How much does a Nissan Frontier weigh? Nissan Frontier car

How much does a Nissan Frontier weigh? Being aware of the weight of your Nissan Frontier pickup truck is an important piece of knowledge that will be helpful to you as it’s the owner.

Whether you’re piling in friends for a road trip or hauling a load of firewood for the winter, knowing your Nissan Frontier’s weight and its other limitations will keep you and your passengers safe and help prolong the life of your truck. We’ve done extensive research from various official sources so that you can find out what you need to know about the weight of the Nissan Frontier here.

The trim level, cab size, and other options will dramatically change the curb weight of your Nissan Frontier truck. These options also impact how much weight you can carry in the bed and cab, and safely pull behind your Nissan Frontier from the trailer hitch.

Before you load up the bed of the Frontier with goods or attach a trailer to the hitch, read on for the limitations by trim level and style of pickup. We’ve broken our findings down in an easy to read format to save you considerable time and research, as well as provide you with other need-to-know bits of information about owning a Nissan Frontier.

How much does a Nissan Frontier weigh?

The Nissan Frontier weighs between 4,146lbs and 4,696lbs. This is the “curb weight,” or the weight of the vehicle when it is totally empty of passengers and bed cargo. The exact weight will depend on several factors.

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How much does a Nissan Frontier weigh

The trim level, cab size, bed length, and whether you’re wanting the weight of a 4×2 or 4×4, will change the curb weight of the Nissan Frontier considerably. Below is the weight range of all trim levels for the 2021 Nissan Frontier:

  • Nissan Frontier S: 4,181lbs-4,543lbs
  • Nissan Frontier SV: 4,146lbs-4,507lbs
  • Nissan Frontier Midnight Edition: 4,284lbs-4,507lbs
  • Nissan Frontier Long Bed SV: 4,525-4,639lbs
  • Nissan Frontier Pro-4x: 4,696lbs

The average cost of Nissan frontier

The average cost of the Nissan Frontier is around $25000. The cost of the Nissan frontier depends on the variant and the model of the vehicle.

You can choose these by looking at your budget and the variant you are willing to buy. You can purchase the used Nissan trucks for just $19000.

It will depend on the condition and feature of the vehicle that you how much price you have to pay for it.

The average weight

The average weight of the Nissan Frontier is around 3800 pounds. If you have the budget for new models, then you can get a curb weight of more than 4500 pounds.

It will give you multiple benefits because you have to pay less amount of the budget for its repair and maintenance. You must decide all these factors after analyzing your needs.

If you require the trucks for everyday use, then you can get 3000 pounds of curb weight. It is a good number if we compare it with other brands.

The average size

The average size of the Nissan Frontier is around 200 inches long and 70 inches wide. You can get the size of 220 inches long and 78 inches wide in new models of the Nissan Frontier. You will see few fluctuations in the truck’s size when you change the model or variant.

What Is The Nissan Frontier’s Maximum Payload?

A pickup truck’s maximum payload refers to the maximum weight your truck can carry on its frame in addition to the curb weight. The amount of weight in the bed, as well as all of the weight carried in the truck’s cab, are considered in this formula.

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So it’s technically possible to be carrying so much weight in the bed of the Nissan Frontier that you will have a limited amount of passenger weight that can be safely carried in the cab.

Knowing for sure what your Nissan Frontier’s maximum payload will make for safer travel for you and your passengers, as well as avoiding costly damage to the truck itself. Overloading any pickup truck can result in damage to the truck’s frame, axles, and tires.

Too much weight will also put a lot of extra work on the engine and transmission, dramatically shortening their life spans. We’ve broken down the payload maximum by trim level and accounted for cab size, bed length, and other factors.

How Reliable Is The Nissan Frontier?

How long any vehicle lasts depends upon a number of factors. An inordinate amount of “stop and go” driving, overloading the vehicle above its maximum payload, and delaying or ignoring routine maintenance can drastically reduce the lifetime of any car or truck.

How much does a Nissan Frontier weigh

Fortunately, the Nissan Frontier has a much lower than average annual estimated maintenance cost, at just under $500. The mechanical issues that Nissan Frontier owners are faced with tend to be on the moderate side of things, as opposed to many of the Frontier’s competitors.

The overall reliability of the Nissan Frontier has greatly improved over the last fifteen years. The models from the years 2005 to 2010 were notorious for having transmission issues, costing over $4,000 to replace. This was caused by faulty seals in the Nissan Frontier’s radiator, which cross-contaminated the transmission oil.

This led to transmission failure in many Frontier pickup trucks in a five year period. Luckily, these issues have been resolved with newer models, and this hasn’t been a problem.

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Should you follow the guidelines set forth in the owner’s manual and stick with the recommended routine maintenance schedules, it’s fair to estimate that your Nissan Frontier can easily reach 100,000 miles on its engine.

Many Nissan Frontier owners have reported exceeding 200,000 miles, but they typically aren’t using their Nissan Frontier for a lot of hauling or towing to get that much life out of their truck.

Can A Nissan Frontier Tow A Camper?

The Nissan Frontier is capable of towing a camper behind it, so long as the camper does not exceed the truck’s towing weight maximum. Before you attach the trailer to the hitch, it’s important to know two pieces of information; what is the towing maximum for this Nissan Frontier, and how much does the camper that is to be attached weigh?

We’ve researched the towing maximums for you, and have listed them below. Many, but not all, campers will fall safely within these ranges. But for the sake of safety, it’s critical that you know the weight of what you’re towing to avoid accidents as well as damage to your truck and camper.


How much does a Nissan Frontier pickup truck weigh?

The Frontier curb weight is 4,321-4,773lbs. Though the Nissan Frontier King Cab S does tow the heaviest amount when looking at the other models, its weight is amongst the lowest at 4,343lbs. The King Cab SV weight is 4,321 pounds, and the Nissan Frontier Crew Cab Long Bed SV has the heaviest curb weight of 4,773lbs.

Is a Nissan Frontier a 1 4 ton?

The Nissan Frontier is a half-ton truck that shares the market with other similar trucks.

Why is a truck called a 1 ton?

It’s this cargo capacity that the whole “-ton” classification got started with. Back in the day, a one-ton truck had the ability to carry 2,000 pounds of cargo, a three-quarter ton truck could carry 1,500 pounds, and so on.

Above is information about How much does a Nissan Frontier weigh? that we have compiled. Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of What is the Nissan Frontier’s maximum payload? Thank you for reading our post.

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