How much does a Ram 2500 weigh? The average cost RAM 2500

How much does a Ram 2500 weigh? If you are buying a RAM 2500, you should know its weight, prices, and other features. It is a powerful truck that comes with good features.

How much does a Ram 2500 weigh?

RAM 2500 weighs between 3000 to 7300 pounds with a size of 230x70x78 inches. The average price of RAM 2500 is $50000. It has a powerful engine and can generate 360 hp of power on average.

The average weight

The average weight of the RAM 2500 is around 6000 pounds. Multiple factors can increase or decrease the weight of the truck.

Model of the vehicle, size of the truck bed, and variant are some of these factors. If you are looking for a top variant, then it will be heavier than the lower variant. It can carry more weight from one end to another.

How much does a Ram 2500 weigh

Top variants may have more than 7000 pounds weight. You may check the weight of all the variants and then decide one for you.

Some older models may weigh around 4000 pounds. These are the few ranges in which you will get few models of RAM 2500. All of them will have different towing capacity also. You may check it through an official manual of the truck.

The average size

The average size of the RAM 2500 is 230 inches long and 70 inches wide. The size of the RAM truck will vary in all the variants and different year models.

You may check that the products that you are using must be capable enough to perform all the tasks.

The new model of the RAM 2500 is around 255 inches long and 77 inches wide. You can check that the difference in the weight of the models from the above list.

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The average cost of RAM 2500

The average cost of RAM 2500 is around $50000. The RAM 2500 truck’s price will depend on the model year, variant, and the place from which you are buying.

If you are buying it from the local store, you have to pay more for it. You may get it at cheaper rates by purchasing it from the authorized dealers, and they will provide you quality products.

This vehicle has four variants, and each of them has different specifications. You can use any of them by looking at your budget and needs.

You must check that the products that you are using should fulfill your needs. The new model and top variant will cost around $68000.

You must purchase it from the official store to get all the benefits of the claims of the warranty for your pickup truck.

If you are looking for some used trucks, you have to compromise on a few features and the vehicle’s shape. You can get the used RAM 2500 at an average price of $40000.

The cost of the used truck will depend on the situation of the mechanical parts of the vehicle and its body. This vehicle may lack some features, and you are getting it at cheaper rates.

You can check the suspension of the vehicle by different quality tests. You can get a consultation from any mechanic to get the knowledge of the used vehicles. It will give you a rough idea that it will fulfill your needs or not.

How to measure the weight of RAM 2500?

There are different methods that you can use for weighing your vehicle. There is no need to measure the weight of new models as you will get its weight from the sticker on the truck and from its manual.

How much does a Ram 2500 weigh

You can follow all the guidelines of the manual to use it for a longer time. You must read all the guidelines of the manual before using it.

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If you have purchased any old model, then you must consult with the previous owner to get all the details.

If you are not getting it from any source, then you can check it from the list and match it with your variant and model. You can visit different weighing stations in this regard to get a clear idea of the weight of the vehicle.

You can find the RAM 2500 payload capacity by subtracting the curb weight from the gross vehicle weight ratings.

Different Vehicle Weight Ratings

When considering a car’s weight, there is not just one measurement you need to know about. In fact, there are several different vehicle weight ratings and each measurement helps drivers to understand more how much weight their car can haul or tow.

  • Payload – Payload is the measurement used to refer to the cargo and passenger capacity available in a vehicle. This includes the trunk and the cargo bed on pickup trucks.
  • GVWR – GVWR stands for Gross Vehicle Weight Rating. The GVWR is the curb weight, plus the payload and the towing capacity. Think of the GVWR as the maximum weight that your car can handle before you exceed the legal weight limit, or end up damaging your car due to overloading it.
  • Curb Weight – Curb weight is the most accurate weight of your as it leaves the factory. The curb weight is how much your car weighs when it is empty and parked up ‘at the curb’. Often this weight will include a fuel tank of fuel, but will not take into consideration the added weight of any passengers or cargo.
  • Tongue Weight – The tongue weight of a vehicle is the maximum amount of weight that can be placed on the tow hitch. When too much weight is adding pressure to the tow hitch, this can lead to dangerous damage as the hitch may snap while you are driving. If you intend to tow, knowing your car’s tongue weight is just as important as knowing the towing capacity.
  • GTW – GTW stands for Gross Trailer Weight. The GTW is the combined weight of anything the vehicle tows, including trailers of different sizes and even smaller vehicles.
  • Dry Weight – Dry weight is exactly as it sounds, the weight of your car without any fluids inside. This may just mean an empty gas tank for some manufacturers, or no oil, engine coolant, screenwash, etc for others.
  • GCWR – GCWR is a vehicle’s Gross Combined Weight Rating. This figure is the combined weight of everything. It differs to the GVWR as it includes the GTW as well. Often, the GVWR is considered to only be the curb weight and the payload weight combined, the GCWR also includes the weight of anything the vehicle is towing.
  • Towing capacity – If you want to use your Ram to tow, you absolutely need to pay close attention to the towing capacity. Towing capacity is the maximum weight of a trailer (or other vehicles) that your truck can tow.
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Is Ram 2500 gas or diesel better?

Diesel Engine Options. There are two Ram 2500 engine options for the 2023 model year. The gasoline-powered HEMI V-8 engine provides better horsepower and payload ratings, but the turbo-diesel has significantly more torque and greater towing capability.

Is RAM 2500 a heavy-duty truck?

Whether you’re working on DIY projects at home, hauling materials to work or towing toys to the campsite, the 2024 Ram 2500 is a heavy-duty truck that’s ready for the next challenge.

What is the gas mileage on a 2023 Ram 2500?

For those looking at the new 2023 RAM 2500 truck, MPG, or Miles Per Gallon, is an important consideration. You want to get the most for your money and not always be on the lookout for the nearest gas station. At 18 MPG, you should be able to handle most of your everyday commute and whatever the job site throws at you.

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