How much does a Kia Soul weigh? Towing capacity of Kia Soul

How much does a Kia Soul weigh? Many people love to buy KIA Soul because it is a lightweight SUV and they are not costly. In addition, their boxy appearance makes them modern and they can tow many vehicles.

How much does a Kia Soul weigh?

In general, a KIA Soul weighs between 2700 to 2900 pounds with dimensions of 160×65×58 inches. However, its latest mods are heavy due to the addition of modern equipment and accessories. On average, the weight of the Kia Soul is around 1.4 tons with a 140-hp engine capacity.

The KIA Soul has maximum weight in years of 2017 to 2019. The changes in load occur due to different parts of the vehicle.

The use of high-quality rims and heavy tires increases their weight.

How much does a Kia Soul weigh

The companies are using high-quality tires and rims that look cool. The heavy vehicles also look modern, that is why everyone likes to buy them.

There was a problem in the engine’s oil piston, which is also causing leakage of fuel. The company made a recall and solved this issue by installing a high-quality engine system.

They introduced two engines; both have four cylinders in them. They also installed software that can easily sense the noise of pistons in the engine compartment.

The engine power is almost 130 to 140 hp; they are heavy engines used in them.

There was also a problem in the pinion plug that causes the separation of pinion gear from the steering wheel. This problem is dangerous, and it can cause crashes and accidents.

The manufacturing company solved this issue by adding the best quality pinion plug and steering wheel that maintain the stability of SUVs.

These are luxury vehicles, so they are also equipped with sunroofs for their protection. This protecting roof makes them heavier.

The chassis comprises 55 to 60% of high strengthening steel to protect them from bending and dents. However, this high-quality steel is heavy and also increases its load.

The heavy SUVs also looks luxurious, and it also gives a rich status. The heavy tires and rims in them protect from collisions and road accidents.

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The latest models are also furnished with the latest technological systems that increase their load.

The new models are unique and attractive in a style that subsequently makes them heavy.

In the year 2012 to 2016, KIA Souls comes into the market with minimum weight. When you are going to launch any SUV of any company, it will be better to keep in mind that lightweight is the central demand of the consumer. If you are not making them according to their demand and perception, it can cause a decline in the economy.

In the vehicles industry, they use aluminum, magnesium, plastic, carbon fiber, and stainless steel to makes them less heavy.

The lighter SUVs have more durable and long-lasting engines. The engine takes little effort to start and move them, hence increasing its performance. In addition, it also improves fuel efficiency.

It reduces your fuel cost and also makes them economical for you.

The use of aluminum metal in manufacturing industries reduces the weight up to 40 to 50%.

In these models, there is less chance of accidents because the brakes work more efficiently in them. They are also less costly than heavier ones.

The lighter vehicles and their chassis structure last long without bending because they are less heavy.

They are also beneficial for a safe drive and ride. The lighter ones also have wheels made of aluminum, and the aluminum metal replaces the high-strength steel. The use of carbon fibers and plastic material also reduces their mass.

The benefit of the minimum load is that you can quickly drive them at high speed without fear of crashes.

You cannot feel difficulty in parking SUVs; you can easily part them in a short space. They are also safe on bumpy roads because they are not sagging downward like heavier SUVs.

It will also save our repairing cost on tires because the tread surface of tires can be easily damaged by more load due to high resistance.

We’ve listed the curb weights by the year since 2009.

  • 2019 Curb Weight – 2,884 to 3,232 pounds (1,308 to 1,466 kg)
  • 2018 Curb Weight – 2,884 to 3,232 pounds (1,308 to 1,466 kg)
  • 2017 Curb Weight – 2,884 to 3,232 pounds (1,308 to 1,466 kg)
  • 2016 Curb Weight – 2,714 to 2,837 pounds (1,231 to 1,286 kg)
  • 2015 Curb Weight – 2,714 to 2,879 pounds (2,131 to 1,305 kg)
  • 2014 Curb Weight – 2,714 to 2,879 pounds (2,131 to 1,305 kg)
  • 2013 Curb Weight – 2,615 to 2,778 pounds (1,186 to 1,260 kg)
  • 2012 Curb Weight – 2,615 to 2,778 pounds (1,186 to 1,260 kg)
  • 2011 Curb Weight – 2,560 to 2,820 pounds (1,161 to 1,279 kg)
  • 2010 Curb Weight – 2,560 to 2,820 pounds (1,161 to 1,279 kg)
  • 2009 Curb Weight – 2,615 to 2,945 pounds (1,186 to 1,335 kg)
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Size of KIA Soul SUV

The KIA Soul dimensions are almost the same from the year 2008-2013. However, slight changes come in the year of 2014 to onward its latest model.

