How to reset Ford Keyless Entry without Factory Code?

How to reset Ford Keyless Entry without Factory Code? Do you own a cutting-edge new Ford vehicle that utilizes a keyless entry system? There are many benefits that come with this state-of-the-art security feature. However, if you forgot your personal door code, it can be an upsetting experience and can potentially ruin your commute. That’s why the experts at Tri-State Ford Lincoln have broken down how to reset Ford door codes, regardless of your model’s body type or year. If you have any further questions along the way, don’t hesitate to contact us online for more information!

How to reset Ford Keyless Entry without Factory Code?

There are a number of reasons why you’d have to reset your Ford door code. Some of the most common circumstances reported by Clarinda drivers include:

  • Forgetting the door code
  • Multiple drivers resetting or forgetting the door code
  • Keypad malfunctioning

To reset your Ford F150 door code without factory codes, you’ll either need to find an online generator to obtain a factory code or reach out to your Ford dealership to obtain a new one. Once you’ve gotten a new code, press the button numbers one and two, then enter your new personal code on the keypad. Press buttons one and two again to confirm and the doors should be able to lock and unlock themselves. Keep in mind that depending on where you bought your Ford car, truck, or SUV, there may be fees associated with receiving a new factory code.

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Ford Keyless Entry without Factory Code

How Do Keyless Entry Codes Work?

Before you learn how to reset your Ford F150 door code without factory codes, it’s important to understand how keyless entry codes work. This technology gets rid of the hassle that comes with managing all your keys. Instead, you enter a four-digit code on your car door to enter the cabin. Advantages that come with utilizing the Ford Keyless Entry system include:

  • Close or Open Doors All at Once: If you have multiple doors open, or your trunk, you simply need to enter your Ford door code and press the “Lock” button. All your doors will simultaneously close, lock, and beep.
  • Memorizes Seat and Side Mirror Positions: Ford Keyless Entry technology also saves your seat and side mirror positions. Just input the code and your seats and side mirrors will revert to their last position. You can also save pre-selected positions and adjust back to your preferred setup if multiple drivers use your Ford vehicle.
  • Activates and Deactivates the Car Alarm: You can use your keyless entry code to arm or disarm your vehicle’s alarm. Simply press the “Lock” or “Unlock” button from the keypad, and you’ll hear a beeping sound. When the car is locked, the alarm will be activated; if unlocked, the alarm will deactivate.

Why is my keypad not working on my Ford keyless entry?

Your Ford keyless entry keypad may not be functioning for the following reasons:

  • Dead battery: This is the most frequent cause of a keyless entry keypad not functioning. Usually found within the keypad, the battery can be changed by following the directions in your owner’s manual.
  • Broken keypad: The keypad itself can be broken if the battery is still alive. This may occur as a result of weathering, wear and tear, or exposure to other substances. The keypad will require replacement if it is malfunctioning.
  • Issue with the keyless entry system: If the keypad functions properly but the system does not, there can be an issue with the keyless entry system itself. This can be the result of a receiver module issue or a bad wire connection. Should you have doubts about the functionality of the keyless entry system, it is advisable to bring your car to a professional for examination and maintenance.
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You can attempt the following to troubleshoot the issue:

  • Inspect the keypad’s battery. Replace it with a fresh battery if it is dead.
  • Try inputting your code more than once. The keypad can be broken if it is still not functioning.
  • To unlock the doors, attempt to use your key fob. The keypad is the issue if the key fob functions.
  • Try programming the keypad on another Ford car with keyless entry if you have access to one. The issue with your car’s keyless entry system is if the keypad functions on the other car.

Try all of the aforementioned solutions if the keypad is still not working, and then bring your car to a professional mechanic for diagnosis and repairs.

Ford Keyless Entry without Factory Code

Can you find keyless entry code by VIN number?

Indeed, using the VIN number to obtain the keyless entry code is possible. There is no assurance that this will function, though, as a mechanic or prior owner may have altered the coding.

You can try the following to determine the keyless entry code by VIN number:

  • Give your VIN to the car’s manufacturer or dealer by getting in touch with them. You might be able to get the factory-set keyless entry code from them.
  • Use a for-profit internet resource that specializes in offering VIN-based keyless entry codes. Even if the car manufacturer or dealer is unwilling to assist, these firms may still be able to send you the code for a cost.
  • You can attempt to locate the keyless entry code on your own if you feel confident performing do-it-yourself fixes. To get to the keyless entry module, you might need to remove the fuse box or the door lock panel. The code could be kept in the memory of the module or printed on the module itself.
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Here are some more pointers for determining the keyless entry code using the VIN:

  • Verify that the VIN you are entering is correct. The majority of cars have a 17-digit VIN number on the dashboard on the driver’s side.
  • Be advised that there’s a chance the keyless entry code has been altered. It’s possible that the previous owner altered the code if you bought the car used. A mechanic may have changed the code, so you might also want to look into the vehicle’s service history.
  • A professional locksmith or vehicle technician may need to reprogramme the keyless entry code if you are unable to locate it by VIN number.

Please be aware that I am not a licensed locksmith or auto technician, and unless you have the required skills and knowledge, I do not advise trying to reprogram the keyless entry code yourself.

Ford Keyless Entry without Factory Code

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