When does Forza Motorsport 8 come out? Forza Motorsport 8

When does Forza Motorsport 8 come out? Forza Motorsport 8 – simply dubbed as Forza Motorsport – is only a short while away, and it won’t be long until we can grab the digital wheel and burn some rubber in greater fidelity than ever before.

Read on to find out everything there is to know about the Forza Motorsport 8 release date, early access, pre-order, gameplay, trailer, latest news and if it’s coming to Game Pass.

When does Forza Motorsport 8 come out?

The Forza Motorsport 8 release date is 10th October 2023. This was revealed during the latest Xbox Games Showcase, and after previously having only the vague release window of 2023, it’s great to finally have a solid date locked in.

When does Forza Motorsport 8 come out

Competition for Forza Motorsport will be tough, however, as October is full to the brim with upcoming releases such as Assassin’s Creed Mirage, Alan Wake 2, Spider-Man 2 and Alone in the Dark.

Mercifully for the developers, there aren’t any racing games coming out, so Take 10 will have the full attention of Xbox and PC players who have been craving a new racing sim.

How to get Forza Motorsport 8 early access

To get Forza Motorsport 8 early access you need to pre-order the Premium Edition of the game or alternatively, the Premium Add-Ons Bundle, and this will net you 5 days of early access starting on the 5th October 2023.

This has the added benefit of getting the game on a Thursday means you’ll have the full weekend ahead to play the game and hone in your lap times ahead of the full launch, which drops on a Tuesday.

As well as early access, you will get all of the other additional Premium Edition bonuses, which we will touch upon further down, so keep reading to see what goodies are in store for you.

Is Forza Motorsport 8 coming to Xbox Game Pass?

Forza Motorsport 8 will be a day-one release on Xbox Game Pass, so if you’re already a subscriber, you won’t be shelling out any extra cash for the privilege. The release will be the same for PC and Xbox players alike so don’t worry about missing out (unless you only game on the PlayStation 5 of course).

There are multiple editions of the game, however, which aren’t included with Game Pass, so you will need to purchase these separately.

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Can I pre-order Forza Motorsport 8?

You can pre-order Forza Motorsport right now from CDKeys with the Standard Edition costing £51.49, the Deluxe Edition for £59.99 and the Premium Edition coming in at £63.99.

If you’d prefer a physical copy, you can get the game for £69.99 from GAME.

Unfortunately, it would appear you cannot buy a physical copy of the Premium or Deluxe Editions, but you can pick up the Premium Add-Ons Bundle from the Microsoft Store for £29.99. You can also use this if you were just planning to play the game via Game Pass.

Which consoles and platforms can play Forza Motorsport 8?

Forza Motorsport 8 will be coming to Xbox Series X/S and PC exclusively. As Sony holds onto Gran Turismo, Microsoft want their own triple-A racing sim all for themselves too.

Unlike Forza Horizon 5, there won’t be a pared-back version making an appearance on last-gen consoles, as the game is decidedly a current-gen affair with stunning visuals and complex physics simulations that the AMD Jaguar APUs of the PS4 and Xbox One just couldn’t handle.

While it is a shame that some will miss out – it will be exciting to see the Series X/S and high-end PCs get pushed to their limits.

Forza Motorsport 8 gameplay details

The new Forza Motorsport will bring you more of the thrills and spills of Forza racing you know and love but with stupidly detailed life-like and colourful graphics. It’s staggering how pretty this game looks, and you can check it all out in the Developer Direct from January down below.

Car enthusiasts will love to know that, from launch, there will be over 500 cars to collect, race, and customise. Over 100 of these cars are all-new for the latest Forza.

Those customisation options? There are over 800 upgrades to equip to your cars to improve performance in a huge number of ways. The possibilities are near-endless.

When does Forza Motorsport 8 come out

The game also promises the most realistic paint, reflection details, and damage and dirt build-up throughout racing. At least, it’s probably the best and most detailed we’ve ever seen. Paint thickness, chipping, and directionality have been simulated across each and every car model, for goodness’ sake!

In terms of the actual racing, it has been revealed that the game will launch with 20 environments built from the ground up. This includes a mixture of fan-favourite locations and five brand-new-to-series locations, with Kyalami in South Africa named.

One of the main upgrades to races is fully dynamic time of day and weather effects. These are a first for the series. Given how fun these dynamic effects can be in the likes of Dirt 5, it’s nice to see the feature added to Forza. Another upgrade is changes made to the physics simulation. Cars should drive better than they ever did before in the series.

