Dan Threlkeld has worked at KTUL. He is a Certified Broadcast Meteorologist and a University of Oklahoma School of Meteorology alum.

2023 saw Christopher Nunley join KTUL. He received his Ph.D. in atmospheric science from Mississippi State University after graduating from the University of Oklahoma School of Meteorology.

2022 saw Colton Williams join KTUL. His Bachelor of Science in Atmospheric Science is from Mississippi State University, where he graduated.

The three meteorologists are dedicated to giving viewers precise and timely weather information and are enthusiastic about what they do.

What time does good day Tulsa come on?

Every daily, Good Day Tulsa airs on KTUL-TV in Tulsa, Oklahoma, at 9:00 AM Central Time.

Bud Ford going

Who is Sweet Becca from the country Mecca?

Charming Becca from the Nation On-air, Mecca Walls goes by Becca Walls, who co-hosts the nationally syndicated country radio program “Bud and Broadway.” She brings artist audio into her broadcasts and offers live, interactive, daily Nashville news updates on the program. She works as a manager, content creator, and host at Big Machine Radio in addition to being a Nashville journalist for AmeriCountry prep.

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In 1991, Becca started her radio career as the afternoon producer at Los Angeles’ KIIS-FM. Blair Garner was as executive producer and co-host of the widely syndicated program After Midnight for four years, a role she helped develop.

Becca is well-known for her friendly demeanor and extensive expertise of the country music scene. She is an enthusiastic supporter of country music and the musicians that create it. For many women working in the radio sector, she serves as an inspiration.

To put it briefly, Sweet Becca from the Country Mecca is a gifted and seasoned radio host who is renowned for her devotion to her audience and her love of country music.

What is Good Friday Tulsa?

Happy Friday Tulsa is a Christian holiday that honors Jesus Christ’s death via crucifixion. The Friday preceding Easter Sunday is when it is observed.

There are numerous ways to observe Good Friday in Tulsa, Oklahoma. While some people spend time with friends and family, others go to church. On Good Friday, a lot of neighborhood gatherings and activities happen.

The Good Friday Walk of the Cross is one of Tulsa’s most well-liked events on Good Friday. The Holy Family Cathedral is the location of this event, which is sponsored by the Catholic Diocese of Oklahoma City and Tulsa. A road that symbolizes Jesus’ trip to the cross is trodden by participants.

The Good Friday Tenebrae Service is another well-liked Tulsa tradition on Good Friday. This traditional Christian ceremony honors the crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ, and it is hosted at the First Presbyterian Church of Tulsa.

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There are plenty of other ways to commemorate Good Friday in Tulsa outside these particular events. A lot of churches host special Good Friday services, and a lot of family and friends join together to celebrate and consider the significance of the day.

Here are a few more Tulsa activities to mark Good Friday:

  • Visit a nearby church or place of worship to witness a Good Friday service.
  • Give of your time to assist those in need.
  • Think about what Good Friday means to you and its significance.
  • Spend time with loved ones and friends, discussing your views and ideas surrounding the holiday.

Good Friday is a particular day for Christians to commemorate the sacrifice that Jesus made for our sins, regardless of how you choose to observe it.

Why did Bud and Sissy break up?

As per the Urban Cowboy film, Bud Davis ended his relationship with Sissy Davis due to his perception that they were becoming less compatible and that she wasn’t prepared for marriage. Additionally, he thought that she was very materialistic and that her concern in social standing outweighed their relationship.

Bud, a cowboy in the film, yearns for a simpler existence. The material possessions that Sissy cherishes are not of importance to him. Additionally, he has little interest in the elevated social standing that accompanies marrying a wealthy man.

Conversely, Sissy is a city girl accustomed to a particular way of life. She desires to wed a man who can give her the things she currently possesses. The social standing that comes with being married to a wealthy man also interests her.

Bud and Sissy end up splitting up because they are incompatible in the end. Their ideals and aspirations in life diverge.

It’s crucial to remember, though, that Urban Cowboy is a work of fiction. There are no genuine individuals behind Bud and Sissy’s characters. It is therefore impossible to pinpoint the exact reason behind their breakup.

Bud Ford going

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