What is the price of BMW bike? What’s our favorite motorbike

What is the price of BMW bike? BMW Motorrad makes some incredible bikes in their current range, and in 2023 there will be a motorcycle available for almost everyone. That includes any riders with deeper pockets, as BMW is now offering some of the most expensive bikes they have ever sold.

These include new sports bikes, luxury tourers, and all-terrain models. We’ve covered every sector of the BMW Motorrad range here, so if you’re looking for the most expensive BMW bikes on sale in 2023, you’re in the right place.

What is the price of BMW bike?

BMW Motorrad has one of the widest model ranges of any major bike manufacturer. We’ve covered each sector of their model range here and found the most expensive motorcycle in each category. Some of these bikes are still relatively affordable, but for some bikes here, you’ll need to check the price a couple of times to believe it.

S 1000 RR – From $18,590

S 1000 RR

The most expensive BMW sports bike is the S 1000 RR. The original S 1000 RR was introduced in 2008, and although the 2023 model shares some elements with the original model, this latest version is a very different machine.

Powered by a four-cylinder engine with 205 bhp and 83 lb-ft of torque, the S 1000 RR can hit 60 mph in just over 3 seconds. As with any sports bike, speed off the line isn’t everything, and BMW has focused on handling more than anything else. The 2023 model has improved traction control to reduce sliding, and varying levels of damping to cope with the road or the racetrack.

Customization has been improved on the latest S 1000 RR, with five packages to choose from. These packs contain performance and visual changes, helping to tailor the bike to your requirements.

Packs include the ‘Carbon Package’ adding carbon fiber wheel covers, pinion covers, side fairings, and more. You can also choose the ‘Race package’ which adds an Akrapovic exhaust and a lighter endurance chain for weight saving.

This might be a stripped-down, hardcore racing bike, but you still get some helpful features. The latest S 1000 RR features a 6.5-inch TFT display, which includes a data logger and lap timer. These options contain data for over 300 racetracks globally, allowing you to record lap times out on the track automatically.

Starting at just under $18,000, this is a lot of money for what is mostly a race-track toy, but it’s hard to argue with the performance of the S 1000 RR. BMW has upgraded this bike with some welcome features and added some excellent customization options.

This is a great choice if you’re after a BMW purely for speed and handling. However, if your pockets go deeper than $20,000, the next bike may be for you.

M 1000 RR – From $32,995

M 1000 RR

The M 1000 RR is the next motorcycle on our list, and although it’s still a sports bike, BMW has created a new category for this model – the ‘M’ division. Like the cars with this badge, the M 1000 RR is designed to represent the pinnacle of BMW’s engineering and performance. Does it fill that role?

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The figures are definitely a good sign for the M 1000 RR. You have the same 205 bhp and 83 lb-ft as the S 1000 RR, revving up to 13,000 RPM. The handling is just as good, thanks to some impressive aerodynamics, which includes a set of remarkable front wings. Like its M badge cars, the M 1000 RR is all about that track day performance.

Like the S model, the 2023 M 1000 RR is generously packed with features, which you should expect at this price point. You get heated grips, a TFT display, and a USB charging point. Driver assistance tech is also present, with features including cruise control, hill assist, and wheelie control.

You also get the 4-mode adjuster seen in the S model, allowing you to manage conditions of rain, road, dynamic and race (with 3 additional sub-settings for the track).

So far the M 1000 RR hasn’t seemed to far away from it’s less expensive cousin. So why exactly is there a price difference of almost $15,000? To see that extra spending, we need to look at the components on the M model.

For starters, the carbon wheels on the M 1000 RR are standard, along with a number of other carbon fiber components. Overall, once you starting fully speccing an S 1000 RR, you’ll be approaching the $30,000 mark.

So with all this to consider, is the M 1000 RR worth over $30,000? If you’re after performance stats, rivals like the Kawasaki ZX-10R and Honda CBR1000RR will scratch that itch for less money. However, with a homologation bike like this, especially carrying one of the most famous letters in motorsport, this motorcycle will certainly be a collector’s item.

Does that justify the cost? Probably not, but this is also an excellent performance bike for track days, and if you want one of the best, it will cost you.

R 1250 R – From $15,690

R 1250 R

Next up we have a more down-to-earth option, with the R 1250 R. This is the most expensive roadster BMW currently sells, and BMW claims this bike is ‘equipped for everything’. That’s a bold claim, but the R 1250 R combines power and comfort in a way that most other motorcycles can’t match.

With 134 bhp and 106 lb-ft of torque, the R 1250 R isn’t the fastest Roadster on the market, but you’re not short of power. With a claimed mpg of around 50 for normal riding, this is a surprisingly economical motorcycle, and with a 4.7-gallon tank, you can plan longer journeys with less worry.

Tech on the R 1250 R includes the choice of 3 ride modes (Rain, Eco, and Road) along with a number of driver assistance features. These include traction control, dynamic brake control, and hill start assist, helping to keep you safe whether you’re driving daily or pushing your bike. You also get features that include a color TFT display, USB charging, and heated seats & grips.

Customization options on the R 1250 R allow you to make the motorcycle of your choice. You can opt for a single-seat or two-seat setup, allowing you to focus on practicality or performance.

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There is an option for a smartphone protective cradle that allows you to use a navigation map and see more vehicle data. Alongside these upgrades are the usual billet design options and plenty of BMW Motorrad gear to accompany your R 1250 R.

