What to wear when riding a motorcycle? What does a girl wear

What to wear when riding a motorcycle? A motorcycle date is a great way for guys (or girls) to show off their ride, but it can also raise a lot of questions for anyone who’s never stepped on a bike before. What should you expect, and more importantly, what the hell are you supposed to wear?

While looking cute is important for making a first impression, the priority is safety. Thankfully, with a bit of foresight you can achieve both. Taking a strategic approach will not only keep you safe but is sure to impress your date.

What to wear when riding a motorcycle?

Some people think dressing for a motorcycle ride means gearing up like you’re ready to join the Hells Angels. There’s actually a ton of simple, trendy women’s motorcycle clothing out there for girls.

What to wear when riding a motorcycle

The priority is protecting your skin, which means pants and a jacket are an absolute must. So don’t wear a dress, unless you feel like channeling your inner Marilyn Monroe in the middle of the road.

You can find plenty of light, comfortable riding clothes on our women’s motorcycle gear page, so make sure to check that out once you’re finished up here. For now, here’s what you’ll need to wear while riding with your date:

Riding pants

It’s crucial to wear pants on a motorcycle, but what’s actually going to protect you? Leather pants offer great protection, but some people find them tight and uncomfortable.

Most riders prefer denim motorcycle jeans, which are much lighter and flexible while still prioritizing safety. Our women’s skinny jeans are a great investment if there might be multiple riding dates in the future.

Motorcycle shirt

A cool, loose-fitting motorcycle shirt is a great way of letting your date know that you mean business. While you’ve probably got some favorite tops in your wardrobe, they might not stand up to the elements while motorcycle riding.

A cute top like our minimalistic tee will keep you looking the part both on and off the roads.


Assuming you don’t own a pair of motorcycle boots, you’ll need to wear some enclosed flat shoes or boots. Leather boots are a great choice for extra protection or even some leather sneakers.

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Just don’t wear open sandals or high heels, whatever you do! Not only will your feet be exposed, but you’ll have an awkward time keeping your shoes firmly in the foot holders.


Motorcycle gloves are necessary no matter the weather. In the event of an accident, the first thing we naturally do is stick our hands out, so a strong pair of leather gloves is vital. They also help with grip and protect your hands against the weather.

You can rock some slick black leather gloves for a classic look or go with mesh-lined adventure gloves to keep your hands a bit cooler in summer.


There’s so much to love about riding a motorcycle, but it also means dealing with bugs and dirt flying in your face. A cool pair of sunglasses will not only keep your eyes covered but make you look pretty badass as well.


Bandanas are almost purely aesthetic, so this one is optional. They’re great for keeping hair out of your eyes, but people mostly wear them for style. So if you think you can pull off the bandana look, go for it!


Helmet hair is a reality you’ll just have to deal with. If your hair is long, the best tactic is tying it up in a ponytail. Washing your hair on the day of or the day before riding will also help keep it intact, along with conditioner.

Wear minimal product, if any, because it will only make your hair greasier. If you’reveryconcerned about helmet hair, bring along some emergency supplies. A small comb and a tiny tube of leave-in conditioner won’t make things perfect, but they’ll certainly help. Just don’t pack anything too big.

Motorcycle jacket

Jackets are a necessity on motorcycles. They not only protect your arms, back, shoulders, and torso, but they look so damn cool!

If you already own a leather jacket that would be perfect. If not, there are some great-looking riding jackets made specifically for women. Tops like our women’s unbreakable jackets are made with style and comfort in mind, without skimping on protection.


What to wear when riding a motorcycle

A motorcycle helmet is not only essential for protecting your head but a legal requirement for riding. Your date will hopefully provide one for you, but it’s best to ask if they have a spare beforehand.

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It’s possible that your date’s spare helmet won’t feel particularly comfortable on your head, so if things go well, you might want to consider getting your own for future dates.

Common motorcycle dating mistakes to avoid

Getting ready for a motorcycle date is an entirely different beast. Many people make the mistake of getting ready like it’s any other date, but the key here is less is more. So let’s run through a few common mistakes to avoid on that first date.

