How long do Nascar races last? In terms of miles & hours

How long do Nascar races last? Many people say that NASCAR races are far too long in order to keep the viewers’ attention, and the races are much longer than those in F1 and IndyCar. But just how long do the races go on for? And what distance do the drivers cover in that time?

How long do Nascar races last?

How long do Nascar races last?

Each weekend the three series of NASCAR’s Nationwide races kick of on usually the Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the weekend. There are some exceptions. Sometimes it feels like the racing can be on for the entirety of those 72 hours, but although NASCAR races are certainly long, there are certainly motor racing that is longer. In this article we will take a look at how many hours is a NASCAR Race.

The Average length of time A NASCAR race lasts is 3 hours and 8 mins across a full season. At either end of this scale races have lasted for 2 hours and 10 minutes up to 4 hours and 8 minutes. The race time will be affected by accidents, weather, Cautions, stoppages and the type of race or track being run.

Although there is a lot the same or at least very similar in NASCAR, especially the cars, there is plenty that is different, the tracks, the length of the race, the weather, the time of year and the events of the race itself all of which can factor into how long a NASCAR race is.

Below we will take a look at the most recent NASCAR Cup, XFinity and Truck Seasons to come to the average length of a NASCAR race, and take a look at some of the Factors that make NASCAR racing if not the longest, one of the longest motor racing sports.

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How Many Hours is a NASCAR Race?

Although as we mentioned at the top of the article most NASCAR races are over from the Green to the Chequered flag in well under 4 hours, there are some races that take a little longer, and some that are much shorter.

The average from taking how long each race in the 2021 season took to complete and dividing it by 36, the number of races in a season makes an Average race duration of 3 hours and 8 mins per NASCAR race throughout the whole season.

The total number of hours and minutes to complete all races with no car issues or accidents would be 113 hours of racing during the season.

Total length of time racing / Races in a season = Average NASCAR race length.

113.05 hours / 36 = 3.14 hrs or 3 hours and 8 mins per race

The table below highlights the time taken, on track to complete the race and the distance covered for each race of each NASCAR Cup Series race. We have taken the data from 2021 just as a benchmark but unless you go back many years it is actually fairly similar in terms of hours racing.

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So How Much Time does a NASCAR Race Take?

As we mentioned above the average across a whole season ( the 2021 season in the case) the average over those 36 point scoring races is 3 hours and 8 mins. However before you book that time on a sunday to watch the race be aware that the there are outliers in race length.

  • The longest NASCAR race in time was 4 hours and 8 mins at Darlington Raceway
  • The shortest race was race in time was 2 hours and 11 mins at Watkins Glen
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So in that season at least you could be watching the race for just over 2 hours or just over 4 hours, quite a difference in length.

There are factors that will affect the length of time a NASCAR race will take, some are to be expected and some are surprises. We take a look at the factors that determine hoe many hours a NASCAR race is below.

The Main Factors that Affect How Many hours a NASCAR Race is

We had highlighted some of the factors that contribute to the length in time of a NASCAR race above. We will explain a little about them each here, there are more than we discuss but these are the main potentially time consuming elements that can change a race length.

Although rare it is not unheard of for races to be completed on the following days, or even into the next week. More commonly delays of an hour or two can add to the time a NASCAR race can take and we look at these below.

Type of Racetrack

Although to the layman or casual observer it can look like NASCAR is committed to racing on ovals and mainly turning left for 4 to 500 miles. However even if this is the case ( which it isn’t) the ovals NASCAR does race on are not cookie cuttered out and identical (again contrary to some opinions) .

You can simply look at Daytona International Speedway and compare it to Bristol Motor Speedway to see how different they can be. One is a 2.5 miles 190 mile an hour average speed with sweeping turns oval and the other is frankly not. Bristol, although similar high banking doesn’t allow cars to get much over 87 miles an hour on average, and if it is laid out as a dirt track then not much over 50 miles an hour on average!

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That’s just two examples, other oval tracks are older, have dog legs, maybe made of concrete ( looking at you Nashville!) they might have steep banking up to 30 degrees or shallow banking of 7 or even 3 degrees. y might be 1 mile, 1.5 miles 2 miles or if we look at the shortest only half a mile long. (Martinsville)

All these factors change the lap times of the cars, and more importantly their average speeds around the track. Now to make sure that the races do not go on for 5 or 6 hours the number of laps can be adjusted to try to make the races around the 3 hour mark but even with experience this can be hit and miss and as you can see in the table above there are plenty of races than go over that 3 hour magic number and some that even go over 4 hours of racing.

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Length of Races

So NASCAR with better maths our average time for how many hours is a NASCAR race we are sure, Will put the average speeds and average lap times and try to make races around 3 hours long. There is round up or down of course as the Daytona 474 ( instead of Daytona 500) just isn’t as catchy so you will notice that races tend to round up to the nearest 5 ( occasionally one to be different)

However NASCAR themselves so have some rules they have to play by when it comes to Race length. As we mention here in our how long is a nascar race.

However these lap and mile requirements don’t seem to apply to the road courses which are often shorter, both on distance and time. However they do require as much if not more concentration to race on for that period of time. When we find out the reason we will put it here.

Above is information about How long do Nascar races last? that we have compiled. Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of Bluey. Thank you for reading our posst.

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