What is a pocket bike? What is the point of a having Pocket?

What is a pocket bike? Pocket bikes are small-scaled replicas of full-size sport bikes. Most of them are powered by 40-50cc single engines, but some models have 90, 110, and 125cc engines. These tiny and extremely lightweight bikes are intended for kids, but surprisingly they can even be ridden by bigger adult riders!

What is a pocket bike?

Pocket bikes are basically miniaturized street bikes intended for racing and fun riding. The key features of the most common, 40-50cc pocket bikes are as follows:

  • Engine: 40-50cc, single-cylinder, air or water-cooled
  • Power: 2-17 HP
  • Top speed: 15-50 mph
  • Length: 40-41 in.
  • Width: 21-24 in.
  • Ground clearance: 3.5-4.5 in.
  • Weight: 45-80 lbs
  • Fuel capacity: 0.3.-0.4 gal.
  • Fuel economy: 20-40 MPG

Pocket bikes started their career in Japan but quickly become popular all over the world. Today you can find many pocket bike manufacturers from Italy to China.

What is a pocket bike

What are the different types of Pocket Bikes?

Based on their quality and features, we can distinguish between recreational and racing pocket bikes.

Consumer models typically only produce 3-6 HP and lack many advanced components like suspensions, a manual transmission, and gauges. On the other hand, they come with much lower price tags.

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In contrast, race-intended pocket bikes crank out 15-17 HP and are equipped with real suspensions, a manual transmission, and many advanced features.

What is the point of a having Pocket Bike?

Pocket bikes are typically used for four purposes, including:

Fun riding

Recreational pocket bikes are intended to be toys, and they offer a ton of fun for kids and even adult riders. Unfortunately, they can only be ridden in closed areas since they are not street legal.

Kids’ competitions

Riding racing pocket bikes are a great opportunity for children to enter the world of motorcycle competitions. Many iconic motorcycle racers started their career on a pocket bike, but the most well-known of them is arguably Valentino Rossi!

Adult competitions

Believe it or not, there are even pocket bike competitions for adult riders! These machines are much cheaper and safer than full-size racing motorcycles, so they are more appealing and accessible to a lot more people. They can be raced on purpose-built pocket bike race tracks, or even in a closed parking lot (with proper permissions, of course).

Transportation in closed areas

Due to their features, pocket bikes can also be used for transportation in closed areas. They are commonly used by car and motorcycle racers to move around the pits. The key advantage of these bikes is their small dimensions and light weight, which makes them easy to put into a trailer beside a “real” sport machine.

What is a Super Pocket Bike?

Super pocket bikes are the most advanced pocket bikes designed for racing purposes. Unlike their cheap toy-like siblings, these machines offer real suspension systems, sequential manual shifting, a tuned exhaust system, gauges, and many other components that can also be found on full-size sport bikes.

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Super pocket bikes are powered by high-performance engines, which ensure amazing top speeds of 70-75 mph!

What is a Pocket Dirt Bike?

Although the name “pocket bike” is reserved for mini street bikes, scaled kid-size dirt bikes are also often referred to as pocket dirt bikes. They are often called “pit bikes” since they are commonly used for riding in the pit areas of motocross tracks.

Like their full-scaled equivalents, pocket dirt bikes also feature off-road tires, long-travel suspensions, and lightweight but durable frames.

What’s the difference between a Mini Bike and a Pocket Bike?

Contrary to popular belief, mini bikes and pocket bikes are two completely different breeds. Pocket bikes are scaled replicas of sport bikes that can only be used on closed courses. In contrast, mini bikes are street-legal motorcycles that are suitable for daily use. They are equipped with lights, controls, mirrors, and other required components.

What age rider is a Pocket Bike for?

Generally speaking, a pocket bike is intended for children between 5 and 10 years old. Age requirements for competitions vary based on the class, but the minimum limit usually varies between 6 and 7 years in the more advanced classes. 10-12-year-old children typically move on to higher classes like a mid-sized 125cc bike.

Besides the age of the kids, their height and skills are no less important. Some of them can ride safely even at the age of 5 while others are too irresponsible for their first ride even when they reach 6-7 years old.

What is a pocket bike

If you are looking for a recreational pocket bike for your kids, you can find the minimum age requirement in each bike’s manual. Since the features and top speed of these bikes vary widely, their safety standards may also vary by model.

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Also, don’t forget that proper safety gear and parental supervision are also required!

What kind of engine does a pocket bike have?

Pocket bikes are typically powered by single-cylinder 2-stroke or 4-stroke engines that displace anywhere from 40cc up to 125cc. The most well-known categories are the 40, 50, 80, 90, 110, and 125cc classes, but most of these bikes come with 40-50cc engines.

Regarding the cooling system, these engines can be either water-cooled or air-cooled depending on the purpose of the bike.

Cheaper recreation models feature air-cooled engines, while high-performance race models have water cooling.

Dangers of Pocket Bikes

As discussed, operation of pocket bikes is illegal when it comes to the public roadways of many states and cities. But the reality is that some people will still choose to ride pocket bikes on public streets, regardless of what the law says.

Those pocket bike riders need to keep in mind that other drivers will have trouble seeing them on the road, especially due to the disparity between pocket bikes’ small size and their high-speed capability. (Learn more about traffic accident liability and safe driving.)

Although they are smaller, pocket bikes present many of the same hazards as full-size motorcycles, including the possibility of serious head injuries to riders if an accident occurs.

Whether on a public road or private property, pocket bike riders should always wear a motorcycle helmet that is approved by the Department of Transportation. (Learn more about motorcycle accidents and helmet laws.)


How fast are pocket bikes?

Most pocket bikes do 45-55 km/h with a standard engine. The final speed you achieve depends on your model, rider weight and road conditions.

How much power do pocket bikes have?

Stock is around 2.6HP – 3HP. You can increase your performance with our simple bolt on performance modification parts. See performance tips.

How much does a Pocket Bike cost?

The price of a pocket bikes starts at $300 and goes up to $2,000.

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