When is Ford Truck month? Is Ford making trucks now?

When is Ford Truck month? Is Ford making trucks now? When Ford Truck Month rolls around, truck drivers everywhere rejoice. With it comes incredible savings on new models so that you can take home one of these rugged vehicles for less. It provides you with the opportunity to drive away in your dream truck under budget and might even leave you with extra cash to splurge on additional features.

Bold, strong, and innovative are the mottos that every Ford model stands by, which is why a new Ford F-150 is probably calling your name. Read ahead to learn more about Ford Truck Month and when you can expect these deals to land at our dealership.

When is Ford Truck month?

So, what is Ford Truck Month? During this time of year, dealerships like Basil Ford celebrate the beloved Ford truck lineup and how it leads the pack in this growing segment. What do we do to celebrate? We offer a number of incredible discounts to make your dream truck even more affordable. Along with discounts on your favorite models, you can also take advantage of remarkable financing deals and extended warranty options. It’s no surprise why so many savvy Cheektowaga drivers like you choose to take home a new pickup during Ford Truck Month.

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Ford Truck month

Is Ford making trucks now?

Indeed, as of 2023, Ford is still producing trucks. Ford manufactures a variety of trucks, such as the Maverick, Super Duty, Ranger, and F-150.

What is ford truck month

When you think of Ford Truck Month, think savings. It’s like Christmas all over again as incredible offers roll their way into our dealership at Matt Bowers Ford, but they don’t last long.

The Ford Truck Month specials are time-sensitive, so when they do make their grand debut, you need to act fast. Usually, these offers apply to the remaining new models of the former year, but that doesn’t mean you won’t find a 2022 truck within your price range. Its primary focus is on financing offers, although you might find a lease deal you love when this event is taking place.

When does it happen

Based on past years, including Ford Truck Month 2021, you can expect it to start sometime in February. Ford Truck Month usually lasts until the end of March, but get here early as more popular trim styles don’t last for long at our store.

If you miss out on buying the truck you’ve always wanted, check out our new Ford Explorer inventory. This SUV might not have a truck bed, but it can still tow a decent amount of weight, making it a great alternative if you miss out on available Ford Truck Month incentives.

What kind of incentives are offered?

The most popular Ford Truck Month deals come with financing. However, lease offers are usually available as well. It changes from year to year based on current inventory, so you will have to wait until February to see what is in store.

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When it comes to financing offers, Ford Truck Month rebates and low APRs are common. It puts your hard-earned money back in your pocket and decreases your monthly payment as Ford looks for ways to provide you with opportunities to buy the truck you’ve always wanted.

Which models qualify for these incentives?

You have several options available when it comes to buying a truck during Ford Truck Month. They specialize in selling this body style as they continue to modernize and improve upon its robustness, towing capacity, and technology.

The models we know will qualify for Ford Truck Month deals include:

  • Ford Ranger: Steel is the foundation of this model and helps it tackle whatever is thrown its way. Rough road conditions don’t stand a chance when you are behind the wheel of this truck due to its off-roading capabilities. Adventure is possible when you buy this truck during Ford Truck Month.
  • Ford F-150: The versatility of this truck is why its popularity has increased in the decades since its initial release. It sits on an aluminum-alloy body, and each year brings new towing technology that enhances your hauling experience.
  • Ford Super Duty®: Give your power an upgrade with a V-8 engine that will make your toughest jobs look easy. Towing is easy, especially when you have a diesel engine beneath your hood. Choose between 10 vibrant colors for the exterior of your truck for the 2022 model year, so you hit the road in style.

This year follows the release of the 2022 Maverick, which is their new hybrid model. Ford Truck Month knows no bounds, and maybe you’ll be lucky enough to snag one of these fuel-efficient models at a price that keeps more money in your wallet.

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Ford Truck month

Do Ford or Toyota trucks last longer?

Both Ford and Toyota vehicles are renowned for their sturdiness and longevity, according to the search results. However, J.D. Power’s Vehicle Dependability Study indicates that Toyota trucks often have a minor advantage in terms of dependability.

Does Ford or GM sell more trucks?

Over Ford, GM sells more trucks. In the US, Ford sold 653,957 trucks in 2022 compared to 754,876 sold by GM.

Why did Ford stop making trucks?

Ford continued to produce trucks. Actually, General Motors is the country’s top truck seller, with Ford coming in second. Ford manufactures a variety of trucks, such as the Maverick, Super Duty, Ranger, and F-150.

The recent reports that Ford has temporarily halted manufacture of its electrified F-150 Lightning pickup vehicle in the wake of a fire may have given birth to the issue. But this is only a short-term stoppage, and Ford plans to quickly begin manufacturing the F-150 Lightning.

Ford is making significant investments as well in the creation of new electric trucks. The business intends to introduce a number of new electric trucks in the upcoming years and has declared that it will invest $50 billion in electric cars by 2026.

To directly respond to your question, Ford is still producing trucks. Indeed, Ford is dedicated to leading the electric vehicle industry.

Ford Truck month

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