What is BMW Alpina? Why does Alpina look like BMW?

What is BMW Alpina? Alpina or M? Alpina or M? Some may start this conversation first asking, what is an Alpina? Most BMW owners and enthusiast know the merit of the M badge. We know what to expect when you find yourself behind the wheel of one. Race car DNA, tuned into a street going car. This usually equates to a loud, brute and visceral experience. Lurking in the shadows is another company that BMW pairs with that is often overlooked or not mentioned at all. BMW and Alpina’s relationship dates back over 50 years now, and they have helped produce some amazing vehicles over the years.

The Alpina is curated with luxury in mind, but does not mean that they skimped on the engine. Alpina re-configures the production engines out of your normal 3, 5, 6 and 7 series, to usually push more power than the M variant. The results are true luxury touring cars that are incredibly fast. There are numerous differences between the two brands, but which one is arguably better on the roads we drive everyday?

What is BMW Alpina?

BMW German automaker Alpina is headquartered in Buchloe, Bavaria. It produces and tunes high-performance variants of BMW vehicles. Since 1965, Alpina has had a tight relationship with BMW, and the platforms and engines used in its vehicles are from BMW. The engines, suspension, and wheels and brakes that are exclusive to Alpina vehicles are among its distinctive features.

Alpina automobiles are renowned for their power, elegance, and luxury. They are frequently regarded as the pinnacle of the BMW driving experience. The B7, B3, and D4 S are a few of the models from Alpina that are most in demand.

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The current range of BMW Alpina models consists of:

  • B3: A BMW 3 Series with increased performance.
  • B4: A BMW 4 Series with increased performance.
  • B5: A BMW 5 Series with increased performance.
  • B6: A BMW 6 Series with increased performance.
  • B7: A BMW 7 Series with increased performance.
  • D3 S: A diesel-powered, high-performance version of the BMW 3 Series.
  • D4 S: A diesel-powered, high-performance variant of the BMW 4 Series.
  • XD3: A diesel-powered, high-performance version of the BMW X3.
  • XD4: A diesel-powered, high-performance version of the BMW X4.
  • XB7: A BMW X7 with increased performance.

The model and options affect the pricing of a BMW Alpina automobile. Starting at $152,945 is the 2023 BMW Alpina B7.

Here are a few characteristics that distinguish BMW Alpina vehicles:

  • Engines tuned by Alpine: Alpine engines are hand-built and finely tuned for performance.
  • Suspension built specifically for Alpina: Alpina suspension strikes a mix between comfort and performance.
  • Wheels and brakes made by Alpina: Alpina wheels and brakes are made to increase performance and handling.
  • Alpina interior: Alpina interiors are made using premium components and workmanship.

A BMW Alpina vehicle is a wonderful choice if you’re seeking for a high-performance BMW with a dash of luxury and refinement.

BMW Alpina

The Alpina Brings the Best of Both Worlds

If you are looking for a daily driver that packs a ton of power, I would suggest to start looking at the Alpina. The new Alpina B7 makes 600 horsepower, and is all wheel drive. I’ll say it again. 600hp, in a full sized sedan without a V-12. 0-60 only takes 3.5 seconds. Did I mention this is a 7 series? The current M3 competition does the same 0-60 in 4.1 seconds. While the price may be a barrier because they start at $142k, but used examples are becoming more and more affordable.

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On the used side, there are the B7, B6 Gran Coupe and the previous generation B7 which are model years 2007-2009. You can find a good used example like this 2007 B7 for $21,995 which packs a supercharged V8 with 500 horsepower. A 7 series like this, even at 12 years old, goes 0-60 in 4.4 seconds, only 3 tenths of a second from the current M3.

What is the difference between a BMW and an Alpina?

The primary distinction between a BMW and an Alpina is that BMW vehicles are produced by BMW, whilst Alpina vehicles are customized by German automaker Alpina. BMW vehicles are renowned for their handling and driving characteristics, whereas Alpina vehicles are renowned for their performance, luxury, and refinement.

Here are some more specifics on how BMW and Alpina automobiles differ from one another:

  • Engines: Alpina automobiles have hand-built, Alpina-tuned engines that outperform ordinary BMW engines in terms of power and torque.
  • Suspension: The suspension in Alpine vehicles is Alpine-specific and created to strike a balance between comfort and performance.
  • Wheels and brakes: The wheels and brakes on Alpina vehicles are made by Alpina and are intended to enhance performance and handling.
  • Interior: The Alpina-designed interiors of Alpine vehicles are made of premium components and workmanship.
  • Alpina automobiles cost more than BMW cars because they are hand-built and made with better-quality materials.

The ideal option for you will ultimately rely on your unique demands and preferences. An Alpina vehicle is a fantastic choice if you’re seeking for a high-performance BMW with a dash of luxury and refinement. A basic BMW is an excellent option, though, if you’re searching for a more reasonably priced BMW that’s still entertaining to drive.

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BMW Alpina

Why does Alpina look like BMW?

Because they are built on BMW platforms and engines, Alpina cars resemble BMWs. Alpina and BMW collaborate closely to design and produce Alpina vehicles as a result of their close partnership.

Alpina vehicles do differ from BMW models in a few particular ways, such as having engines tuned by Alpina, suspension made specifically for Alpina vehicles, and wheels and brakes made by Alpina. But Alpina vehicles share a lot of similarities with BMW vehicles in terms of overall design.

There are a few explanations for why Alpina vehicles resemble BMWs. The usage of BMW platforms and engines by Alpina is first and foremost more cost-effective. Alpina will save money on production and development expenditures as a result, and the cars will be compatible with BMW components and services.

Second, Alpina wishes to keep the handling and driving qualities that are synonymous with BMW vehicles. Alpina can guarantee that its vehicles give the same level of performance and driving fun as BMWs by utilizing BMW platforms and engines.

Alpina also hopes to attract BMW enthusiasts. Alpina may reach the same market as BMW by making its vehicles resemble BMWs. Alpina needs to know this since it ensures the financial success of its automobiles.

In conclusion, there are several explanations for why Alpina automobiles resemble BMWs. These factors include effectiveness, market appeal, and performance.

BMW Alpina

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