How much does a Ford Raptor weigh? Ford Raptor curb weight

How much does a Ford Raptor weigh? The Ford F-150 Raptor is a SCORE off-road trophy truck living in an asphalt world. It wears extra-wide fenders, long-travel suspension, big tires, and the high-performance demeanor of a Baja-bashing race truck.

It even earned a place on our 10Best Trucks and SUVs list for 2023. Most Raptors are powered by a twin-turbo 450-hp V-6 bolted to a 10-speed automatic transmission and will remain so in 2023.

However, an even wilder, more powerful Raptor R is coming for 2023 using a version 700-hp version of the Mustang Shelby GT500’s supercharged 5.2-liter V-8, which will finally give the 702-hp Ram TRX something intimidating to snort at.

While the R comes standard with 37-inch BFGoodrich K02 tires, standard rubber for twin-turbo V-6 models measures at 35 inches, but 37s are optional. Despite the Raptor’s enormity, it has one of the smoothest rides we’ve experienced in a full-size pickup.

That long-travel suspension, which is specifically designed to absorb the bumps, dips, and jumps of high-speed off-roading, is wonderfully soft and forgiving over everyday potholes and lumpy pavement. Rocks and dunes aside, fitting this size-XXL F-150 down a narrow road or into a parking spot might well be the Raptor’s biggest obstacle.

How much does a Ford Raptor weigh?

The Ford F-150 Raptor R will weigh in at 5,950 lbs (2699 kg), just 210 lbs (95 kg) more than the less powerful, less rugged, standard version of the performance truck.

How much does a Ford Raptor weigh

The weight is remarkably close to that of the standard F-150 Raptor, which tips the scales at 5,740 lbs (2,604 kg), a Ford spokesperson revealed to Ford Authority, and it gets closer with one simple addition.

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The weight difference is even smaller when the standard Raptor is fitted with optional 37-inch tires, which come standard on the beefier Raptor R. That extra rubber alone adds 146 lbs (66 kg) to the V6-powered truck’s curb weight, pushing it up to 5,886 lbs (2,670 kg), or just 64 lbs (29 kg) shy of its V8 counterpart.

Pricing and Which One to Buy

Ford adds the mega-horsepower F-150 Raptor R for 2023. The Raptor R uses a 700-hp supercharged 5.2-liter V-8 Predator engine from the Mustang GT500. Underneath, a 9.75-inch rear axle with an electronically controlled locking rear differential with a 4:10:1 ratio will come standard.

While 37-inch tires are standard equipment, Ford also gives the R stiffer front springs and specially tuned dampers to handle the extra weight. Raptor R’s come standard with carbon-fiber accents throughout the cabin and an upholstery mixed with black leather and microsuede with Recaro front seats.

The F-150 Raptor is only offered with a crew-cab body style called SuperCrew. Deciding between the more affordable EcoBoost V-6 model and more powerful V-8 R model is a tough call.

If we take an objective look at the math, the numbers show that the base price for the Raptor R is about 40 percent more expensive than the base price for the ‘regular’ Raptor, however, it also puts out about 55 percent more horsepower. If you’re after frightening acceleration and peak performance, then the choice is a no-brainer.

Opting for the R package also means Raptor R graphics, appliques, and badging, plus it opens up other options, including the Raptor Carbon Fiber Package. The glorious wail of that supercharged V-8 is the cherry on top.

Engine, Transmission and Performance

Beneath the F-150 Raptor’s new hood, which now features a prominent heat extractor, is the familiar high-output version of Ford’s 450-hp twin-turbo 3.5-liter EcoBoost V-6. It breathes through a new 3.0-inch exhaust system that reportedly enhances the truck’s V-6 soundtrack.

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How much does a Ford Raptor weigh

The engine still pairs with a paddle-shifted 10-speed automatic transmission that feeds all four wheels through a standard all-wheel-drive system. If that’s not enough for you, just wait. The Raptor R is an even bigger predator. It uses a 700-hp version of the supercharged 5.2-liter V-8 from the Shelby GT500, but with 640 pound-feet of torque.

Every Raptor rides on a sophisticated suspension that includes larger internal-bypass dampers and a five-link rear coil-spring setup. The version we tested showcased the truck’s incredible traction and ride quality on even the most treacherous terrain.

Along with other chassis enhancements, a selection of 17-inch rims, and a standard set of 35-inch tires, the Raptor is also available with a set of 37-inch BFGoodrich all-terrain tires for better approach, departure, and breakover angles as well as ground clearance that increases from 12.0 to 13.1 inches. The Raptor R comes standard with 37-inch BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A K02 tires.

Towing and Payload Capacity

The F-150 Raptor can tow even more than the version it replaces. Its maximum payload and conventional tow ratings both increase by 200 pounds to 1400 and 8200 pounds, respectively.

Fuel Economy and Real-World MPG

The F-150 Raptor is rated up to 15 mpg in the city and 18 mpg on the highway. Opting for the larger 37-inch tires can reduce those figures to 14 mpg city and 16 highway. The V-8-powered Raptor R—predictably—has the lowest estimates at 10 mpg city and 15 highway.

Once we have the opportunity to test one on our 75-mph highway route, we can evaluate its real-world mpg. For more information about the F-150 Raptor’s fuel economy, visit the EPA’s website.

Interior, Comfort, and Cargo

The Raptor’s cabin enjoys the same design layout and passenger space as the regular F-150 SuperCrew. The high-performance version comes standard with a 12.0-inch digital gauge cluster and boasts more interior storage space as well as what Ford says are nicer materials.

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How much does a Ford Raptor weigh

The new steering wheel wears a laser-etched logo and now has a race car-style orange mark at the 12 o’clock position; prominent aluminum paddle shifters still lurk behind the spokes. Along with the standard aluminum interior trim, the Raptor is available with optional carbon-fiber interior accents and more aggressively bolstered Recaro front buckets.

The high-flying pickup will no longer be offered in the extended cab (a.k.a. SuperCab) body style. At least the SuperCrew crew cab version offers more back-seat space. It pairs with a 5.5-foot cargo box.

Infotainment and Connectivity

Dominating the Raptor’s dashboard is a huge 12.0-inch touchscreen that supports the truck’s standard Sync 4 infotainment system. Along with the ability to interact with Amazon Alexa and receive over-the-air updates, it features wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

We also appreciate that Ford included physical volume and tuning knobs to complement the steering-wheel controls and voice commands.

Those who want to improve the audio experience can opt for the 18-speaker B&O sound system. The Raptor can also be equipped with a useful 2.0-kW mobile generator that’s mounted in the cargo bed and can run power tools and other equipment.


Which is faster Raptor R or TRX?

The F-150 Raptor R is much lighter, at 6,100 pounds, compared to the 6,800 pounds the TRX weighs. Furthermore, the Ford accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in a much faster 3.8 seconds than the Ram TRX, which takes 4.5 seconds.

What is the gas mileage on the 2023 Ford Raptor?

Rated at 10 mpg city and 15 mpg highway, the truck’s 700-hp supercharged V-8 and huge 37-inch tires contribute to the Raptor R’s drinking problem. The 2023 Ford F-150 Raptor R is rated at 10 mpg city, 15 highway, and 13 combined, per the EPA.

How much will the 2023 Raptor R cost?

The 2023 Ford F-150 Raptor R Will Start at $109,145. The American automaker revealed the Raptor R on Monday morning, showcasing the off-road truck’s Shelby-sourced 5.2-liter, 700-hp motor, along with a host of other upgrades to ensure performance and reliability on and off the beaten path.

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