How to update SYNC on Ford? What Is this Ford SYNC about?

How to update SYNC on Ford? What Is Ford SYNC? The current Ford vehicle lineup is regarded as one of the most technologically advanced on the market today. With their Ford SYNC system, you’ll have the ability to complete several hands-free processes such as activating navigation via voice control, accessing your phone’s apps while driving, connecting to the included Wi-Fi, and much more.

Utilizing this innovative technology will require a regular upgrade of your SYNC app’s software in order to access all your Ford vehicle has to offer. Wendle Ford is glad to show you exactly how to update Ford SYNC as well as what this state-of-the-art technology can do for you.

How to update SYNC on Ford?

To upgrade SYNC on Ford, use one of two methods:

Applying a USB device:

  • Enter your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) on the Ford SYNC and Navigation Update page.
  • Choose “Check for update” to ensure your machine has the most recent software update installed.
  • Copy the updated program onto a USB drive.
  • Turn on your car and insert the USB drive into the available USB port.
  • Utilizing the SYNC touchscreen, choose “Settings”.
  • Click on “Software Update”.
  • Choosing “Install Update”
  • To finish the update, adhere to the instructions displayed on screen.

Making use of a Wi-Fi network:

  • Turn on your car and establish a Wi-Fi connection.
  • Utilizing the SYNC touchscreen, choose “Settings”.
  • Click on “Software Update”.
  • Choosing “Check for Update”
  • Choose “Install Update” if there is a new version available.
  • To finish the update, adhere to the instructions displayed on screen.

Note: To get the most out of your system, it’s critical to maintain your SYNC software updated. Performance enhancements, bug repairs, and new features are all possible in software upgrades.

Here are some more pointers for upgrading Ford’s SYNC:

  • Before you begin the update, make sure your car has enough gas. It could take up to thirty minutes to finish the updating process.
  • While the update is running, don’t detach the USB drive or turn off your car.
  • Try using a new USB drive or restarting the update if the process doesn’t succeed.
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If you need help updating SYNC on your Ford, get in touch with your neighborhood Ford dealership.

update SYNC on Ford

What Is Ford SYNC?

Ford SYNC is an integrated in-vehicle communication and entertainment system that provides hands-free connectivity to your compatible Bluetooth-enabled phone. With SYNC, you can make phone calls, get directions, control music, access apps, and complete several other functions all with the use of voice commands. Pair your phone with SYNC and you’ll be on your way to making phone calls with only the sound of your voice.

With Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, drivers can connect their mobile phone screens to their vehicle’s center display. Stream your favorite music or listen to popular podcasts through your vehicle’s speakers. If your Ford vehicle is equipped with FordPass Connect, you can gain access to a multitude of complementary features such as starting, stopping, locking, or unlocking your Ford from any location. You can also connect up to 10 devices to the available 4G LTE WI-FI hotspot and stay connected up to 50 feet from the vehicle.

Ford SYNC is available on the following Ford vehicles:

  • 2021 Bronco
  • 2021 Bronco Sport
  • 2021 Edge
  • 2021 Eco Sport
  • 2021 Escape
  • 2021 Explorer
  • 2021 Expedition
  • 2021 Ranger
  • 2021 Transit
  • 2021 Transit Connect
  • 2021 Super Duty
  • 2021 Mustang
  • 2021 Mustang Mach-E
  • 2021 F-150
  • 2022 F-150 Lightning

How to Update SYNC in Your Ford Vehicle

Using an empty flash or USB drive is the best way to update SYNC in your Ford car, truck, or SUV. You will need a flash drive with at least eight gigabytes, your vehicle’s VIN, and at least 30 – 35 minutes to complete the update. You can find the Ford SYNC software download in the SYNC Help section of the Ford website. For your convenience, you can also drive your vehicle while SYNC is updating.

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update SYNC on Ford

Format the USB Drive

The USB drive you use to upgrade Ford SYNC needs to be formatted to the exFAT file system. It’s simple to format your USB drive. Follow the steps below for formatting using either a PC or Mac.

Format Using a PC:

  • Connect the flash drive.
  • Click Start > File Explorer > This PC.
  • Right-click on the flash drive and select Format.
  • Choose exFAT in the File System box, type in your label of choice, and then click Start.
  • Click OK and wait for the reformatting process to finish.

Format Using a MAC:

  • Connect the flash drive.
  • Go to Applications and Utilities, then click on Disk Utility.
  • Choose your flash drive from the list.
  • Click on the Erase tab.
  • Name the USB drive.
  • Select the exFAT format.
  • Click Erase to format the drive.

Download Ford SYNC Software

Navigate to the SYNC Help section of the Ford website. First, enter your Ford vehicle’s VIN and then click on Prepare SYNC Download. Download the software to your computer, not the USB drive, and save it as a file on your desktop. Next, unzip the downloaded file and save it to your USB drive. Open your USB drive and look for the following files, depending on the version of SYNC your vehicle has:

  • For MyFord Touch/SYNC 2 and SYNC 3 you should see SyncMyRide folder, autoinstall.lst file, and DONTINDX.MSA file.
  • For earlier versions of SYNC, you should see SyncMyRide folder and a file ending in .lst.
  • Depending on your version of Ford SYNC, upload the appropriate files to your USB drive.

Install the SYNC Update

It only takes three steps to install the SYNC update. Be sure to place your Ford in park while launching the installation process. Your car must be running until the update is complete so do not update SYNC in a closed garage.

  1. Place your vehicle in a well-ventilated area for this process. Once the update begins, you can then drive your vehicle.
  2. Remove all other USB drives from your car and insert the flash drive that contains the updated SYNC software into your vehicle’s USB port. The update will automatically begin and it should take approximately 30 – 35 minutes. Once the update is installed and complete, an Installation Complete pop-up will appear on your vehicle’s dashboard screen.
  3. Confirm your update by logging the activity in our system. This will keep your vehicle’s records current. Insert the flash drive used to update the SYNC system into your PC or MAC. On the SYNC Help section of the Ford website, click the Browse for Log File button. Select the XML log in the SyncMyRide folder.
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Once you have completed all three steps above, your SYNC update is now finished and you are ready to begin using all the advanced technology in your newly updated SYNC system.

When you’re in the market for a Ford car, truck, or SUV with the Ford SYNC system, the team at Wendle Ford is more than happy to help you find a vehicle that is right for you. We have several new and used Ford vehicles on our sales lot located in Spokane, Washington. Stop by anytime or take a look at our online inventory. If you find one you like, feel free to complete our pre-approval form online to begin the loan application process. Our finance team will walk you through each step of the finance process, helping you make the right decision for your lifestyle and your budget.

Our goal at Wendle Ford is to help you enjoy a smooth and stress-free car buying experience. We look forward to getting you in the driver’s seat with your new or used Ford vehicle. Contact us online for more information, or come see us at our Spokane location today.

update SYNC on Ford

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