Who makes motorcraft oil? Where is motorcraft oil made?

Who makes motorcraft oil? Motorcraft oil is among the most popular synthetic motor oils, yet most people don’t really know who makes Motorcraft oil.

Houston-based company ConocoPhillips and South Korean S-Oil are the ones who manufacture Motorcraft oil for Ford Motor Company, which owns and distributes the brand products.

Motorcraft Oil Explained

A high-performing motor oil goes a long way in improving the life shelf of your vehicle’s engine. One such outstanding oil that you can find is Motorcraft oil, and their products include those that are completely synthetic and others with a synthetic base blend.

Who makes motorcraft oil

Undoubtedly, you can find top-quality synthetic-based oil lasting longer than some conventional options available in the market. The same applies to the Motorcraft oil, as it tends to last for a longer period and reduce the friction existing between the engine’s components.

Thus, if you seek a motor oil that would offer a long-lasting execution with fewer emissions, you should look for a compatible Motorcraft oil. The good news is that this brand has products that work well for both diesel and gasoline engines.

Who Makes Motorcraft Oil?

Motorcraft is a part of the Ford Motor Company that is famous in the market for distributing one of the best motor oils and other car accessories. The company emerged in the 1950s as a major division of Ford.

Motorcraft has 12 varying types of engine motor oil, which comes as fully synthetic or a synthetic blend with petroleum-based oils. Still, this part of the Ford Motor Company produces various other car fluids such as paints, cleaners, chemicals, and greases.

Who makes Motorcraft diesel oil? The Motorcraft division gets its supplies of Motorcraft oil from ConocoPhillips Co., an American firm that deals with hydrocarbon exploration. This company explores, manufactures, and distributes crude oil, liquefied natural gas, natural gas liquid, natural gas, and bitumen across various parts of the world.

In essence, the firm offers oil exploration and manufacturing services and supplies refined oil and gas products worldwide. What brands of oil does ConocoPhillips make? Some of the popular products from this firm include Kendall, Phillips 76, Phillips 66, and other Conoco oil brands.

The founder of this company is Frank Philips, and since its inception in 1917, the oil and gas company has set up operating locations across 17 countries, including Canada and Australia. Nevertheless, their headquarters is in Houston in the United States.

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ConocoPhillips emerged as the first within the industry to join the “U.S. Climate Action Partnership” (in 2007). The firm is famous for its alliances with other top environmental groups and businesses within the industry.

So, ConocoPhillips supply their products to various other businesses, and Motorcraft oil stems from their oil and gas refining. This line of motor oil is either a synthetic base or a synthetic fusion. You can rest assured that this motor oil will effectively lubricate the car’s engine parts.

Motorcraft Oil Products

The Motorcraft oil comes with an excellent formulation that takes care of the engine’s health and well-being. This motor oil line has two major groups of products: diesel engine oil and gasoline engine oil.

Diesel Motor Oil

The diesel oil from the Motorcraft engine oil line works effectively for diesel engines. These high-quality products come formulated with hydrotreated base oils and also possess some unique additive technology. Thus, they ensure that the diesel engine lasts longer and performs optimally.

The quality and viscosity of these products are outstanding. Hence, it controls soot and protects the engine components from rust, wears and tear, rust and corrosion, and engine sludge formation. The diesel engine oil works further in preventing high-temperature oxidation, deposits, and thickening.

Some common Motorcraft diesel oil that you can find include:

  • Motorcraft SAE 10W-30 F150
  • Motorcraft SAE 5W-30 F150
  • Motorcraft SAE 5W-40 synthetic oil
  • Motorcraft SAE 15W-40 super duty oil

Gasoline Motor Oil

Motorcraft manufactures excellent motor oil for gasoline engines that come with premium quality. These products come as API certified and are produced with a high-viscosity index. The synthetic-based formulation ensures a good ‘high temperature’ to work for low-temperature performance.

With great help in preventing friction that exists between the engine’s metal parts, these motor oil products reduce wear and improve the car’s fuel economy. Using this oil minimizes engine deposits and prevents rust and corrosion.

Some Motorcraft gasoline engine oil available in the market include:

  • Motorcraft SAE 5W-20 synthetic blend
  • Motorcraft SAE 5W-20 full synthetic oil
  • Motorcraft SAE 5W-30 synthetic blend
  • Motorcraft SAE 5W-30 full synthetic oil
  • Motorcraft SAE 5W-50 full synthetic oil

Pros of Motorcraft Oil

Who makes motorcraft oil

Top-quality motor oil, like Motorcraft oil, protects the engine components from excessive friction. Thus, these motor oils work well in preventing wear and tears that could further damage the engine.

This oil reduces foaming and engine deposits, and it further prevents low-temperature gelling. Whether completely synthetic or a synthetic blend, the Motorcraft oil offers a long-lasting service that improves the well-being of your vehicle’s engine.

Motorcraft oil is less prone to degradation and can still work efficiently while you drive in tough conditions. When using conventional oil, the recommendable oil change time is often three months. Nevertheless, you can use Motorcraft oil for up to six months before changing the oil.