How much does a Kia Soul weigh

It comes with 160 × 64 × 58 lengths, width, and height. Many people like to purchase this because it is not costly and provides excessive space.

It looks small from the outside, but the interior is entirely different. It provides extra cargo space where you can easily place your luggage.

It is a five-seater but provides excessive space for cargo. You can plan long trips on these SUVs and easily place your suitcases, bags, and other accessories.

It is also has a high roof that makes them look big. The seats also provide space to straighten the legs and enjoying the journey comfortably.

It provides extra cargo space to make a camp to sleep at night if bugs are present.

It is also best for pickups; you can place children’s bags on the backside, and they will sit on the seats.

Towing capacity of KIA Soul

The towing capacity of this is better than other vehicles due to its engine power. It can tow 1500 pounds to 2000 pounds weight.

If you haul more heavy things with them, it can damage its structure.

Towing on this SUV is better because it is small in size than other larger ones. The small size prevents wind resistance and makes them safe.

Suppose you haul more weight than the standard capacity; it will cause damage to the vehicle. Excessive load also causes overheating in engine compartments; due to this, motor mounts become loose.

It can also decrease the life of the transmission system, and brakes do not work more efficiently. It will also disturb the stability and control of the steering wheel.

If you haul with the backside, it can also cause bending and dents on its surface. Excessive load also pulls the front wheels upward, and they cannot make proper contact with the road surface.

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Vehicles that KIA Soul can pull

  • The cart of weight less than 1600 pounds
  • Small trailer if it is less than 1400 pounds
  • Small boats for fishing with less than 1500 pounds
  • Motorcycle trailer
  • Small camper
  • Musicians can haul musical equipment

Its Gross weight and curb weight

The maximum load that KIA Soul can bear is 4000 pounds to 4100 pounds for a safe drive. The curb weight ranges from 2700 pounds to 2800 pounds.

It means you can add weight up to 4000 pounds to them. It is safe for their parts and all the systems that are present in them.

How much does a Kia Soul weigh

When you are adding more load than their capacity, it damages its lower structure and causes bending. In addition, it will also lead to a bending of rotors and loosen braking pads which cause difficulty when you apply brakes.

This problem also causes accidents which can damage its parts. The overloading can also increase the repairing cost of the vehicle due to damages.

It will also cause its rims to bend because they are steel and can not load that much. This bending causes the unbalancing, swaying, and bouncing of SUV.

The overloading will also cause poor alignment, which can make it difficult to control the steering wheel.

I always measure the curb weight before loading and the GVWR after loading not to exceed its maximum capacity.

It will also cause damage to the axle shaft or rod that is present on the side of the wheel to support the weight of the SUV.

I recommended that you do not exceed their maximum capacity for your own and vehicle safety. It also prevents the internal structure from damage.


What is the average weight of a Kia Soul?

A 2019 Kia soul weighs 2,942 lbs—assuming you’re dealing with the base auto version.

Is a Kia Soul considered a small SUV?

The Kia Soul is classified as a subcompact SUV or CUV (crossover utility vehicle), with seating for up to five passengers across two rows of seats.

Is Kia Soul a small car?

The Kia Soul is a subcompact car manufactured and marketed by Kia since 2008. Often described and marketed as a crossover since its introduction, the Soul is a hatchback with a box proportion and tall roof, which are designed to maximize its interior space.

Above is information about How much does a Kia Soul weigh? that we have compiled. Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of Towing capacity of KIA Soul. Thank you for reading our post.

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