Who makes motorcraft batteries? Benefit of motorcraft batter

Who makes motorcraft batteries? Motorcraft batteries are one of the best batteries out there. They’re constructed with the latest technologies, both in engineering and in design.

These batteries tend to last a really long time, anywhere from 4 years to even 7, as long as you keep them going under the right conditions.

One of the best options to go with right now, Motorcraft batteries are able to provide the high technology vehicles of today with some dependable power, that too, over a wide range of conditions.

What Are Motorcraft Batteries?

Before we get into who makes the Motorcraft batteries, let’s look at what these batteries are.

Who makes motorcraft batteries

As we mentioned earlier, Motorcraft batteries are used to power up your vehicles. These batteries are some of the most trusted batteries for your vehicle and can last a long time if you take proper care of them.

Motorcraft batteries mainly specialize in covering automotive, marines, industrial, farm, and commercial applications.

Who Makes Motorcraft Batteries?

Motorcraft batteries are made by Johnson Controls. They make these batteries for Ford. Johnson Controls is one of the four largest domestic battery manufacturers, including Delco, GNB, and Exide.

As the most popular battery manufacturer, Johnson Controls manufactured Motorcraft batteries until 2019. They also manufacture Interstate, Energizer, and Diehards (older ones) alongside Motorcraft.

They finally sold off the Motorcraft part of their product lineup to Clarios in 2019. From then on, Clarios has been producing the Motorcraft batteries.

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As the Motorcraft batteries were a part of the entire production line of Johnson Controls, it’s now a separate, individual entity. Have a look at this tweet from Johnson controls, they declared the sale to Clarios in response to a query of Mark Isaac:

Similar manufacturers in the current market besides Johnson Controls are:

  • Delco (Sears, newer Diehards)
  • GNB (Champion)
  • Exide (NAPA)

Despite having separated from Johnson controls, Clarios is continuing the supply of the excellent Motorcraft batteries to the Vehicle manufacturers including Ford.

Who Manufactures Motorcraft Batteries?

Johnson Controls International is the main manufacturer of Motorcraft batteries. The company headquarter is located in Cork, Ireland. It has its production facilities in six countries.

Motorcraft batteries are mainly made in the USA and Mexico. If you are living in the USA, it’s most likely that the battery you have is made in the USA.

Why Should You Buy Motorcraft Replacement Batteries?

Motorcraft batteries are amazing batteries that are made using the latest and state-of-the-art technologies for making batteries.

These batteries are manufactured with materials of the highest quality and engineering. They also offer a broad range of coverage for different applications.

Who makes motorcraft batteries

Made with 100 percent genuine parts, these batteries are also the only authorized replacement for all Ford, Mercury, and Lincoln vehicles.

They’re designed and manufactured in a way that enables them to support the high-tech vehicles of today and provide your vehicles with industry-standard power.

Motorcraft batteries are priced a lot more competitively. They’ve got a lower cost compared to most of their competitor battery lines. Thus, they provide a lot more value for your money.

Where Are Motorcraft Batteries Made?

Johnson Controls International has plants all over the US and some places in Mexico. So, the Motorcraft battery that you’re going to buy will be made in the USA or Mexico.

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However, as Johnson Controls Int. supervises all these plants, there’s no incident of any user complaining about the quality of the batteries based on where they were made.

The Background of Motorcraft Batteries

When it comes to batteries, one brand that many people trust is Motorcraft. But what company really owns Motorcraft batteries, and how did they become so popular?

Here’s a brief background on Motorcraft batteries:

  • Motorcraft is a brand owned by Ford Motor Company. This means that Ford makes Motorcraft batteries.
  • Motorcraft batteries were introduced in the 1970s as a one-stop shop for Ford’s electrical and battery needs.
  • Motorcraft batteries are designed to fit Ford’s specific requirements for performance and reliability. They are also used as original equipment in many Ford vehicles.
  • Motorcraft batteries are designed to withstand extreme temperatures and harsh driving conditions. They are also maintenance-free, meaning they don’t require any water or other additives.
  • In addition to batteries, Motorcraft also produces other automotive parts, including filters, spark plugs, and brake pads.

Thus, Motorcraft batteries are trusted by many Ford owners for their performance and reliability. Plus, they are designed to meet the specific requirements of Ford vehicles.

Whether you need a replacement battery or are looking for one for your new Ford, Motorcraft is worth considering.

Benefits of Motorcraft Batteries

Who makes motorcraft batteries

Motorcraft batteries are quite good compared to other brands. Some of the benefits of Motorcraft batteries are:

  • They provide long-lasting performance.
  • Alloy and grid design offers excellent performance in high heat.
  • Tough Max state-of-the-art technology reduces the recharging time.

Discovering the Motorcraft Brand

Motorcraft batteries are designed to fit and function perfectly in Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury vehicles, but they can also be used in other makes and models with compatible specifications.

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One thing that sets Motorcraft batteries apart from other brands is the rigorous testing they undergo. Motorcraft engineers extensively test each battery to ensure that it meets the rigorous standards Ford Motor Company sets. This testing includes everything from extreme temperature testing to vibration testing and even high-altitude testing.

Motorcraft batteries are also designed for durability and long life. They are constructed using high-quality materials and advanced technology to ensure that they can withstand the demands of daily driving.

Motorcraft offers a limited warranty that covers their batteries for up to 100 months, providing you with peace of mind in your investment.

What’s more, Motorcraft batteries are environmentally friendly. They are designed to be 98% recyclable, reducing landfill waste and promoting a cleaner planet.

So not only are you investing in a high-quality battery, but you’re also making a choice that benefits the environment.


How good are motorcraft batteries?

Clarios, formally Motorcraft batteries, are great for every purpose you might plan to use them for. Whether you’re planning to install it in your car, or in your boat, it can do well under both hot and humid conditions.

How long do Motorcraft car batteries last?

Motorcraft car batteries usually last around five to seven years, depending on how well you treat them. You can find the date code on the label of the battery. It will look similar to “S116.” Here, 11 means November, and 6 means 2006, the date when the battery was made.

What brand battery does Ford use?

Ford has its own manufacturing process for all sorts of motor parts including starters and batteries. Ford uses Motorcraft batteries and has around 7 different types and models for their battery lineup.

Above is information about Who makes motorcraft batteries? that we have compiled. Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of Why should you buy motorcraft replacement batteries? Thank you for reading our post.

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