What cars does Chrysler make? What is Chrysler best selling

What cars does Chrysler make? Chrysler is a brand that’s been around since 1925 and was founded by Walter Chrysler, and the brand has been a staple of the US automotive industry for every decade since that humble beginning. As with any major car brand with every product cycle, there are lemons that stand out due to problems, from reliability issues to a lack of craftsmanship.

This has been a problem for Chrysler throughout its history and has made many of their automotive models a blip in the history of the automotive company. When it comes to choosing a Chrysler, there are certain models that are just worth steering clear of, whether it be for a mechanical malfunction or just a lack of quality.

What cars does Chrysler make?

The Chrysler brand has been known for delivering exceptional luxury for a reasonable price, which has separated it from other well-known premium brands such as Cadillac or Buick.

But there have also been a few Chrysler models that would’ve been better avoided, not to mention the fact that the for the eighties, the brand went through a period of importing cheap Mitsubishi-derived cars and slapping Chrysler badges on them.

This practice, along with questionable reliability, has left somewhat of a reputation that Chrysler has been trying to recover from, and while their newer line of vehicles has gotten impressively better, there are still a few blips in the history of the company that are definitely worth avoiding at all costs. In this article, we’ll go through some of these models, which were notorious flops for the company.

Chrysler Lebaron Sedan

What cars does Chrysler make

Where do we even start on this? Basically a fancier Dodge Spirit, the Chrysler Lebaron Sedan offered no intrinsic value for the buyer and was notable for its small size and underpowered V6 motor, which did little to entice luxury car buyers.

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The only difference over the standard Plymouth Acclaim and the Dodge Spirit was the fact that the Lebaron Sedan featured a vinyl roof and upmarket hubcaps, which gave the car a more exclusive look, but in the end, the Chrysler Lebaron Sedan was a miserable failure.

Chrysler Imperial

Another blip in the later history of Chrysler is the Chrysler Imperial, which was a large sedan that featured an underpowered V8 motor and a lackluster design that really didn’t set it apart from the competition.

The V8 motor was known for being an unreliable money pit, and these cars had a reputation for transmission failures, which make them notoriously bad choices on the used car market.

While the interior was very well appointed, there were a lot of useless buttons and features that made the dashboard anything but user-friendly.

Chrysler TC by Maserati

What cars does Chrysler make

The Chrysler TC by Maserati is a car that was designed to connect the driver to a true luxury experience; however, the model was nothing more than a Lebaron with a shorter rear end. While the interior had notable Maserati touches, this car failed to attract the luxury crowd that it was targeting, and the performance was anything but fun.

This is a Chrysler that should be avoided by any means necessary, and if you’re going to get a Lebaron, the 1996 model is a much better choice, as it associates many newer comfort features and has a more refined exterior.

Chrysler LHS

Nothing about the Chrysler LHS is worth nothing, as the car was a large boat of a vehicle with a lackluster V6 engine that failed to motivate anything except for high repair bills. The latter years of the vehicle’s life were spent in a nineties lineup of cars that were lost as to what their purpose was.

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The Chrysler LHS, while featuring a nice interior, was nothing comparable to a similar Cadillac with a more powerful engine, and the Japanese Lexus ES300 at the time blew this car away in terms of quality and interior refinement.

Chrysler Cordoba

What cars does Chrysler make

The Chrysler Cordoba was a large luxury coupe similar to the Ford Thunderbird and the Chevrolet Monte Carlo. The large two-door boat featured a 318 V8 engine, which could also be found in your run-of-the-mill d100 Dodge pickup truck.

These cars were again unreliable and filled with electrical issues that plagued the nameplate, which is why the Cordoba never really caught on with the buying public like the Thunderbird and the Monte Carlo did. Many consumers won’t even remember what a Cordoba was, and you very seldom see these cars still on the road.

Chrysler Aspen

Chrysler was a genius at rebadging multiple vehicles to boost sales and keep research and development costs down. During the 2008 recession, the company was trying to boost sales anyway that it could, so they decided to slap some chrome on the outgoing Dodge Durango and call it the Chrysler Aspen SUV.

This large hulky beast was nothing more than a Dodge Durango with a larger color palette that made the car look great, but it really offered nothing in terms of value for the boosted window sticker.

Chrysler Lancer

Badge engineering was rampant with Chrysler during the late eighties, as the company tried to deter buyers from the foreign competition. The company would import Mitsubishi vehicles in order to try and get a taste of the import market, and the Chrysler Lancer was one of these cheap attempts.

When you think of Chrysler, you think of luxury and refinement—or at least that’s what they want you to think. But the Chrysler Lancer was anything but this, as it was a rebadged Mitsubishi Lancer that really brought nothing new to the table for the company.

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Chrysler Voyager

What cars does Chrysler make

The Chrysler Voyager was the product of Chrysler, phasing out the Plymouth Voyager, and the model really offered nothing that was in line with the rest of the Chrysler lineup.

The Chrysler Voyager was just another way of the company filling their showrooms with cars that people might want but generally didn’t have a use for, as the Dodge Caravan offered more features for a comparable price.

The Chrysler Voyager was produced until the next-generation Chrysler Town & Country was released, at which point Chrysler was consolidating their lineup.

Chrysler Sebring Sedan

The Chrysler Sebring sedan was a car that never really knew its purpose in life. As the vehicle that replaced the oddball Chrysler Cirrus, the Sebring Sedan was the car for someone who wanted a Dodge Stratus with more chrome accents.

In fact, the two cars were pretty much identical, which is why the Sebring Sedan was a hit, for some reason, with buyers who wanted a nicely appointed compact sedan, and it managed to post decent sales numbers every year. This small sedan was even available in a V6 configuration, which made it comfortable to drive.


What cars do Chrysler still make?

The Chrysler lineup has dwindled in recent years and now includes just three models: the 300 full-size sedan and the Pacifica and Voyager minivans.

Does Chrysler make vehicles anymore?

Several new SUVs and a new minivan, but it’s probably the end for the 300 sedan. Not only is Chrysler not going away, but the brand is finally getting its long-sought renaissance.

What is Chrysler’s best selling car?

Fiat Chrysler’s best-selling vehicle is its Ram pickup, which sold 489,418 units, up 9%. Its sales trail those of its two primary rivals, the Ford F-150, which sold 820,799 last year, up 5%, and the Chevy Silverado, which sold 574,876, down 4%. The Ram comes in six basic models, which vary by size.

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