What is Laconia Bike Week? When is Laconia Bike Week?

When is Laconia Bike Week? Laconia Bike Week (Laconia Motorcycle Rally) celebrates its 100TH ANNIVERSARY in 2023 as the World’s Oldest Motorcycle Rally! NH opens its doors to motorcycle enthusiasts all year long because “In Laconia, We Ride®!”! 9 days of the rally and include motorcycle fun including racing, hill climbs, motorcycle shows, concerts, swap meets, daily gypsy tours, charity rides and poker runs, rider and passenger contests.

And of course – if that’s not enough to fill your time – Laconia Motorcycle Week also has vendors of all varieties and entertainment establishments with live music all day and into the night! If you can only choose one Major Motorcycle Rally to attend in 2023 – choose the one you have to ride the furthest to!

Although our legacy as the World’s Oldest Motorcycle Rally is because our gypsy tour began in 1916, our legacy continues because of our unmatched scenic riding throughout the beautiful State of New Hampshire.

What is Laconia Bike Week?

Laconia Motorcycle Week is an annual motorcycle rally held in Laconia, New Hampshire, United States. The rally originated as a motorcycle Gypsy tour in 1916 as, the New Hampshire Lakes Region became a popular riding destination for early motorcycle enthusiasts from New York, Boston, Philadelphia and Montreal.

When is Laconia Bike Week

The popularity of the rally led to the formation of the Loudon Classic motorcycle race in 1934 which, became one of the most prestigious races in American motorcycle racing, second only to the Daytona 200. The scheduled events included races, shows and a motorcycle hill climb competition.

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The rally traditionally takes place over nine days in June, always the 2nd and 3rd full weekend. The rally was the largest annual gathering of North American motorcyclists until it was overtaken by the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally during the 1970s.

When is Laconia Bike Week?

On June 10-17, 2023, the rally will celebrate its 100th anniversary, making it a significant milestone for the event and the motorcycle community as a whole.

The first Laconia Motorcycle Week took place in 1923, and it has been an annual event ever since. The rally has been held different times of the year to avoid conflicting with other summer events. Over the years, the rally has grown in popularity and now attracts riders from all over the country.

The rally features a variety of activities, including motorcycle demo rides, concerts, and vendors selling motorcycle-related products. There are also organized events and activities, such as the Ride to the Sky, which takes riders up to the top of Mount Washington. In addition, there are numerous charity rides and events that take place during the rally, raising funds for various causes.

The 100th anniversary of Laconia Motorcycle Week is sure to be a special event, with even more activities and events planned to celebrate the milestone. The rally is a beloved event for many in the motorcycle community, and it’s a great opportunity to come together and celebrate a shared passion for riding.

Whether you’re a seasoned rider or a beginner, Laconia Motorcycle Week is an event that you won’t want to miss. The rally offers something for everyone, and it’s a great opportunity to connect with other riders and celebrate the joy of motorcycle riding.

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History of Laconia Bike Week

The Laconia rally has its origins in June 1916, when a few hundred motorcyclists gathered at Weirs Beach in Laconia.

When is Laconia Bike Week

Seven years later, the event was officially recognized by the Federation of American Motorcyclists (to be later called the American Motorcyclist Association) as part of the Gypsy Tour, where motorcyclists celebrated races and hill climbs for an entire weekend. The Federation of American Motorcyclists continued to sanction the event until 1960.

Motorcyclists continued to return to Laconia in stronger numbers. Participants began flocking to Laconia earlier in the week until the rally unofficially became a week-long event. Local businesses became strong supporters of the event which kick-started the beginning of their busy tourist season.

However, Laconia’s Bike Week did see times of trouble. During the summer of 1965, a riot between motorcycle gangs and local police broke out, which brought national media attention to Laconia. The police and city officials began to view the rally as a major inconvenience.

Laconia officials imposed stricter law enforcement, and the number of events during the week began to decline. The rally was eventually minimized to a three-day weekend and saw a large decline in the number of participants.

It was not until the early 1990s that, in an effort to increase tourism, Laconia businesses approached the Federation of American Motorcyclists for their support to bring the rally back to a week-long event.

Eventually the business owners joined in a coalition with local motorcycle groups and founded the Laconia Motorcycle Rally and Race Association, which organizes and schedules all events associated with motorcycle week.

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The group is also responsible for promoting the event nationwide and issuing licenses to vendors. Laconia Motorcycle week is now a nine-day event which will either start or end on Father’s Day.


Is Laconia Bike Week worth it?

As the world’s oldest bike rally, Laconia Motorcycle Week has perfected the rally model amidst a backdrop of some of the best scenery in the country. It pretty much takes over the state of New Hampshire, and if you’re making the trek back east for the 2022 rally June 11-19, be sure to hit these must-see sites.

How long is Laconia Bike Week 2023?

Laconia Motorcycle Week is the oldest national bike rally in the United States! This year marks the 100th anniversary of the event. The 2023 Laconia Motorcycle week begins at 8:00 am on Saturday, June 10 and ends at 12 midnight on Sunday, June 18.

Is Laconia Bike Week family friendly?

Laconia is not designed as a family event but it’s NOT like it used to be! 9. Trouble Makers – Attendance was dropping at all Motorcycle Weeks because of the violence and arrests. Laconia has really cracked down and the event has become much more sedate!

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