How much does a MINI Cooper weigh? The Impact of car weight 

How much does a MINI Cooper weigh? MINI Coopers are a noticeable car brand, thanks to their miniature style and unique color schemes. The first generation of these enormously fun cars was produced by the British Motor Corporation (BMC) from 1969 to 2000, so it is no surprise they are prevalent in the UK. Starting from 2001, the marque was owned by BMW, and the second generation was produced, which became a massive success in the United States.

Currently, shoppers looking to buy Mini Cooper have a wide array of models from which they can choose. In essence, many people love these cars because they offer a perfect blend of performance and economy in one tiny package, – Mini Coopers are very popular among drivers who love a retro aesthetic and go-kart feel.

What is curb weight?

Before diving into the Mini cooper weight, we answer this question some shoppers may have: what is curb weight?

Essentially, curb weight refers to the weight of a vehicle with all its standard equipment and essential components but without passengers or luggage.

How much does a MINI Cooper weigh?

From the Mini Cooper hardtop/hatch/convertible three-door hatchback to the Mini Cooper Countryman five-door crossover, there are many Mini Cooper models on the market today.

How much does a MINI Cooper weigh

The 2021 Mini Copper weighs anywhere between 2,707 pounds and 3,790 pounds, depending on the model. If you are in the market for a Mini Cooper, there are plenty of models under 3,000 lbs.

This means you can still find a compact car that’s lightweight and offers an agile steering response for an enjoyable driving experience. Notably, a new Mini Cooper Hardtop is expected to come out in 2022, and rumors have it that it will weigh about 2978 pounds.

An all-electric Mini Cooper is expected to be on the market in 2023. As we wait for the next-generation mini Hatch, here is a list of curb weights of Mini Coopers by the year for the last two decades.

  • 2001 Mini Cooper Weight: 2,315 lbs (1,050 kgs)
  • 2002 Mini Cooper Weight: 2,524 to 2,678 lbs (1,147 – 1,217 kgs)
  • 2003 Mini Cooper Weight: 2,524 to 2,678 lbs (1,147 – 1,217 kgs)
  • 2004 Mini Cooper Weight: 2,524 to 2,678 lbs (1,147 – 1,217 kgs)
  • 2005 Mini Cooper Weight: 2,524 to 2,844 lbs (1,147 – 1,292 kgs)
  • 2006 Mini Cooper Weight: 2,524 to 2,844 lbs (1,147 – 1,292 kgs)
  • 2007 Mini Cooper Weight: 2,546 to 2,844 lbs (1,157 – 1,292 kgs)
  • 2008 Mini Cooper Weight: 2,546 to 2,844 lbs (1,157 – 1,292 kgs)
  • 2009 Mini Cooper Weight: 2,546 to 2,855 lbs (1,157 – 1,297 kgs)
  • 2010 Mini Cooper Weight: 2,568 to 2,877 lbs (1,167 – 1,307 kgs)
  • 2011 Mini Cooper Weight: 2,535 to 3,208 lbs (1,152 – 1,458 kgs)
  • 2012 Mini Cooper Weight: 2,535 to 3,208 lbs (1,152 – 1,458 kgs)
  • 2013 Mini Cooper Weight: 2,535 to 3,262 lbs (1,152 – 1,482 kgs)
  • 2014 Mini Cooper Weight: 2,605 to 3,263 lbs (1,184 – 1,483 kgs)
  • 2015 Mini Cooper Weight: 2,605 to 3,263 lbs (1,184 – 1,483 kgs)
  • 2016 Mini Cooper Weight: 2,605 to 3,263 lbs (1,184 – 1,483 kgs)
  • 2017 Mini Cooper Weight: 2,605 to 3,395 lbs (1,184 – 1,540 kgs)
  • 2018 Mini Cooper Weight: 2,605 to 3,613 lbs (1,184 – 1,638 kgs)
  • 2019 Mini Cooper Weight: 2,760 to 3,613 lbs (1,251 – 1,638 kgs)
  • 2020 Mini Cooper Weight: 2,767 to 3,693 lbs (1,255 – 1.675 kgs)
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What are the different Mini Cooper Models?

The Mini range currently has several models, which gives shoppers a lot of flexibility. To add on, there are three trims – Signature, Classic, and Iconic – and three variants of body styles – Cooper, Cooper S, and John Cooper Works (JCW).

How much does a MINI Cooper weigh

If you want a unique model, you will also find the Sidewalk Edition convertible, high-performance JCW GP, or value-oriented Oxford Edition. So, which Mini Cooper model is suitable for you?

