Why are Hyundai Elantras so expensive to insure?

Why are Hyundai Elantras so expensive to insure? The videos are frightening; they depict drivers racing down streets, terrorizing neighborhoods. It started on TikTok, with people bragging about stealing some Kia and Hyundai cars, often just for a joyride.

Thieves swiped Eva Arse’s 2015 Kia and dumped it just a few miles from her Ontario home hours later. “How can somebody take somebody’s hard work, just leave somebody without a car?” she said. Experts say the cars are easy to steal because they use a steel key, or a “turn to start” ignition, which doesn’t contain an engine immobilizer, a chip that helps prevent theft.

Last year in Los Angeles, thefts of Kia and Hyundai were up 20% from the year before.

“Cars get stolen all the time. But this one particular method has been popularized online to the point that it’s impacting lots of different people in lots of different cities,” said Brian Moody with Auto Trader.

Why are Hyundai Elantras so expensive to insure?

Hyundai Elantras can be expensive to insure for a number of reasons.

  • High theft rate: The theft rate of the Hyundai Elantra is high. This is so because the car is well-known and thus quite simple to steal.
  • Young driver population: The Hyundai Elantra is a well-liked vehicle in this age group. Accidents involving young drivers are more likely to occur, which may result in higher insurance costs.
  • Limited safety features: Not all of the newest safety features are available on some older Elantra models. They may become more prone to be in collisions as a result, raising their insurance costs.
  • High cost of repairs: Hyundai Elantra repairs might be pricey. This is as a result of the extensive use of plastic in their building process.

Because plastic components are more likely to be destroyed in an accident, insurance prices may increase.

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It is significant to remember that not all Hyundai Elantras have high insurance costs. The Elantra’s insurance costs will vary based on the model year, trim level, driver’s age and driving history, as well as other factors.

Here are some pointers for obtaining cheaper Hyundai Elantra insurance rates:

  • Enroll in a defensive driving course to demonstrate to your insurance provider that you are a responsible driver.
  • Keep a clean driving record: Avoid traffic infractions and accidents.
  • Obtain many estimates from various insurance providers: To help you choose a company, compare prices.
  • Raising your deductible may help you save money each month on healthcare premiums.

You should speak with your insurance agent if you have concerns regarding the cost of insurance for your Hyundai Elantra. You can learn from them how to lower your rates and how to comprehend the variables that affect them.

Hyundai Elantras

What Hyundai models are not being insured?

Some insurance companies won’t cover certain Hyundai cars, including:

  • Accentuation 2015–2021 2015–2021 Elantra Santa Fe 2015–2021 Sonata 2015–2021 Kona
  • These models are not insured because it has been determined that they are more likely to be stolen or involved in accidents.

It is crucial to remember that not all insurance providers are denying coverage for these models. These models might still be insured by some companies, but they might charge higher premiums.

If you’re thinking about purchasing one of these models, you should speak with your insurance agent to find out if they’re willing to insure it and how much it would cost.

These are some of the factors that have led to the identification of these models as having a higher risk:

  • Thieves frequently choose them as targets.
  • They are fairly simple to steal.
  • The most recent safety features are not present.
  • The cost of fixing them is high.

Consider purchasing a different model if you are worried about the price of insurance for one of these types. There are numerous additional Hyundai models that are still covered by most insurance providers.

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Speaking with your insurance agent is ultimately the best method to determine which Hyundai model is best for you. They can assist you in comprehending the dangers involved with each model and suggest one that suits your requirements and price range.

Are Hyundais expensive to service?

Hyundais often don’t cost much to service. Many of the significant repairs are covered by the company’s extensive warranty, which it offers on its vehicles. A wide range of service plans that Hyundai offers can assist lower long-term ownership costs.

Hyundai’s average annual repair costs are lower than the industry average, claims RepairPal. In comparison to other vehicles, Hyundai cars are therefore less likely to require maintenance.

Here are a few factors that contribute to Hyundais typically having affordable maintenance costs:

  • Hyundai automobiles are dependable. As a result, they are less prone to require maintenance.
  • Hyundai provides an extensive warranty. This indicates that a large number of significant repairs are covered under the guarantee.
  • Hyundai provides several service plans. Over time, these strategies may be able to lower the cost of ownership.

Naturally, the price of maintaining a Hyundai will vary depending on the particular model and the kind of maintenance required. Hyundais are relatively inexpensive to service, nevertheless, in general.

The following advice will help you keep the cost of servicing your Hyundai low:

  • Regular tune-ups and oil changes are a must. This will assist in halting the emergence of serious issues.
  • Employ synthetic oil. Because synthetic oil lasts longer than normal oil, you won’t need to change it as frequently.
  • Make your own repairs. You can perform a lot of straightforward maintenance procedures on your own, such changing the air filter and the spark plugs.
  • For services, compare prices. Before you get any work done, get quotations from several different dealerships and independent shops.

If the expense of servicing your Hyundai is a concern for you, you should consult your dealership or a reputable repair. They can assist you in creating a maintenance strategy that works for both your demands and your budget.

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Hyundai Elantras

What Hyundai models are high risk?

The following Hyundai vehicles are regarded as high risk:

  • Accentuation 2015–2021 2015–2021 Elantra Kona 2015-2021 2015-2021 Santa Fe Sonata

For a variety of reasons, such as the following, some models are regarded as high risk:

  • Thieves frequently choose them as targets.
  • They are fairly simple to steal.
  • The most recent safety features are not present.
  • The cost of fixing them is high.

A more thorough explanation of each of these elements is provided below:

  • Because they are widespread and very simple to steal, these models are attractive targets for thieves. These models are frequently easy for thieves to steal without the need for specialist equipment or training.
  • Because they lack the newest security measures, such passive anti-theft devices, these versions are particularly simple to steal. Vehicles with passive anti-theft systems are more challenging for thieves to steal without a key.
  • Lack of modern safety features: Some of these models lack modern safety features like lane departure warning and automatic emergency braking. By reducing the likelihood of accidents, these features can lower insurance costs.
  • Costly repairs: Due to the large amount of plastic used in the building of these models, repairs can be quite pricey. Because plastic components are more likely to be destroyed in an accident, insurance prices may increase.
  • It is significant to remember that not every Hyundai model is regarded as high risk. Some designs, including the Genesis and Palisade, are regarded as low risk.

Before deciding whether to purchase a Hyundai model, you should look into the car’s safety features and insurance costs. To obtain an estimate for insurance on the vehicle you are interested in, you should also speak with your insurance agent.

In the end, weighing the advantages and disadvantages of each Hyundai model will help you determine which one is ideal for you.

Hyundai Elantras

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