What is the price of Duke 390? Performance and capability

What is the price of Duke 390? The KTM 390 DUKE is a pure example of what draws so many to the thrill of street motorcycling. This Corner Rocket maximizes enjoyment and user value, taking the honors wherever nimble handling counts.

Light as a feather, powerful and packed with state-of-the-art technology, it guarantees a thrilling ride, whether you’re fighting your way through the urban jungle or carving your name into a forest of bends.

What Is The Price of Duke 390?

MSRP on the 2023 KTM 390 Duke starts at $5,899. This year you get to choose between new orange and black color options as well. KTM offers a full line of accessories that will let you make your own mark on your machine.

Performance And Capability

KTM, ever the proponent for single-cylinder engines, powers its 390 Duke with a 373.2 cc thumper. It is liquid-cooled, so you can count on good thermal stability in slow traffic and slower technical off-road work. Massively oversquare, the engine runs an 89 mm bore and 60 mm stroke with a sizzlin’ hot 12.88-to-1 compression ratio that’ll demand high-octane pusholine to be sure.

What is the price of Duke 390

The 2023 KTM 390 Duke produces 44 horsepower and 27.2 pound-feet of torque. Power flows through a slip-and-assist clutch that delivers a light lever pull with a broad friction zone. This gives your left hand a bit of a break, especially in urban settings with too many stoplights and signs.

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A six-speed transmission and tough, chain-type final drive complete the drivetrain with a 390 Duke top speed of around 106 MPH. That’s plenty fast enough even for interstate use anywhere in the U.S. Ride modes come standard, so you can dial in the power delivery to suit, plus the traction control is of the corner-sensitive variety for informed and controlled interventions.


As a mid-size bike, the 390 Duke is generally compact though it still hits all the major naked-streetfighter bike design points. The front fender is rather edgy with tall uprights to double as spoilers to guide the wind outboard aiding with penetration.

The dual headlight projectors pick up that angular look. The headlight comes with DRL emitters, all in LED tech for maximum two-way visibility around the clock.

The rest of the front end is wide open with the backside of the instrument panel acting as a small flyscreen. A five-inch color TFT display handles all the instrumentation and electronic rider aids. It’s configurable to show which metrics you would like to see reflected. Also, both the clutch and brake hand levers are adjustable to suit preference.

The 3.5-gallon fuel tank contributes its camel’s hump to the flyline while giving this Duke some legs no matter where you ride. The handlebar position and footpeg location make for a relaxed riding posture and allow for the use of the racer’s tuck to get you out of the wind as much as possible, all in the service of speed.

Fold-up footpegs join with beefy J.C. handles to accommodate a passenger right out of the box, though the pillion itself is more for looks than for comfort. More LED yummygoodness out back ensures that the following traffic sees you under any lighting conditions.

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Steel members make up the 390 Duke’s Trellis-type frame. It comes powder-coated for protection from the elements, even under harsh conditions, to give the bones a long service life. The steering head establishes a 25-degree rake angle to give it just a tad of stability while maintaining an overall nimble nature with light handling.

Inverted, 43 mm hydraulic forks float the front end on the full battery of adjustments, so you can dial it in right where you want it with 5.6 inches of travel. The WP monoshock in the rear rolls with adjustable preload and rebound-damping values. This is along with 5.9 inches of travel and two out of three ain’t bad.

What is the price of Duke 390

Cast-alloy wheels round out the rolling chassis with equally serious rubber in the Metzeler hoops that are great road donuts with decent manners and traction. The 17-inch cast rims mount a 110 mm wide tire ahead of a 150 mm tire for generous contact-patch size.

A single, 320 mm disc brake slows the front end, while out back the disc diameter drops to 230 mm, all under the control of the Cornering ABS feature that is switchable for full-raw braking.

The New KTM 390 Duke Has A Refreshed Engine

With KTM’s 450cc plans scrapped, it’s safe to assume the Duke will continue with its single-cylinder engine. Not without some notable tweaks, however. For starters, we can spot a new header that exits out to an under-belly exhaust, unlike the current side-mounted unit.

In addition, the engine cases are all-new, which is a subtle hint at an increase in its cubic capacity. It probably won’t cross the 400cc mark, but a bigger engine means more refinement and possibly more horsepower. For reference, the current Duke has 43 ponies which is less than its arch-rival, the Kawasaki Z400.

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As for underpinnings, the new model rides on WP Apex upside-down forks and a now-offset monoshock, paired with the RC 390-derived brakes and wheels. These, coupled with the new asymmetric swingarm, should mean even sharper riding dynamics for the already swift naked. We don’t expect its 330-pound dry weight to change by much, however.


Is Duke 390 good for beginners?

The 390 has aggressive styling, but the power is manageable. Seat height is in sportbike range at 32.3 inches, so shorter riders may be tippy-toeing at stops, but the rider triangle is comfortable and confidence-inspiring while underway.

What is the top speed of KTM Duke 390?

Powered by the 373 cc single-cylinder engine, the top speed of the 390 Duke is about 106 MPH.

How many horsepower is Duke 390?

With the 373 cc engine, the 390 Duke produces 44 horsepower and 27.2 pound-feet of torque.

How much does a 390 Duke cost?

For 2023, MSRP on the 390 in the U.S. market is $5,899. It comes in a choice between an orange and blue/gray two-tone or a black and matte gray colorway.

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