Overall, for $16,000 with some upgrades, this is at the high end for roadsters, but the BMW build quality and the technology available makes this an interesting choice. If you’re looking for a balance between the performance of a sports bike and the comfort of a tourer, the R 1250 R is one of the best bikes out there.

K 1600 Grand America (Option 719 Midnight) – From $32,210

K 1600 Grand America

BMW has some seriously impressive options and prices to match in the tourer category. Touring bikes are always some of the most expensive models (look at the Harley Davidson tourers), and most of that cost is due to making these bikes as close to a car as you can get, with all that motorcycle freedom.

A great touring bike should be able to take you across the country in complete comfort, and the K 1600 Grand America claims to do just that.

The heart of the K 1600 GA is the incredible inline-six engine. BMW knows a thing or two about making a successful straight-six, and this engine meets expectations. With 160 bhp and a top speed of 100 mph, this isn’t the most powerful tourer available, but at just over 800 lbs, this is lighter than a Honda Goldwing or Harley Road Glide.

As with any tourer, the K 1600 Grand America focuses everything on comfort and ride quality. It would take too long to list all the features, but we’ll run through some of the best parts of this bike.

Firstly, the 10.25-inch TFT display allows you to manage your navigation and infotainment linked to the audio system. You have USB-C charging in a ventilated storage compartment and physical favorite buttons to access different settings easily. There is even an electronically adjustable windshield.

We mentioned comfort, where Option 719 spec truly steps things up. There are options for floor lighting, armrests for the passenger, and upgraded & embossed seats. The most impressive part is the paint.

With Option 719, you can choose Midnight paint, where the design represents ‘an entire galaxy of stars’. That might sound like marketing talk, but this painting style is one of the best I’ve ever seen on a motorcycle.

So is all this worth over $30,000? Well, in the tourer market, the K 1600 Grand America won’t shock anyone with its price tag, and if you’re planning a trip across the US, there aren’t many bikes better suited to the task. Like with any BMW, once you start adding options, the price climbs quickly, and the Option 719 paint won’t be worth the increase for everyone.

R 1250 GS Adventure – From $20,345

R 1250 GS Adventure

The R 1250 GS is BMW’s premium ‘go anywhere’ motorcycle, and the Adventure spec is the ultimate version of this model. It might be designed to handle almost every surface, but the R 1250 GS is equally suitable as a standard daily rider.

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This isn’t a bike that focuses on performance, but you still get 136 bhp and 105 lb-ft from a boxer engine. As you’d expect from an adventure bike, reliability is key here, and the R 1250 GS doesn’t disappoint. You’d expect an impressive engine for the price, and BMW has pretty much nailed it here.

This is a large bike, and with the promise of handling any surface, the R 1250 GS comes with plenty of kit. On the 2023 model, you have the option to raise or lower the handlebars by 30mm, making it far easier to ride standing up on difficult terrain. There’s also a choice of seats for your R 1250 GS and an adjustable windshield, so riders of almost any size will be comfortable.

The 2023 R 1250 GS might be capable on every surface, but BMW has still added a healthy amount of comfort and tech features. You get a heated seat, a color TFT screen, and USB-C charging.

There are also adaptive LED headlights and the option to select one of three upgrade packs to suit your riding goals. These packs offer extra storage, unique visual upgrades, and specific off-road components.

Driver assistance technology is also plentiful here. Along with the usual stability and control features, you get a selection of riding modes (to suit different conditions) and even sat nav functionality. Support-wise, the R1250 GS won’t hold your hand on every surface, but for day-to-day riding, you’ll be glad those features exist.

The 2023 R 1250 GS Adventure continues the trend of BMW hitting home runs in this motorcycle category. This won’t be a bike for everyone, and a decent amount of riders will barely take this off-road, but it’s still an impressive machine. At over $20,000, this is a lot though, even for such a well-rounded bike.

What is our favorite motorbike?

Overall, the BMW Motorrad range has some true highlights in 2023. For us, the top pick is between the most expensive options, the new M 1000 RR and the K 1600 Midnight. The performance of that M 1000 RR is astonishing, and carrying the M badge instantly makes that bike a headline.

On the other hand, the K 1600 is a tourer without compromise, and we love the midnight paint style. It won’t be to everyone’s tastes, but if you want something more affordable than a Harley Road Glide, that’s got to be on your shortlist.


How much is a brand new BMW bike?

However, the standard $17,995 model will not be available from BMW this year. All 2023 R 1250 GS motorcycles will have the $3245 Premium Package installed. This adds a desirable feature set, while upping the effective minimum list price to $21,240.

Which is the most cheapest bike of BMW?

BMW bikes price in India starts at Rs 2.85 Lakh for BMW G 310 R, which is the cheapest model. The most expensive BMW bike is M 1000 RR priced at Rs 55 Lakh. Most popular models for BMW includes S 1000 RR (Rs 20.50 Lakh), G 310 RR (Rs 3 Lakh), G 310 R (Rs 2.85 Lakh).

What is the best selling BMW motorcycle?

BMW’s R 1250 GS. Media sourced from BMW. “Germany remains the manufacturer’s largest market, and the R 1250 GS is still the biggest selling BMW motorcycle,” lauds MCNews. “I would like to express my sincere thanks to our customers worldwide for the great trust they have placed in us again in 2022,” adds Dr.

Above is information about What is the price of BMW bike? that we have compiled. Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of What is our favorite motorbike? Thank you for reading our post.

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