Wearing makeup

Since motorcycles kick up some serious wind, you’ll need to go light on the makeup. Heavy makeup will get ruined very quickly, and fake eyelashes will fly right off your face.

Big, dangling earrings are also a no-no. Trying to put a helmet over big earrings can not only be uncomfortable but extremely painful.

Not wearing riding jeans

Investing in a pair of genuine riding jeans is a must. Normal jeans and denim shorts provide just 0.6 seconds of protection in a crash at 80km/h, according to the TAC.

Thankfully, motorcycle gear has come a long way in recent years. You can easily find a pair of comfy, fashionable riding jeans that don’t skimp on protection. Sa1nt’s high rise skinny jeans look just like a regular pair of jeans, so they pair with just about anything.

Bring too much

Bikers always travel light and so should you. Try to bring only essentials and nothing that won’t fit inside a pocket. Your date may have a place to stash your phone and wallet on their ride, but then again they might not so try to wear something that has pockets.

Asking your date beforehand about their storage capacity is a good idea. If they have somewhere to stash your things, it will make choosing an outfit a whole lot easier.

Wearing a hairstyle without thinking about the helmet

Helmet hair can be managed but it can’t be avoided entirely. Consider this when choosing a hairstyle, and how well it’s going to hold up under the weight of a bulky helmet.

Simple is best. The fancier the hairstyle, the more devastating it will be when your helmet absolutely destroys it. If your hair is quite long, wearing it in a ponytail is the best way to go about it.

Not wearing the proper footwear

Avoid wearing high heels or open-faced sandals. Not only do they offer zero protection, but you’ll have a hard time keeping balanced. Motorcycle riders and passengers need to have their feet securely placed in their foot holders for maximum safety.

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Wear some enclosed flat shoes or boots. If you happen to own a pair of leather boots, that would be perfect for the added protection.

What does a girl wear on a motorcycle?

So what exactly does a girl wear on a motorcycle ride? While you want to look nice to make a good first impression, the priority here is safety. Covering yourself from head to toe is key, so no exposed skin!

What to wear when riding a motorcycle

A leather jacket or a genuine motorcycle jacket will protect your upper body, while leather pants or motorcycle jeans will need to cover your legs.

Of course, you don’t have to go over the top with the whole aesthetic. Our women’s motowear page has plenty of trendy, flexible gear that will keep you nice and comfortable throughout your whole date. Current-day motorcycle clothing looks just like street clothes, so you won’t need to worry about looking too intense once you’re off the bike.

Top your outfit off with a nice pair of sunglasses, and a pair of closed, flat shoes. If you have some boots that would be ideal for gripping the foot holders. Just make sure to avoid high heels or anything open-faced like sandals.

Lastly, a pair of leather gloves will not only help to keep your grip but protect your hands in case things turn random on the road. Our natural tendency is to stick our hands out when we fall, so keep them covered.


How do you look cute on a motorcycle?

There are plenty of ways to look cute on a motorcycle while still keeping yourself protected. Modern motorcycle clothing is versatile and looks just like everyday street clothes, so you won’t have to lean too hard into the ‘biker chick’ look if that’s not your thing.

A nice leather jacket will do the job, or you can rock a denim motorcycle jacket for that everyday look. A pair of black skinny motorcycle jeans is perfect because they look just like regular pants, and black goes with pretty much anything.

What do people wear when riding a motorcycle?

Pants should be made of thick material to resist abrasion. You should also wear gloves to prevent injury to your hands or fingers, which are crucial in maintaining control of your motorcycle. Always wear close-toed shoes. Boots are best, because they protect your ankles.

What should I wear as a passenger on a motorcycle?

A passenger should wear a DOT-certified helmet (preferably full-faced), eye protection, sturdy pants and jacket, full-coverage footwear, and gloves. Having the appropriate gear to ride will keep you safe from heat, cold, road debris and bugs when riding on the back of a motorcycle.

Above is information about What to wear when riding a motorcycle? that we have compiled. Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of Common motorcycle dating mistakes to avoid. Thank you for reading our post.

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