  • Mini Cooper 3-door hatch: This iconic car is ideal for city driving but will also feel great on an open road. If you’re looking for an elegant little car that feels great in the city and countryside, the Mini Cooper 3-door is an ideal choice – it looks small on the outside and is surprisingly roomy on the inside.
  • Mini Cooper 5-door hatch: The Mini Cooper 5-door is an elongated version of its 3-door cousin. It is a great choice for drivers who want something sporty and handles easily.
  • Mini Cooper Convertible: If you want a miniature car that lets you enjoy the summer days, this is the right Mini Cooper for you. It is arguably the most stylish Mini Cooper you can buy.
  • Mini Cooper Clubman: With their split rear door and refined, spacious interior, these cars usher in a new et of sophisticated versatility. They are ideal for families or drivers who just need a roomy car.
  • Mini Cooper Countryman: With its SUV-like feel, the Countryman is the most adventurous Mini you can finc in the market now. It comes with generous cargo space and a quality interior for people planning to go offroad.
  • Mini John Cooper Works: This car is for passionate drivers who crave performance as it feels great on all terrains.
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How Much Does the MINI Cooper Engine Weigh?

Now that we talked about how much the actual car weighs, let’s move to the engine. It is the heart of the MINI Cooper and responsible for its performance, so it is good that you also know its weight.

Aside from the body and the chassis, the engine is amongst the heaviest components, largely influencing the overall curb weight.

MINI Cooper is available in different trims, each with a different engine. Hence, the weight will differ depending on the type of engine that a model has.

On average, MINI Cooper engines will weigh 400 to 800 pounds. The more powerful the engine is, the heavier it will be.

The Impact of MINI Cooper Weight

There are many reasons you should be concerned about the weight of a MINI Cooper. One thing that could sum up the importance of its weight is its impact on the car’s overall performance.

Some people may even emphasize the weight of a car than its horsepower. The more horsepower a car has, the heavier it will be. You will need a heavier engine and more powerful components to deliver an incredible performance, contributing to a car’s weight.

More Fuel Efficient

One of the biggest impacts of weight in a MINI Cooper is its fuel consumption. Like with other cars, lighter weight means that it is more fuel-efficient. A heavier car has greater rolling resistance and inertia. In turn, it increases fuel consumption, hurting efficiency.

Cheaper to Drive in the Long Run

How It Compares with the Competition?

How much does a MINI Cooper weigh

Curious about how the weight of MINI Cooper fares in terms of its competitors? Here is a quick rundown of some of the most popular compact cars and their curb weight:

Chevrolet Bolt

This is a great option for people who are looking for electric cars. It is known for its exceptional handling and acceleration, similar qualities that you will find in a MINI Cooper.

It can drive up to 259 miles when fully charged, making it efficient. As for the weight, the average is 3,589 pounds.

Fiat 500

A four-seat compact city car is another great alternative to a MINI Cooper. This European hatchback has a head-turning retro styling reminiscent of what a MINI looks like.

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You can also find it in a soft-top convertible model, making it a stylish car for everyday driving. The curb weight differs depending on the specific trim or year, but it is 2,500 pounds on average, lighter than most MINIs.

Mazda MX5 Miata

Nimble and stable, this alternative to a MINI Cooper has an approximate curb weight of 2,350 pounds. The soft top makes it ideal for those who prefer driving while feeling the fresh breeze.

The upscale cabin is one of its many highlights, which will provide you with a sophisticated driving experience.

Volkswagen Golf

A compact hatchback, the optional turbocharged engine of this small car makes it another great option if you cannot get your hands on a MINI Cooper. It has a sophisticated design and athletic handling, making it a great car. On average, the curb weight is 2,945 pounds.

BMW 2 Series

If the MINI Cooper is too small for you, you might want to consider the BMW 2 Series. It is from the parent company of MINI so you can expect the same great quality and incredible performance.

It is a rear-wheel drive, while the MINI is a front-wheel drive. Nonetheless, both have the same level of refinement. The average curb weight of cars in this group is 3,680 pounds.

Honda Fit

It may not be as sporty as a MINI Cooper, but the Honda Fit is equally fun to drive. It is also more affordable, making it a great pick for people on a budget.

Despite being affordable, it has agile handling and a luxurious interior. The curb weight is 2,568 pounds, making it slightly lighter than a MINI Cooper.


What Is the Lightest MINI Cooper?

The lightest MINI Cooper is the Mini Cooper Hardtop 2-door base model, weighing 2,711 pounds. It only has two doors and a small interior. Plus, it has more basic features than the others in the lineup, responsible for its weight savings.

What Is the Heaviest MINI Cooper?

The heaviest MINI Cooper is the MINI Cooper Countryman SAV Cooper SE All4, weighing 3,926 pounds. It is the largest of the MINI’s lineup. From the spacious seats to the powerful engine, it has top-notch features and high-end specifications that make it heavy.

What Is Curb Weight in MINI Cooper?

Curb weight is the weight of a MINI Cooper without passengers and cargo. As the name implies, it is the weight when it is on the curb and not moving.

This means it does not consider the weight of the driver and passengers and anything else that you will bring or add to the car as a modification out of the factory.

Can You Use a MINI Cooper for Towing?

Most MINI Cooper owners will not use it for towing. It is a compact car, so its towing prowess is not that remarkable.

Nonetheless, if you insist on towing, go for the MINI Cooper Countryman SAV, a crossover. It is the largest of its lineup, making it great for towing. On average, it can tow up to 1,500 pounds (lbs).

Above is information about How much does a MINI Cooper weigh? that we have compiled. Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of What are the different Mini Cooper Models? Thank you for reading our post.

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