What does CBR stand for Honda? Which Honda CBR is fastest?

What does CBR stand for Honda? The Honda CBR models are a series of Honda sport bikes first introduced in 1983. With the exception of the single-cylinder CBR125R, CBR150R, CBR250R, and CBR300R, all CBR motorcycles have inline engines. Less sporting/general models make up CB series.

What does CBR stand for Honda?

In terms of Honda motorcycles, “CBR” stands for Cross Beam Racer. The motorcycle series name derives from the fact that the four-cylinder engine is placed across the motorcycle’s frame beams, according to Dan Hancock, a member of Honda’s R&D team.

What does CBR stand for Honda

While some sports bike enthusiasts believe that “CBR” stands for city bike racing or city bike racer, others believe it stands for closed body racer. Since its release in 1986, the Honda CBR series has become one of the most popular sports bike series in the world, and Honda has produced over 60 different models in the series as of 2014.

The sleek and sporty Honda

When someone mentions Honda CBR nowadays, thoughts instantly shift to a slippery, fairing clad, street-legal version of Honda’s famous racing motorcycles. However, the first bike to wear the CBR badge hardly fit that mold.

The 1983 CBR400F — only available in Japan — was a naked bike with a fully-exposed, 399 cubic centimeter inline 4-cylinder that produced 58 horsepower. Producing power by way of its “REV” valve-actuation hardware, the CBR400F was an early version of what would become Honda’s famous VTEC system.

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Some Honda enthusiasts maintain that CBR is short for “City Bike Racing,” and the earliest CBRs certainly do fit that description. High handlebars, low pegs, and a comfortable seat were a recipe for a comfortable daily commuter.

Other Honda fans insist that CBR stands for “Cross Beam Racer,” in reference to the bike’s transverse-mounted inline 4-cylinder engine that doubled as a stressed component of the frame.

Honda has never publicly settled the discussion over the origin of the CBR name, but one thing that is certain is that the original CBR400-series bikes were extremely compact — befitting their urban roots. If Honda intended to import the new line of sport bikes into the United States with its long, winding roads and wide-open countrysides, it needed to up its game.

The CBR finds its identity

By the time the CBR reached the American market in 1987 as the “Hurricane,” the minimum engine size had grown to 600 cubic centimeters, belting out an impressive 85 horsepower. The bike had also fully realized its wind-cheating ABS plastic fairing that helped it reach a top speed of 134 mph.

While certain high-dollar European bikes of the era were already wrapped in full bodywork, the Hurricane was the first Japanese product to do so — and with a reasonable price tag. Besides being aerodynamic, the full fairing had the added benefit of keeping manufacturing costs down by eliminating the need to dress up the engine for viewing.

Besides the CBR600F Hurricane, Honda also introduced a massive 998 cubic centimeter version in 1987, the CBR1000F Hurricane. The CBR1000F produced a whopping 132 horsepower, more than any other 1000cc bike up to then. The Hurricane 1000’s top speed of 164 mph was also a record — the highest of any production motorcycle.

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What does CBR stand for Honda

Although the CBR1000F was undeniably powerful, it was truly more a sport touring bike. Its larger frame wasn’t as nimble through corners as its 600cc little brother, but it did make for an extremely comfortable long distance cruiser.

Even though the CRB400F was the first CBR ever, it was the late-1980s CBR600F that made Honda the sport bike to beat. In 1987, the CBR won all nine of the AMA supersport racing events held that year. Despite its racy looking bodywork, its riding position was comfortable enough to use every day.

In 2023, over 35 years after debuting, you can still buy a brand new CBR600 — albeit with cutting edge technology and, of course, even more power.

Which Honda CBR is fastest?

Eking out the last drop of performance from an already powerful machine is no easy feat. When you’re down on displacement compared to most of the class you’re competing against, the challenge is greater still. However, for the Stotz Racing team, challenges like this have always been more of an invitation than an obstacle.

If you take a look at how the 2018 NHDRO Pro Street season wrapped up, the proof of this fact is more evident than ever. Stotz Racing didn’t just win the championship – they broke the Pro Street quarter-mile record.

At the helm of the Stotz Racing team’s turbocharged Honda CBR1000RR superbike is seasoned racer Frank Stotz. Frank, with his father Kent and the rest of the team, have been developing their wild 998cc Honda motorcycle for over a decade now.

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You see, harnessing the speed and performance to win a championship isn’t something that just happens overnight. No, it’s an accomplishment that comes through years of hard work while encountering the occasional setbacks and roaring successes.

Last year, during the 2017 NHDRO Pro Street season, the Stotz Racing team felt they had the performance to win with their Honda. However, a vulnerability in the bike’s mechanicals kept the team from having a shot at the championship.

The troubles centered around the heart of the engine – the crankshaft. This rotating mass, which undergoes a tremendous amount of abuse during a drag race, simply couldn’t handle the bike’s enormous 450+ force-inducted horsepower.


What does the RR stand for on Honda motorcycles?

It means either “Race Ready” or “Race Replica”, whichever you want to believe. For many, many, years Honda’s most serious sport bikes were “RR”s… CBR1000RR, CBR600RR, etc.

What is the difference between CBR 600 and CBR600RR?

They are similar bikes, but with different areas of focus: The CBR600RR is the “race replica” 600-cc motorcycle, much more oriented towards the track. While it’s comfortable, it’s not as street-friendly (with a more aggressive position, compact frame, and higher-tuned torque curve).

Is a CBR600RR faster than an R6?

In terms of performance, the 600cc supersports bike is expected to accelerate from 0-100 kmph in 3 seconds. In terms of performance, the 600cc supersports bike can accelerate from 0-100 kmph in 3 seconds. Honda CBR600RR top speed is expected to be around 250 kmph. Yamaha YZF-R6 top speed is 262 kmph (speedo-indicated).

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