How to turn off Ford Mykey without admin key? What is this?

How to turn off Ford Mykey without admin key? Ford’s MyKey system is a nifty way to configure different car settings for different drivers, and it is mostly used to set maximum speed limits, activate speed warnings, and restrict audio volume for improved concentration on driving tasks. It turns all the vehicle’s electronic safety features permanently on, and can be programmed to disable certain functions such as manual navigation destination entries while driving, activate “Do Not Disturb” mode on a connected mobile device when the vehicle is moving, and even mute the audio system until all occupants have fastened their safety belts.

How to turn off Ford Mykey without admin key?

Ford’s official position is that you cannot disable, reset, clear, or remove restrictions that are programmed for a key with Ford MyKey unless you have the Admin Key at hand. Using the Admin Key, it’s a very simple operation to unlock restricted keys in seconds, either via the driver’s information display, or via the SYNC display screen.

turn off Ford Mykey

Clearing Ford MyKey Using The SYNC Display Screen

If you have an Admin Key, this is the first method to reset MyKey:

  • Turn on the vehicle using an Admin Key
  • Tap the Settings icon on the SYNC display screen
  • Select Vehicle from the menu options
  • Tap MyKey, and then follow the simple prompts to clear all MyKey settings
  • A confirmation message will appear on the SYNC screen when all keys have been reset
  • Turn off the vehicle
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Clearing Ford MyKey Using The Driver’s Information Display

The second method to reset Ford MyKey if you have an Admin Key is just as simple:

  • Turn on the vehicle using an Admin Key
  • Scroll through the display menu options with the right arrow button on the steering wheel to select Settings, followed by Vehicle Settings
  • Next, select MyKey from the sub-menu
  • Select Clear MyKey in the next menu
  • Press and hold the OK button on the steering wheel, until the screen displays confirmation that MyKey settings have been cleared
  • Turn off the vehicle

What Is The Admin Key In The Ford MyKey System?

So what is an Admin Key for a Ford, and what role does it play? The Admin key functions as the master key for a Ford product, and it has the ability to change vehicle settings and override some ‘always-on’ features.

The Admin Key is used to program the functionality of secondary keys via the vehicle’s menu system, has the ability to lock all other keys out of the vehicle’s setup menu, and is also needed when other keys need to be derestricted to regain full functionality. But what if you want to disable or turn off Ford MyKey without the Admin key on cars like a Ford Escape or F-150? Can it be done?

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How Do I Turn Off Ford MyKey Without The Admin Key

Some owners have found ways to get past the MyKey restrictions, which will prove helpful in the case of a used Ford being sold without the Admin Key but with MyKey activated on the only available key. Naturally, there may be nefarious reasons for wanting to know these techniques, which CarBuzz does not condone.

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Three methods can be used in such a case, with the first option being to follow the reset procedure in FORScan or a similar OBD-II scanner with Ford-appropriate software (a generic OBD-II scanner won’t be able to perform this reset function). If you have a suitable OBD-II scanner already, this would be the preferred option. There are, however, two other methods to reset the MyKey restrictions.

Clearing Ford MyKey Using Remote Start

If your Ford is equipped with the optional Ford-approved Remote Start accessory, this is one method if you’re wondering how to turn off or reset Ford MyKey without the Admin key:

  • Enter the Ford vehicle and close all doors
  • Start the vehicle using the Remote Start function
  • Because Ford vehicles treat any approved Remote Start device as an Admin Key by default, this will start the vehicle without any MyKey functionality being activated
  • Do not open any door, and do not move the transmission out of Park, because any such action will immediately shut down the engine
  • Follow the rest of the reset procedure as it applies to either the SYNC screen or the driver information display
  • The previously-restricted MyKey has now been reassigned as Admin Key, and will allow full control over all the vehicle’s functions

Clearing Ford MyKey by Hiding the MyKey RFID Code

The final method of bypassing the MyKey restrictions involves “hiding” the restricted key’s identification signal from the vehicle:

  • Get in the vehicle, close the doors, and start the vehicle as you normally do with the MyKey
  • Notice the MyKey restriction messages on the driver information display
  • Wrap the MyKey in tin foil, or ask another person to take the key and walk away from the vehicle: a 20-ft. distance should be enough to “hide” the MyKey’s radio signature
  • Open and close one of the doors, following which the vehicle will inform you that no key has been detected inside the car
  • Take the restricted MyKey out of its tin foil wrapping (or ask your assistant to bring it back to you), and then hold the MyKey close to the transponder reader on the steering column
  • Holding the key in position, turn the vehicle off and then back on
  • The instrument cluster will still inform you that there’s no key inside the car, but it will start the vehicle’s driver interface as though the Admin Key is present
  • Follow the steps detailed above to reset the MyKey functionality either from the SYNC screen, or the driver information display
  • The key is now reassigned as an Admin Key, and all MyKey restrictions are removed
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Which key is the admin key for MyKey?

Any key that hasn’t been programmed as a MyKey is the admin key for MyKey. Using the admin key, you can:

  • Make a MyKey.
  • Launch MyKey.
  • Empty MyKey.

You must use the admin key in order to create or program MyKey. You can use a MyKey or the admin key to clear your MyKey.

Try programming one of your keys as a MyKey to find out which key is the admin key. The admin key is what you used if the programming process was successful. The key that you used is a MyKey in the event that programming is unsuccessful.

Here are some more MyKey usage pointers:

  • Two MyKeys can be programmed at a time.
  • It is not possible to start the car with a key that has been programmed as a MyKey without first inputting the admin key code.
  • The owner of the car sets the four-digit admin key code.
  • You can reset the admin key code by getting in touch with your local Ford dealer if you lose it.

turn off Ford Mykey

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