Where are Ford rangers made? Which Ford Ranger is the best?

Where are Ford rangers made? Which Ford Ranger is the best? The Ford Ranger is a compact or mid-size pickup marketed globally by Ford over a series of generations, varying between both in-house or outside development and manufacturing — and with a hiatus in North America from 2011-2018.

Debuting as a compact pickup in North America in 1982 for the 1983 model year, the Ranger was later introduced in some South American countries. From 1998 to 2011, the Ranger nameplate was used for models developed by Mazda for sale outside the North American market. In 2011, Ford introduced the first Ranger based on the T6 platform. Considered a mid-size pickup truck, the model was developed in-house by Ford Australia. In that same year, the North American-market Ranger was discontinued, leaving the T6 platform-based Ranger as the sole Ranger model worldwide.

For the 2019 model year, the Ranger was reintroduced in North America using the globally-marketed T6 model. It is manufactured at the Michigan Assembly Plant at Wayne, Michigan. The Ranger is smaller than the F-150 and larger than the Maverick in the Ford North American pickup truck range, while for markets outside the Americas it is typically the only Ford pickup offered for sale.

Ford rangers made

Where are Ford rangers made?

The fifth-generation Ford Ranger made its debut in November 2021 as a heavily updated mid-size truck based on the T6 platform. It is currently produced in Thailand and South Africa for over 100 markets around the globe and soon, it will also go on sale in China. For the People’s Republic, the automaker will rely on domestic production of the new Ranger.

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The local division of the Blue Oval company announces during the Auto Shanghai that sales of the Ranger in China will begin soon, without going into detail regarding its pricing. During the show, Ford displays a Ranger Wiltrak equipped with factory accessories and customization options. Nothing is mentioned about the powertrain options, though.

Ranger Legacy in South Africa

The ambitious targets and great confidence for the Next-Gen Ranger are built on a solid foundation established by the outgoing model in South Africa. After all, Ford redefined the pick-up segment with the current Ranger. First launched in 2011, the nameplate remained one of the leading contenders over the ensuing 11 years, earning a long list of accolades in the process.

“The success of the Ranger globally establishes it as one of Ford’s most important nameplates sold in every continent,” said Neale Hill, President, Ford Motor Company Africa. “The Next-Gen Ranger is sure to raise the bar yet again and with the start of production in the Silverton assembly plant, South Africa is proud to play a role in its growth.”

A total of 873 751 Rangers were produced at the Silverton Assembly Plant in South Africa. Out of these, nearly 603 000 units were exported to more than 100 global markets, which consistently placed it as the top light commercial vehicle export from South Africa.

With more than 271 000 units produced for South Africa, the Ranger topped the overall domestic sales charts on many occasions and remains one of the country’s favourite vehicles. The South Africa volumes include the Ranger and trend-setting Ranger Raptor high-performance off-road pick-up, assembled in South Africa since 2019.

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South Africa Silverton Plant has also been producing the Everest seven-seater sport utility vehicle (SUV) since 2016. However, with the Silverton Assembly Plant focusing on expanded production for Next-Gen Ranger, the Next-Gen Everest and Next-Gen Ranger Raptor will be sourced from Thailand.

“We are confident that the Next-Gen Ranger will build on this great success story and forge an even more powerful

Ford rangers made

Which Ford Ranger is the best?

Your own demands and tastes will determine whether Ford Ranger is perfect for you. Nonetheless, a few of the best-selling and most acclaimed Ford Ranger vehicles are as follows:

  • Ford Ranger Wildtrak: The highest-end variant of the Ranger is the Wildtrak. Four-wheel drive, a potent V6 turbocharged engine, and numerous off-road equipment are standard.
  • Ford Ranger Lariat: The Lariat is a Ranger model that focuses on luxury. It has a cozy interior with high-quality components and accents.
  • Ford Ranger XLT: This mid-level Ranger vehicle strikes a nice mix between price and functionality.
  • Ford Ranger XL: The entry-level Ranger vehicle is the XL. Even yet, compared to the other variants, it is a less feature-rich truck.

The Wildtrak is the ideal option if you want a Ranger that is the most capable and powerful. For those seeking an opulent and cozy Ranger, the Lariat is the ideal option. The greatest option if you’re searching for an excellent all-around Ranger is the XLT. Additionally, the XL is the greatest option if you have a tight budget.

In the end, test driving a few different Ford Ranger models and selecting your favorite is the best method to determine which one is ideal for you.

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When selecting a Ford Ranger, keep the following extra aspects in mind:

  • Engine: A four-cylinder turbocharged engine and a V6 turbocharged engine are the two powertrain options for the Ford Ranger. The V6 is the more potent engine, but the four-cylinder is more fuel-efficient.
  • Drivetrain: Two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive are offered for the Ford Ranger. If you intend to drive off-road, four-wheel drive is advised.
  • Bed size: There are two bed sizes available for the Ford Ranger: five feet and six feet. It is preferable to transport heavier objects on the longer bed.
  • Luxuries: The Ford Ranger is equipped with an array of luxuries, including heated seats, a sunroof, and a touchscreen infotainment system. Select a model with the qualities that are most essential to you after giving them some thought.

Following your consideration of each of these aspects, you will be able to select the Ford Ranger that best suits your needs.

Are Ford trucks still made in America?

Absolutely, Ford trucks are still produced in the US. For instance, the Ford F-150 is put together in Kansas City, Missouri, and Dearborn, Michigan.

Ford rangers made

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