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Better physics, better graphics

Forza Motorsport’s trailers thus far have focused on the graphical upgrades–“dynamic time of day” is a big buzzword–and improved physics. But in addition to trailers, tidbits of info have also dribbled from various Forza Monthly episodes and Forza blogposts.

The devs claim Forza Motorsport has “48 times the improvement in the fidelity of the physics simulation” as compared to past Motorsport titles. 4K resolution (on Series X), real-time ray tracing, shaders, and 3D material scans will add even more realism to cars and race track environments.

Where does the number 48 come from? Creative director Esaki explained in a Forza Monthly episode that “48 times the improvement” is meant to reflect the massive generational leap between Forza Motorsport 7 and 8.

“The changes we’ve made from Forza Motorsport 7 till now is more than the changes we’ve made from 4 to 7,” Esaki said. “To use our tire collision model as an example: From Forza Motorsport from 4 to 7, all of our collision model itself had a single point of contact with the track surface and refreshed at about 60 Hz.

“Our new model now, instead of one point of contact, has eight points of contact with the track surface and is running at 360 Hz. So if you’re doing the math there, it’s a 48x fidelity jump in a single tire collision itself.”

According to Esaki, the upgraded tire collision model means players can better feel the track surface, and there’s increased car-to-player communication.

And while the tire model having a lot more points of contact with the road seems like an abstract idea, Esaki later clarifies–likely after seeing the memes around the number 48–that getting the tire model right is the most important aspect of FM’s physics.

Esaki also says curbs are another subtle, yet meaningful place players can feel a difference in. “In past [Forza Motorsport] games, curbs have been viewed as somewhat coarse or unsettling,” Esaki said. “And I think that has dramatically changed. They feel great to drive over now. They’re smooth and natural.”

“Fully dynamic time of day,” a feature headlining FM’s promotions, will provide a more realistic simulation of different racing tracks and will also be available on every track. Different times of day will produce different ambient temperatures, a factor that will affect track surface temperature and grip.

And for those who enjoy faithful renderings of banged-up cars, Forza Motorsport will include more realistic car damage. That means scratches on bodywork, wear on tires, and other damage marks.

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Forza Motorsport won’t have split-screen support on launch

Microsoft confirmed in August that Forza Motorsport will launch without several legacy features, including split-screen support, a spectator mode, or the ability to race against AI in some multiplayer modes. According to Spencer, the lack of split-screen has nothing to do with technical limitations but was instead a creative choice by the team.

When does Forza Motorsport 8 come out

“Forza Motorsport was never going to have split-screen. That’s just a decision the team made based on usage,” Spencer said. “Microsoft sees the data around how many people use split-screen, and it’s not enough to justify the development effort to make it happen this time.

We see how many people play in split-screen and just decided to put our dev effort where people are actually playing.”

Redesigned pit experience

A redesigned pit experience will also be part of the next FM. There will be a different tire and fuel management system, multiple tire compounds, and in general, more car building activities.

“In the playtest, we were offering hard, medium, and soft compounds, and are looking to expand that over time–depending on how we’re going to be running the different events,” Esaki said. “Each of our compounds has different wear and grip characteristics, leading to exciting new gameplay decisions during the race.”


According to a Forza Year In Review blogpost, FM devs have been testing multiplayer in the form of a race weekend consisting of open practice, qualifying, and a featured race calendar of events.

It sounds like FM’s multiplayer format is in flux and subject to change. Turn 10 says they’re considering creating qualifiers during the week and holding the featured race on the weekend, or qualifiers during the day and race at night.

Open practice will also have a corner mastery feature that will go beyond track leaderboards. Turn 10 says it hopes the corner mastery system can become a more social feature.


Is Forza Motorsport 8 coming?

The Forza Motorsport 8 release date is 10th October 2023. This was revealed during the latest Xbox Games Showcase, and after previously having only the vague release window of 2023, it’s great to finally have a solid date locked in.

Is Forza Motorsport 8 the last one?

Essentially, the company intends gamers to play a constantly updating Forza Motorsport indefinitely via their Game Pass subscription rather than fork over $70 every couple of years for a new game. This would also explain the absence of a numbered title. This ain’t Forza Motorsport 8, it’s just Forza Motorsport.

Is Forza Motorsport 7 shutting down?

Xbox Game Studios recently announced that Forza Motorsport 7 will be discontinued on September 15, 2021. After this date, you’ll no longer be able to purchase the game in the Microsoft Store or play it with Xbox Game Pass.

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