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With the lesser volatility from these engine motor oil, you can rest assured that there would be fewer occurrences of oil loss. Again, Motorcraft oil is pretty affordable; hence, you can get good quality performance at a lesser cost.

Cons of Motorcraft Oil

One common problem that Motorcraft oil has with other synthetic oil is the issue of disposing of this oil after use. The result of improper synthetic oil disposal is serious environmental pollution.

Nevertheless, you can check around your locality for a certified collection center that has effective curbside recycling programs. Taking the used oil there can help reduce environmental pollution. Aside from this, another problem with Motorcraft oil is its cost.

Even though this motor oil is pretty affordable, you can find some other conventional options cheaper. By now, you should know that synthetic-based motor oil has a higher price compared to conventional oil.

How to Choose the Right Motorcraft Oil

Below are some tips to guide you when deciding which oil to choose for your car engine:

Compatibility with Vehicles

The first thing you should consider when choosing the right Motorcraft engine oil for your car is the car’s make and model or series. Check the owner’s manual to see the recommended type of oil because it may depend on the engine type.

The oil for your car will also depend on factors such as whether you have a high-performance engine, an off-road/heavy-duty SUV, or if it’s a new or higher-mileage car.

The oil’s viscosity

The viscosity of a fluid refers to its thickness – its resistance to flow. The viscosity of the oil influences how it performs under different weather conditions.

The oil bottles are labeled with codes that show the viscosity grade, whereby the letter ‘W’ refers to winter. The number before the W shows how viscous the oil is at 0℉ while the second number after the dash shows its thickness at 212℉.

Remember, low-viscosity oils are thinner and mostly used in the cold seasons, and higher-viscosity oils are thicker and offer more excellent protection in hotter conditions.

For example, Motorcraft oil 5W30 is thicker than Motorcraft 5W-20 full synthetic and will therefore perform better in hot weather.

Driving environment

When choosing the right Motorcraft oil, consider your driving environment, e.g., do you usually use smoother roads or more offroad and unpaved roads?

Because some oils are designed to handle more strain on your engine, while if you don’t ask for the correct type of oil, you might have to change the oil more frequently when there is much strain on your engine.

Oil standards

Ensure the oil you choose has met international standards. Check the container for labels that show it has passed specific tests.

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You will see labels such as API, ILSAC, and ACEA on reputable oil products from the SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers).

Is Motorcraft Oil Any Good

As we have established, Motorcraft is made by one of the best refineries in the US and uses one of the best base oils. Moreover, its additives are optimized for Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury vehicles, and naturally, all Motorcraft oils are API certified.

So, if you drive a Ford, your safest bet is Motorcraft oil because the additives are there specifically for Ford engines. However, there are better performing oils out there, so if you drive some other car brand, you should look for some better alternatives.

Who makes motorcraft oil

To prove the point, here are two testing videos. The first one is Penzoil versus Motorcraft. A cold test and both oils have the same viscosity. Cold testing is extremely important because that’s what the engine runs on until it’s warmed up; insufficient lubrication each time you start the engine can significantly reduce its lifespan. In this case, Penzoil takes the win.

The second video shows the evaporation and friction test between Motorcraft and Valvoline. Again both oils are the same viscosity spec. The evaporation test shows how well the oil performs at temperatures, which means the easier it evaporates, the thinner it gets at normal operating temperatures.

And the friction test is pretty self-explanatory. It shows how good of a protection film the oil creates between two moving surfaces. Unfortunately, in both tests, Valvoline takes the win.

Where Is Motorcraft Oil Made

Since the Motorcraft oil comes out of ConocoPhillips refineries and says “Made In the US,” we can only assume it’s made in one or more of the following cities.

  • Belle Chasse, Louisiana
  • Linden, New Jersey
  • Borger, Texas
  • Sweeny, Texas
  • Carson/ Wilmington, California
  • Rodeo/ Santa Maria, California
  • Ferndale, Washington
  • Trainer, Pennsylvania
  • Roxanna/ Hartford, Illinois

On the other hand, Motorcraft oil filters often say Made In Korea, so that’s one of the components that come from S-Oil besides base oils.


What is Motorcraft oil?

Motorcraft oil is a brand of motor oil manufactured by ConocoPhillips but owned by Ford Motor Company.

How often should I change my oil with Motorcraft oil?

The user manual recommends changing the oil for newer Ford vehicles every 5,000 – 7,500 miles. You can also change your oil after 6 months or sooner, depending on the driving frequency and terrain conditions.

Is Motorcraft oil only used for Ford?

No. Although Motorcraft synthetic oil is designed for Ford vehicles, you can also use the high-quality synthetic blend oil in other cars. However, it is always great to give top priority to the oil recommended in your car manual.

Is Motorcraft oil made by Valvoline?

Motorcraft oil is not a product of Valvoline; rather, it is manufactured by ConocoPhillips, an oil and gas company. What oil does ConocoPhillips make? The firm offers makes and supplies refined oil and gas products worldwide.

Above is information about Who makes motorcraft oil? that we have compiled. Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of How to choose the right motorcraft oil? Thank you for reading our post.

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